Paul Ryan Was Faced With A Major Decision That Could Hurt American Workers

Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, was recently faced with a policy decision that had the potential to harm the American workforce.

Typically, a Republican politician would be assumed to put American workers first, but in Ryan’s case, he is not known for doing what is best for the American people, considering his loosely regulated border policies and Obamacare-lite insurance plan.

Breitbart initially reported on the decision Ryan faced last week:

House Speaker Paul Ryan has a critical choice to make in the next few days: Whether he will please company executives by allowing them to import more lower-wage H-2B visa workers, or else please the GOP’s base of blue-collar Americans by helping them get jobs at higher wages?
Business groups, led by the H2B Workforce Coalition, want him to include language in the 2017 supplemental budget which would allow companies to import another 100,000 or more lower-skill H-2B visa workers for summer work at low wages. The supplemental must be completed by April 28.

The decision was ultimately made to end the outsourcing program, and return more jobs to the American people.

The results have everything to do with President Trump’s “America- First” policy, rather than Ryan’s sudden compassion for the American people.

The job outsourcing program, which stole jobs away from the American people, was initially started in 2015 by Ryan himself.

But with President Trump promising to return jobs to blue-collar workers, the decision has now been shifted to benefit them, and not American corporations.

Breitbart reports:

The new 2017 budget document, dubbed the “Continuing Resolution,” does not include a provision created in December 2015 by Ryan which allowed companies to outsource up to 198,000 extra jobs to foreign workers via the so-called “H-2B” guest worker program. The low-wage workers are not immigrants, but return to their homes after 10 months.


“We’re going to have to regroup,” said Joe Bacigalupo, a government advocacy manager at the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, which favored the job outsourcing program. The new budget continues to late April, giving the various employer associations another chance to lobby for a revival of the Ryan expansion, he told Breitbart News.


The long-standing H-2B program allows companies to annually bring in 66,000 foreign workers instead of hiring Americans. The program provides the companies with cheap seasonal workers, minimizes the need for companies to recruit and train Americans, and it also cuts the salaries paid to full-time American workers, say advocates.

The initial program had everything to do with Democratic greed, and the Democrats claim Ryan was the one who made it all possible.

Breitbart reports:

The H-2B visa program is one of many guest-worker programs — including the white-collar H-1B, OPT and L-1 visa programs, the J-1 summer-worker programs and the H-2A agriculture program – that import at least 700,000 guest workers each year. The programs are so large that at least 1 million white-collar guest-workers live and work year-round in the United States.


The December 2015 expansion was buried in the budget bill for 2016. The overall bill was such a victory for Democrats that they gloated that Ryan “gave away the store.”


Ryan is a pro-business libertarian, who has long supported job outsourcing programs that would allow companies to hire foreign workers when American employees demand higher wages. Ryan has even supported the large-scale use of immigrant labor at government-set wages so that companies don’t have to invest in American-made robot technology, such as cow-milking machines, despite a massive level of hidden unemployment and a resulting drug epidemic.

Overall, it’s nice to see jobs returning to the American people, and that President Trump is putting pressure on the rest of the establishment to put Americans first.

Do you think outsourcing jobs should be inherently illegal?

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  • Richard Bagenstose

    anyone who puts foreigners ahead of americans should be thrown out of congress, just what country are the elected to serve , the u.s. or the rest of the world , if the rest of the world then everyone all over the world should be allowed to vote, and run for office , we already had an illegal kenyan as president

  • PolskiEdju

    Ryan is another Democrat pretending to be a Republican. He have Obama everything he wanted , but for Trump he will go against him. Why? Ryan’s wife is a hard core Liberal Democrat. She has marched in all of the anti-Trump marches. She is having Paul Ryan carry out her liberal agenda. PAUL RYAN HAS TO BE DEPOSED OF. Get Rid of the Trader….

  • Jack Leonard

    Ryan is arrogent elitist who serves his masters well. Throw him out.

  • barbarakelly

    PAUL RYAN pulled this stunt the last time and I’m as furious as can be. I want this sleazy traitor kicked out now. He is full filling the elite agenda and for that I want to kick his ass out. We the people have had enough of these back stabbing elites. The last budget was outrageous as all get out/. He stabbed us then and he is doing it now.———-NO MORE. WIPE THAT DAMN SMILE OFF HIS FACE. !!!!!!

  • Kitty

    We had a chance to get rid of Ryan but the stupid voters in WI voted him
    back in!! He is clearly a RINO and needs to go – the sooner the better
    for the Trump Administration so they can get more done.

  • Frank

    I think the entire working visa programs should end; there is NO reason to hire anyone but American workers because when they work the entire US economy benefits. Unfortunately, Ryan is a republican in name only or as they say a rino