Paul Ryan Was Furious About These Poll Numbers

The Establishment has written off Donald Trump for dead.

And party elites believe globalist Paul Ryan is the future of the GOP.

The results of a recent poll destroyed that narrative.

Bloomberg Politics surveyed Republican voters on their attitudes toward various GOP figures and also asked who they wanted to be the face of the party going forward.

After the 2012 election, Establishment Republicans commissioned the “autopsy report,” which was entitled the Growth and Opportunity Project.

The report was chock-full of donor-pleasing sentiments, such as being more inclusive and having the party drop the hard-edged conservatism many elites believed pulled Mitt Romney too far to the right during the primary.

And it only contained one policy recommendation — amnesty.

Fast forward to 2016, when Donald Trump rampaged through the GOP primary campaigning on a platform which rejected the donors’ globalist policies of amnesty, trade deals, and foreign wars.

As Trump amassed primary victory after primary victory, some Establishment Republicans held out hope of a contested convention where Paul Ryan — the avatar of Establishment Republicanism — could ride to the rescue as a compromise candidate.

When that failed, Ryan’s backers — as well as Ryan himself — actively worked to sabotage the Trump campaign, culminating with Ryan refusing to support the nominee for the remainder of the campaign.

Some pundits believed this was the end of Trump and on the day after the election, the GOP could wash their hands of Trump, pretend his campaign never happened, and move along with the business of anointing Paul Ryan as the 2020 GOP nominee.

But reality intervened.

A new Bloomberg Politics poll shows that not only is Donald Trump more popular than Paul Ryan, but Republican voters agree with his nationalist conservative message over Paul Ryan’s donor class globalism.

Bloomberg reports:

The poll’s findings showed the extent to which Trump, with his hardline positions on immigration and trade, has triumphed among the party’s supporters over Ryan, with his vision of a pluralist conservative party that focuses on cutting taxes and spending.


When asked which leader better represents their view of what the Republican Party should stand for, 51 percent of likely voters who are, or lean, Republican picked Trump, while 33 percent picked Ryan and 15 percent said they weren’t sure.

Their poll also found that Republican voters would rather see Trump as the future face of the Republican Party by a 24% to 15% margin.

Ryan’s favorability has also plunged 11 points in one month — dropping to 50% — whereas Trump is viewed favorably by 76% of Republicans.

Paul Ryan’s undermining of Trump’s campaign has clearly taken a toll.

Conservatives already viewed Ryan suspiciously for his constant accommodation of Barack Obama’s agenda.

Since assuming the role of Speaker, Ryan has supported Obama’s agenda 100% by not lifting a finger to exercise the power of the purse to stop ObamaCare or the dangerous Syrian refugee program.

Many conservatives note that Ryan has fought harder to defeat Trump than he ever did against Obama during his time as a Vice Presidential nominee in 2012 or as a member of Congress.

Ryan’s failure to lead, combined with Trump’s mobilization of the grassroots against the globalism movement, is represented in the Bloomberg poll as evidence Trump — and not the Establishment favorite Ryan — will have a longer lasting impact on the Republican Party.

  • arnapuck

    Ryan actually Top RINO.
    President Ryan – Give me a Break !!!

    • Donaldo

      I would never vote for Ryan under any circumstances. He supports all of Obama’s policies.

  • GrizzMann

    Ryan would have done better if he led the house to fight Obama’s overreach programs. You know, like Republicans promised to get elected

  • Judie

    Paul Ryan is the number one turncoat. What a disappointment he and Mitt Romney have been. Along with the other rinos, McCain, Bush, Lindsey Graham. Boo hiss!

  • notrig

    I live very near Janesville, Wisconsin which is where Ryan lives. I have voted for Ryan but NO MORE. When he declared he would not back his party’s nominee….. he lost me. Since he reached Washington……he has changed. Dear God…..we need term limits on ALL of our elected officials. Ryan has changed and my future votes will change as well. He can come home to Wisconsin and STAY! Go Trump!

  • susiesays

    Paul Ryan should be charged with aiding and abetting the enemy since his declaration that he can’t support Trump on moral principles. Really, Paul, you think somehow there is a moral high ground in electing a known felon who continually sacrifices other’s lives for her own personal gain.

  • Dick

    I used to live in Wisconsin, backed Paul Ryan, and worked on Republican campaigns. NO MORE. Paul Ryan, his lies and kowtowing to Obama has cost them another Republican. I would sooner vote for my neighbors CAT as vote for Paul Ryan-for ANYTHING.

