Paul Ryan Was Devastated By This News

The media reports that establishment darling, Paul Ryan, has never been more popular in the House Republican caucus.

But is it true?

Startling new developments point toward the direction of conservatives making a move to oust the globalist Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan’s sagging popularity is due to his sabotage of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

After Trump’s improved performance during the second Presidential debate, Ryan convened a conference call to announce he would no longer defend the GOP nominee for President, robbing Trump of any post-debate momentum.

Ryan has continuously derided the Republican standard bearer, and has created negative headlines with disparaging comments about Trump.

But for all his work to torpedo Trump’s chances, it was thought that Ryan was secure in his position as Speaker of the House.

While it only takes a majority of Republicans to nominate Ryan for Speaker, he must get 218 votes on the House floor when the chamber votes for the position.

With the Republicans majority expected to be diminished in the next Congress, conservatives would need a handful of defectors to dethrone Ryan.

The first crack in Ryan’s aura of invincibility came when Oklahoma Congressman, Jim Bridenstine, tweeted his outrage that Ryan refused to support Trump for President.

And observers were shocked when North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows – the man who introduced the motion to vacate the chair, forcing John Boehner into retirement – sounded his displeasure with Ryan.

CNN reports:

“Rep. Mark Meadows said Thursday the effort to remove Speaker Paul Ryan is “picking up some steam” because many GOP lawmakers and a stream of callers to the North Carolinian’s congressional offices are incensed the Wisconsin Republican hasn’t embraced fully Donald Trump’s candidacy for president.


“A lot of people who believe so desperately that we need to put Donald Trump in the White House — they question the loyalty of the speaker,” Meadows told radio host Tyler Cralle of WAAV radio in Wilmington, North Carolina.”

Meadows’ comments came after Fox News star, Sean Hannity, declared Ryan a “saboteur” for working to defeat Trump.

But it’s not just working to elect Hillary Clinton that’s caused conservative displeasure with Ryan.

After conservatives won spending cuts in the 2011 debt ceiling fight, Ryan eliminated the cuts and restored higher government spending in the 2013 Ryan-Murray budget deal.

Ryan has also funded Obama 100% in the 2015 “cromnibus” bill as well as in the continuing resolution in September 2016.

While claiming to oppose the Obama and Clinton agenda, Ryan has supported their policies by funding every penny on their wish list.

Ryan also tried to attack the Second Amendment by bringing legislation to the floor for a vote that would have stripped Americans of their gun rights without due process of law.

Paul Ryan has been a failed leader who has routinely sold conservatives down the river.

And it has continued in this Presidential election as he consistently harms Donald Trump’s prospects by playing along with the media smear campaign against the GOP nominee.

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