Obama’s Last-Ditch Attempt to Boost Democrat Base Revealed

President Obama is making a final push to bolster the voting base of the Democrat Party by injecting even more funding into registering thousands of immigrants for Hillary Clinton as the November elections approach.

And it comes as no surprise that he is using his illegal executive amnesty to rush through citizenship of illegal immigrants before the elections by purposely using loopholes in the system.

Only months after approving $19 million in his plan to register immigrant voters, the Obama administration is putting forth an additional $10 million towards the scheme — bringing the total to nearly $65 million in taxpayer money since he has been in office.

Judicial Watch reports:

Months after the Obama administration spent $19 million to register new immigrant voters that will likely support Democrats in November, it’s dedicating an additional $10 million in a final push as the presidential election approaches… so it can achieve its key initiative of registering new voters that will likely support Democrats in the upcoming election.


Officially, this is being described as enhancing pathways to naturalization by offering immigrants free citizenship instruction, English, U.S. history and civics courses. The cash is being distributed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Homeland Security agency that oversees lawful immigration, and the obvious goal is to register more immigrant voters because they tend to be Democrat.


Otherwise, a Democrat Commander-in-Chief and his open-borders Domestic Policy Director wouldn’t be operating such a costly project.

While the law provides that one must be a U.S. citizen in order to vote in any election, the hastened push to provide illegal immigrants with documentation, such as a driver’s license or Social Security card, allows many to successfully register to vote prior to achieving citizenship.

And the administration also remains silent on the fact that simple dishonesty may allow an illegal immigrant to vote, as many states lack the resources to track down proof of citizenship for everyone who shows up to vote on Election Day.

With these states lacking the proper resources to check and track voter registration forms — especially those with higher populations of immigrants rapidly settling in their cities and towns — virtually anyone can simply mark down that they are a U.S. citizen — and it appears no one has the time to check.

National Review reports:

President Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty will make it easier for illegal immigrants to improperly register and vote in elections, state elections officials testified to Congress on Thursday, saying that the driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers they will be granted create a major voting loophole.


While stressing that it remains illegal for noncitizens to vote, Secretaries of State from Ohio and Kansas said they won’t have the tools to sniff out illegal immigrants who register anyway, ignoring stiff penalties to fill out the registration forms that are easily available at shopping malls, motor vehicle bureaus and in curbside registration drives.

And while many immigrants are benefiting from healthcare coverage, welfare and other programs, many hard-working American citizens go without the same ability to care for themselves and their families.

It appears as if almost every department in the Obama administration is introducing programs to use taxpayer dollars to quickly integrate immigrants into America — without following traditional vetting and other procedures — to make sure the Democratic voting base is inflated by thousands of newly registered immigrants.

Judicial Watch reports on the extent of the Obama administration’s push to provide for all the needs of immigrants entering the country — presumably “in exchange” for their votes:

Practically every federal agency is participating in the effort by contributing resources and creating programs to help immigrants. For example the Department of Labor (DOL) is implementing “new workforce programs” for the “new Americans” and the Department of Education is promoting “funding opportunities” to assure that the immigrants “are provided the tools they need to succeed.” The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is collaborating with other agencies to release a career and credentialing toolkit on “immigrant-focused career-pathways programs.” The Department of Justice (DOJ) and USCIS are making sure the new Americans have worker rights and protections and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is launching a two-year pilot to assure that non-English speakers have “meaningful access to housing programs” subsidized by American taxpayers.


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been aggressive in promoting its citizen integration grant program this year, offering large sums to recruit new groups that can offer immigrants the services they need to become citizens. Clearly, the ultimate goal is qualifying as many immigrants as possible to vote since they tend to cast ballots for Democrats.

It remains to be seen what effect President Obama’s last-ditch efforts will have.  He may think that his immigration programs and policies are leading the country in a positive direction — by getting his way in increasing Democrat votes to keep his policies in place during a possible Clinton administration.

But his lack of concern for the safety and needs of everyday Americans – and for the legal immigrants who have worked hard to make their homes in our country – show that they are the casualties of a shameful push to impose his will in his final months in office.