  • axmickl

    Paul Ryan is like a turtle on a fence post. He doesn’t belong there, nobody knows how he got there and he sure doesn;t belong there.

  • arnapuck

    If Ryan is supposedly or actually in charge I resign from the Republican Party !!!

    How about a PIRATE PARTY? Yeah !!!!!

  • rfkcalif

    I have to ask, Ryan as Speaker of the House and the House controls the purse, was it not Ryan who approved the monies for ransom and the other monies to Iran? I think the House of Congress is so whimpy that they just rolled over for Obama Ryan leading the way.

  • David Stewart

    Paul Ryan is dog meat; hope he wants to be dogcatcher after this term!

  • louie

    Paul Rino has lost the trust of the base of the Republican Party. His “career” in politics is winding down. Soon we will hear that he is becoming a lobbyist for the globalist and Chamber of Crony Corporatism Establishment.

  • mainefishman

    I am disgusted with the amount of windbags playing on the perceived winning team on November 8. The career hacks are scared that they will actually have to go to work for a living and give up the cushy lifestyle they have grown to love in Washington if Donald wins. Don’t forget mister speaker the PEOPLE have spoken and you are not listening!

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    The way things are going, the Dems may gain back their majority in the house AND the Senate. People are sick of the same old people being in control of our Congress. When the Dems had control of the Senate, we were stuck with crook Harry Reid, then when Republicans gained control, we got stuck with Mitch McConnell, who is either an idiot, or determined to feather his own nest, rather than help the American people. Then in the House when Dems are in control, we get Nancy Pelosi, who is an ugly witch. And, now we’re stuck with Ryan as Speaker. It makes people sick enough that they stop voting, ’cause nothing really changes. That’s why Trump is so popular~he’s shaking the upper crust of politics, & people are glad of it!

    • DLH


  • Bendeguz Viragh

    Paul Ryan should be voted out in November. He is a disgrace, not just to the GOP but also to the USA.

    • DLH

      The only way to get the SCUMBAG TRAITOR out now is to vote for a DEMOCRAP; Heaven FORBID!

      • Jola

        NO — DO NOT do that. Once the house is in session “we the people’ will pressure the house to remove him. NO MORE Dems or “Republican Lites”.

  • desertcelt

    Call your Republican congressman or congresswoman and demand that they remove Paul Ryan as Majority Speaker. If they aren’t committed to removing his traitorous ass don’t vote for them.

    • DLH

      I think you got away with a three letter expletive. SHHH.
      Excellent comment.

  • madhatter46

    The republican party has fundamentally transformed from Abe’s ,’Of,By, and For the People,’ to; of, by, and for the elites and their cronies.’ The Conservative Mind? The Conscience of a Conservative? –The Road to Serfdom?–Liberty and Tyranny? Free to Choose? In reality it has morphed into Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ along with Huxley’s, ‘Brave New World’ with its ‘hatchery’ called public education to produce Deltas and Epsilons. Soma anybody?

    • DLH

      The only thing left is MUTINY and REVOLUTION!!!!

  • Maria castro

    What a disappointing surprise with these RepubliCONS; they might show up in the WikiLeaks emails.

  • DLH

    Ryan is lower than whale S _ _ T in the bottom of the ocean.
    He doesn’t even qualify to be a RINO!

  • cathylovesyou

    Paul Ryan is a bigger coward than Boehner. He is a waste, wrong on governing wrong on America and its people and certainly wrong for the Congress. We need a guy like Sessions heading the Congress,if only the other wimps will vote for him.

  • cathylovesyou

    Susan Sarandon is always looking for attention. Whatever it is she is against it, all for attention. She is a very good actress,beautiful wealthy and sad.

  • annarose13

    Ryan has joined the crew of back stabbing DC Republican Hillary fans all to no avail. Trump is beating her lying corrupt A**. Ryan, kiss your future in the Oval Office a permanent farewell!!

  • Hillyard Hellraiser

    If Ryan is the future of the republican party then we might as well all vote democrat from here on out. Ryan is a globalist who is entirely pro open borders, so the one world government will arrive one way or the other.

  • Bill Cash

    This I can guarantee. PAUL RYAN’s ambitions for the 2020 election is D E A D !!!! And if he isn’t thrown out there are several others in congress who will follow him out the door.

  • notrig

    Mr Ryan has now been warned by those he is supposed to be serving.
    This is his one and ONLY warning.
    He is there to cut spending and he has failed miserably.
    Wake up Mr Speaker…….do your job sir!
    This is one lifelong republican that will NOT vote for you again here in Wisconsin if you don’t get your act together.