Paul Ryan Just Conceded Defeat To Hillary Clinton

Paul Ryan has thrown in the towel.

He’s admitted defeat against Hillary Clinton.

And conservatives are furious.

In a local radio interview, Ryan was asked about repealing ObamaCare should Hillary Clinton win the election.

He responded that no, ObamaCare was likely never to be repealed.

The Hill reports:

“Another hard truth: ObamaCare doesn’t get repealed, likely ever, if Hillary wins,” said Milwaukee radio host Jay Weber in an interview with Ryan. “Doesn’t get repealed. Agree?”


“Yes, yeah, I do agree. I do agree,” Ryan responded. “Hillary’s talking about a public option, which is basically double down on government-run healthcare. That’s the opposite of what we’re offering. We actually have a plan to replace ObamaCare. All of us have basically gotten a consensus on what our plan is, but we have to win an election to put it in place.”

Republicans continually cast the fight to repeal ObamaCare as unwinnable.

But it’s a lie.

The House controls the power of the purse.

Every government program gets its funding authorization from Congress.

And ObamaCare is no different.

But after winning control of the House in 2010, GOP leadership quickly moved past their campaign promise of repealing ObamaCare.

When Barack Obama shut down the government in 2013 instead of accepting the Republican’s budget to defund ObamaCare, Republicans still had a choice.

They could have stood with conservatives and formed a united front, forcing Obama to back down.

Or they could have panicked over a few negative media stories and caved in – which is exactly what they did.

The establishment chose the second path.

They feared the shutdown would damage the Party’s chances to win control of the Senate in the 2014 midterms.

But when the midterms rolled around, Republicans won one of the largest midterm election victories in American history.

Republicans captured nine Senate seats and deposed Harry Reid as majority leader.

Throughout that campaign, Republicans claimed – again – if they could take over the Senate, then they could finally unite with the GOP House and fight for the repeal of ObamaCare.

Two years later and the Party is still yet to put up any resistance to Obama’s socialist takeover of health care.

And now, Ryan is all but admitting total defeat in the fight against ObamaCare.

Should Hillary Clinton win the election, Ryan has already signaled he won’t lift a finger to oppose her agenda.

Rather than fighting to end ObamaCare, Ryan will act as its loyal supporter and fund the law 100%.

Ryan is continuing the helpless attitude of the GOP elites which caused the rise of Donald Trump.

Instead of working to fulfill the promises they made to voters, they are searching for excuses to break them.

This will only stoke the grassroots anger at establishment politicians like Ryan.

Should Clinton win the election, Republican voters would demand opposition to her disastrous agenda.

Ryan, however, is a promising accomplice.

  • David Stewart

    Need a French Underground; during WW2, they knew how to handle enemy collaborators!

    • Censored_WND

      Viva La’ France

  • NolanR

    Well, the wicked witch did not win the election. The the thing to do now is ditch Ryan just as soon as possible and then replace every letter of obummercare, immediately!

    • Richard Haley

      Like above, I SECOND THIS MOTION!!!

  • Ollie Octopus

    I have zero respect for Rino Lyin’ Ryan. He needs to go! This man will kiss Trump’s butt until he gets the chance to stab him in the back. He has got to go.

    • Richard Haley

      My humble sentiments exactly!!!
      What a measly quisling Ryan is. How could anyone Congressman/Woman give this guy their vote for Speaker. This Congress is still corrupt.
      Trump is going to have a hard time getting these dopes in line. But he WILL do it.

  • Bill Cash

    I have seriously written my congressmen and senators with this message. If Paul Ryan is accepted, again, as the speaker, I will not longer support congress, period. I would hope that everyone who has seen Ryan as the piece of whaleshcitt he is will do the same. HIs ambition is to run for president himself. But There are enough of us who know this POS for what he is to prevent that.