One NFL Team Is Leading Anthem Protests, And Losing Fans Like Crazy

The national anthem protests have continued into football once more, subsiding 15 weeks into the NFL season.

Last year, players from teams such as the New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and LA Chargers kneeled during the national anthem, and fans raged.

Once more, the NFL is displaying their disrespect for the United States– and one team is floating the protests.

Twelve players on the Seattle Seahawks knelt for the national anthem before their game against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

But only 11 other plays amongst the 31 other teams protested as well.

Colin Kaepernick’s former team was amongst those protesting on Sunday– the San Francisco 49ers.

Other teams with members who kneeled during the anthem included the Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, LA Chargers, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

But the Seattle Seahawks are by far the team floating the protests–and they are paying for it royally.

The Daily Caller reported:

Kaepernick began the national anthem protest at the start of the 2016-17 season when he was still quarterback of the 49ers. The former player turned activist opted out of his contract during the off-season and has not been picked up by another team since.

With Kaepernick out of the league, the national anthem protest was pretty much over towards the beginning of the 2017-18 season. It wasn’t until Donald Trump recommended NFL owners fire the players who kneel during a rally for the Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange in September that players began to participate in large numbers again.

The Seattle Seahawks went on to lose their game against the Los Angeles Rams, and fans were fuming.

Not only are the Seattle Seahawks losing fans, but the NFL in general is taking major losses due to their support of their player’s protests.

Forbes reported:

Halfway through the NFL season it is clear that protests by players during the National Anthem are hurting the league’s broadcasters and sponsors.

As the Sporting News just reported, “NFL game telecasts averaged 14.772 million viewers during the first eight weeks of the season, according to Nielsen data obtained by Sporting News. That figure is down 5% from 15.549 million viewers during the first half of the 2016 season and off 18.7% from 18.167 million viewers for the same period in 2015 — before former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick inspired a debate about racial injustice by sitting, then taking a knee, during the national anthem.”

Meanwhile, the latest poll on the issue, by Seton Hall University, showed “nearly a third – 30% – said they were watching fewer games this season (9% were watching more, 55% about the same), and that 52% of those watching less gave the reason as players protesting the national anthem.”

Do you continue to watch NFL games despite their players protesting during the national anthem?

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29 thoughts on “One NFL Team Is Leading Anthem Protests, And Losing Fans Like Crazy



  2. Floyd McWilliams, PhD

    NFL? What’s that? National Fool’s League? Haven’t watched, listened or otherwise paid any attention to them and their advertisers since Kaepernick took his infamous knee.

  3. Calvin King

    NFL? No Fans League. Quit watching any so called games and don’t buy from their sponsors. The owners are wimps and I hope they lose their shirts. The Commish is an out right over paid moron. To redirect money to the “social justice warriors” who are nothing more than petulant semi literate millionaires, from breast cancer research and vets programs is the last straw. There are some great guys in the league, patriots all, but they are a minority. The majority have ruined professional football–and rightfully so.

  4. Jim

    I have stopped watching the NFL completely and have no plans to ever watch again.The real thing to watch is next season and if the season ticket sales are down.

  5. Joseph

    I’m a Vietnam Veteran, my Dad and many of my uncles served during WWII. My grandfather served during WWI. May of my family and friends paid the ultimate price. Many were gravely wounded. I liked watching the pros play football, but as long as all these ungrateful, overpaid candy asses kneel, there is no way I can justify watching them play. I really love College football, and I’m enjoying it even more now. Kaepernick is not only stupid, he and all those following his lead are crap, including Pete Carroll. Now he’s a real piece of crap.

  6. pianobill

    Hopefully, there won’t be enough money to pay the communist players
    next year. Goodell could have stopped this nonsense day one, but I guess he’s a communist too.

