Paul Manafort’s Case Just Got Even More Interesting

Paul Manafort, former campaign manager for President Trump, is facing some intense charges.

Mueller is throwing the kitchen sink at Manafort in hopes that he will turn on Trump.

But attorneys for Manafort have a different individual they are turning their focus on — his former business partner.

Attorneys for Manafort ripped into Rick Gates, claiming he was full of lies and was the reason Manafort was facing charges.

Lawyer Kevin Downing led the defense, questioning Gates over a previously given testimony to Robert Mueller that he knew was false.

Reportedly, Gates’ false testimony was given right before he was granted special rights for cooperating with Mueller in the tax and bank fraud schemes supposedly committed by Manafort.

But Downing didn’t stop there.

Later, the lawyer ensured that Gates admitted to the fact that he submitted false records to embezzle funds from the company.

Downing even used examples of deceit from Gates’ personal life — citing his affair with a woman overseas which he allegedly used “business expenses to pay for.”

Downing later reinforced Gates’ lack of credibility by questioning his truthfulness.

Have they confronted you with so many lies that you can’t remember?

But his credibility may already have been shattered.

During his testimonies on Monday and Tuesday, Gates admitted that he had committed a slew of financial and moral crimes.

These crimes included failure to disclose over a dozen foreign financial accounts, reportedly under Manafort’s direction.

Together, Gates and Manafort also opened up a pro-Russian lobbyist faction in the Ukraine before campaigning for Trump.

While Manafort is claiming Gates is a liar and worked on his own, Gates is vehemently denying that these crimes were committed solely on his own.

One example given on the stand was that Manafort was infuriated when he received his 2014 tax bill.  Gates claims that he was told by Manafort to forge documents and convert income to loans in order to dodge fees.

Worse yet, their accountant, Cindy Laporta, testified earlier this week claiming she had never believed the charges were accurate, yet said nothing.

I prepared the tax returns and communicated with banks based on information that Mr. [Rick] Gates and Mr. Manafort provided to me that I didn’t believe,” she testified.

Laporta was the first witness granted immunity in the trial for stepping forward — and maybe the last with how Manafort’s case is going.

And while Manafort is on trial for several counts of tax charges, there are four more witnesses he wishes to bring forward and offer immunity to in order to prove his case.

Manafort’s defense attorney, Downing, is claiming that Gates embezzled millions from Manafort over the course of their partnership.

Manafort’s lawyer is mounting a strong defense by destroying Gates’ credibility — but will it be enough to get Manafort off the hook?

Or will both go to jail?

Do you believe both men are piling on more lies in order to save further prosecution? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Roy Johnson

    !st liar doesn’t stand a chance! Lawyers & criminals walk hand in hand! The squeeze is on, anything to win!

  • Mike from Texas

    Lets see what happens.

  • Lee

    The only problem I see with this case. Is the Podesta Brothers weren’t on trial also. Especially since they were partners with Manafort in Ukraine on this same deal.

  • Tommy

    This is nothing new in Washington DC. Comey & Mueller Clerked for Eric Holder. Mueller & Comey where called the Brothers very tight friendship. Comey worked at Boeing head Attorney in the Corporation. Mueller was over the FBI. Mueller awarded a 4 billion dollar contract to Boeing that went around US Government Percurment Department. Claiming as FBI Director contract must be handled by a person with Top Secret Security Clearance. Comey received 50 million dollar bonus plus 6 million dollar salary. They traded by and forth one in government the other private Corp. Both made out like fat rats playing the system only the Deep State Knows how to Operate. AKA SWAMP CREATURES