Pelosi Should Be Sent To Mental Hospital For Recent Comments

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been busy smearing President Trump and his administration ever since his first address to Congress.

Not only has she been using slander, she even attempted to justify her lie about never meeting with the Russian ambassador by shamelessly claiming it wasn’t even close to the same thing as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

While not to imply that Pelosi hasn’t always been completely insane, there were specific comments made by her over the weekend which should definitely qualify her for a one-way ticket to the looney bin.

The Washington Times reported:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday called President Trump the ‘deflector-in-chief,’ accusing him of manipulating news coverage to his benefit.

‘The president, you know, is the deflector-in-chief.  Anything to change the subject from where the heat is,” Ms. Pelosi said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’

She blasted Mr. Trump’s claim that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election campaign, calling it ‘just ridiculous.’

‘It’s called the wrap-up smear.  You make up something, then you have the press write about it, and then you say, ‘Everybody’s writing about this charge,’’ said Ms. Pelosi, California Democrat.  ‘It’s a tool of an authoritarian to just have you always be talking about what you want them to be talking about.’

She said the wiretapping allegation has taken the focus off whether Russian president Vladimir Putin was involved in the hacking and release of Democratic National Committee emails, which proved damaging to Democrats during the race.”

Pelosi made some asinine presumptions about President Trump’s so-called “authoritarian tactics” instead.

Ironically, she and other Democrats are the ones using fear tactics to scare the American people into thinking President Trump is slowly turning the country into Russia instead of doing what he was put into office to do; keep American citizens safe.

In fact, Pelosi was the one who “deflected” in the midst of an all-out assault on Jeff Sessions’ apparent ties to Russia.

Because during this witch-hunt – when Pelosi berated Sessions for “lying” about meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak – while he was Senator, no less – Pelosi then hypocritically did exactly what she just accused Sessions of doing during the Trump campaign.

It turns out, Pelosi blatantly lied about never meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

According to The Washington Times:

“It turns out House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also met the Russian ambassador and then denied it, but she insisted Sunday that her situation is ‘completely different’ from that of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Ms. Pelosi found herself compared to Mr. Sessions after a 2010 photo making the rounds Friday showed her at a dinner table across from Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, shortly after she said denied meeting with him during a Politico Playbook session.

‘We were meeting with the president of Russia.  He brought an entourage in with him. He [then-President Dmitry Medvedev] was the one who was doing the talking,’ Ms. Pelosi said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’

‘The question was, ‘Have you met with him?’  No, I haven’t met with him, I met with the president of Russia.  Who else is in his entourage, who knows?  Presidents, heads of states come in, they bring their party, they barely even introduce them,’ Ms. Pelosi said.

‘This is completely, completely different.’

The top House Democrat called last week for Mr. Sessions to resign for saying at his Jan. 10 confirmation hearing that he ‘did not have communications’ with Russian officials during the campaign.  It was reported later that he met twice in 2016 with Mr. Kislyak.”

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi lives in this alternate reality where only Republicans are liars, while everything that comes out of her mouth is the truth – even if they’re proven lies.

And she needs to be sent to a mental hospital immediately.



15 thoughts on “Pelosi Should Be Sent To Mental Hospital For Recent Comments

  1. SouthernPatriot

    The Wicked Witch of the West has been demented for a long time, Together with Schumer, John Lewis and other demented Democrats, they all need mental health care and all need to resign from office, before their leftist anti-American, pro Muslim rapists and terrorist party collapses.

  2. 2mules

    What really irritates me about her is that she called the Military Veterans in the administration “Scum”. What is even more problematic is that no one in the “media” called her out on it. Every time I start to think she could not get any more idiotic, she opens her mouth and proves me wrong.

    1. drbhelthi

      How could “the media” call her out on it ? She is a member of the “family” of super-rich who own the six companies that control 96% of the media of the entire western world. For details, search the internet with the phrase, tapnewswire 96 .
      They continue to support the CIA-Clinton-Obama-DNC attempted coup détat and the defamation of president Trump.

  3. drbhelthi

    As California-congress stooge of the super-rich families that control 96% of western world media, who continue to support the attempted coup détat by CIA-Clinton-Obama-DNC, comrade Pelosi “speaks her mind.”
    Or, what´s left of it.

  4. ricktenny

    I think it’s time for the guys in the white suits to drive up in the square white truck and take her to where the birds chirp sweet melodies.

  5. Alan Hastings

    Anything that President Trump could or would do with the USA would be a thousand times better than what Obama has done and Hillary would have done.

  6. Kathryn Ross

    She is definitely a Legend in her own mind! My opinion is, She has lost her mind. The men in the White Coats should be coming to take her away soon. The sooner the better….Every time she opens her mouth, she inserts her foot. Her mind is of diminished capacity. She is a political Puppet to promote the Radical Far-Left Liberal Agenda.

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