  7. Daniel F. O'mara

    I now check the scores and the standings. Can’t stand to watch the hiippocrates who expect us to marvel at their talent. Feel sorry for those players who have to suffer for the actions of the few misguided fools who don’t even know what they’re kneeling for. I wouldn’t go to another NFL game even as someone’s guest.

  8. James Engeman

    Real football fans don’t give a damn about this Trump pushed phony patriotic flag waving about something that never existed. Contrary to what Trump likes to spread to cause division for his political gain, The NFL players, starting with Colin Kaepernack, have been protesting against racial injustice by police nationally. They never were targeting the Flag or the National Anthem. Trump just did that to feed what he calls “Fine People” in the KKK, Neo Nazi’s, and white supremacist groups. Or what’s commonly referred to as his base.

    1. Agnes L. Walker

      You got what the protest of Kaepernick was about, but he started his crap in the wrong place. He should of protested in front of a police station. He should of went straight to the source. I understand you don’t like Trump, but he is right, the way Colin K. started it, was wrong. These overpaid millionaires have better things to do, like play a game they’re getting paid to play. Entertain their fans.They need to leave their politics at home. And they should protest the police where the poice are.

    2. Roger

      I was a real football fan, I watched Sunday, Monday and Thursday football, I watched the playoffs and the Superbowl and I care because I am an American patriot before I am a football fan! I respect the national anthem, I respect the American flag, and I respect the people that fought, bled and died to keep the United States of America free and the greatest country in the world!

      President Trump has done more for America and the American people in less than a year than the previous three presidents did in 24 years!
      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! Make America Great Again, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

  9. Bill Mulholland

    lol, a rhetorical question, obviously no is the answer, as I and many many others want to watch football, not political posturing by obscenely compensated, highly paid, one dimensional muscleheads.

  10. ABitofThought

    I was watching an NFL game (not sure which game it was because I never followed the NFL) on a television Christmas Day, the stadium looked full, but as I looked closer during the crowd shots, the people appeared to be frozen still.

    Could those crowd images be still photos that were woven into the game video? With today’s video editing capabilities, I would not be surprised.

    Any thoughts from the brain trust?

      1. Richardoftheyears1

        You didn’t understand me. NO ONE should be in those stands. Many talk the talk, as it were, but few walk the walk. YOU are the one who may not be as bright as you think.

  11. panchoVilladeltren

    I never cared to watch a bunch of idiots chasing a ball. and the fact that not only are they stupid, they are made to believe that they are as good as we are, by other fools paying them big bucks to play instead of working.
    Let these plantation material starve, or get a job.

  12. Bushmaster0369

    Another problem caused by the NFL (negro football league) the kneelers are bad enough BUT all the monkeys in the stands, complaining but showing up for the games. Following the piper, too stupid to realize they are as much of the problem as the “GHETTO TRASH” DOING THE DISRESPECTING of America, her Anthem and her Flag. BY SHOWING UP, YOU HYPOCRITES ARE SUPPORTING THE TEAMS AND ENBOLDS THEM TO CONTINUE. Fans, try and forget your team loyalty as they forgot you and stay away, that’s the way to punish the teams, individuals and the owners. YOU ARE NOT ABANDONING THE TEAMS JUST LETTING THEM KNOW YOU WILL NOT ALLOW DISRESPECT TO AMERICA, HER ANTHEM OR HER FLAG!


    The ones that kneel are what I would call Piss Poor Americans.. They should all lose their job’s and the league go broke,,They can’t blame us but need to look to that stupid Colin k. he did this and he will be remembered as the man that killed the NFL>

  14. Raul Guzman

    The NFL stinks, I am out of the game, watching, following or attending. I have changed for soccer. This ignorant millionaires irk me.

  15. Roger

    RIP-NFL You disrespected the United States flag, you disrespected the USA, you disrespected the brave people that fought, bled and died to enable you to live in a free country and you have disrespected your own fans that pay their good, hard earned money to see you play, enabling your teams to pay your multi million dollar contracts!

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