Pelosi’s Leaked Memo Reveals This Shocking News

A chilling memo, hacked off Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer, reveals what many Americans have suspected all along.

In fact, the leaked memo reveals what Donald Trump has been saying all along.

The internal Democratic Party memo, titled ISIS Backgrounder, outlines Obama’s role in creating ISIS, despite his best attempts to blame it on everyone else.

Breitbart reports:

“In short: Our invasion created the atmosphere for a Jordanian to start a Muslim sectarian war, which ultimately created ISIS,” states an October 2, 2014 memo from Mike Ryan, policy director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).”

The leaked memo also admits ISIS worsened when Obama withdrew U.S. forces:

“When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003 we triggered a massive insurgency against our presence. Around this time, a Jordanian ex-convict named Zarqawi traveled to Iraq with one goal: to establish a religious state just for Sunni Muslims. Zarqawi wanted a civil war between Sunnis and Shias and led attacks on Shias that triggered counterattacks. Zarqawi’s attacks on Muslims in the name of Islam drew condemnation from other jihadist groups and figures (including Bin Laden).


The Administration of Iraq’s Prime Minister (Maliki) was discriminatory to Sunnis, which helped recruit Sunni Iraqis to Zarqawi’s group. Maliki’s prejudicial governing style worsened after U.S. troops left Iraq, helping quickly deteriorate the situation further.”

Trump has regularly criticized Obama and Hillary’s reckless foreign policy pertaining to ISIS.

And as the leaked memo reveals, it looks like Trump is right.


Breitbart reports on Trump’s remarks from a recent campaign rally:

“ISIS is honoring President Obama,” Trump said at an August 10th rally in Broward County. “He is the founder of ISIS. He is the founder of ISIS, okay? He is the founder. He founded ISIS. And I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”

As more leaked information continues to be brought to light, there’s no telling what else Obama and Hillary may be hiding.

Do you think Obama is responsible for creating ISIS? Is Trump right to point out Obama’s failed foreign policy mishaps?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



19 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Leaked Memo Reveals This Shocking News

  1. drbhelthi

    Certainly, the alias, Barrak Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton exercised leadership roles in supporting the development of ISIL from the positions they hold and held within US Gov. Also, Hillary Clinton exercised support through her international contacts via the Clinton Foundation and money laundering. However, ISIS resulted from the uniting of several strands of the Muslim Brotherhood and spin-offs from Blackwater. The Muslim Brotherhood was restored as a mercenary army to the US payroll by George H. W. Bush as VP to Ronald Reagan in 1984. Former DOJ attorney, John Loftus wrote a book, “America´s NAZI Secret,” in which he revealed on page 26 the action taken by George H. W. Bush. Loftus also revealed numerous other secrets about Bush and the USGov.


      As events and crime within government escalate , the conspiracy within has been going on a long time. Obama and Clinton are getting all the credit but much goes to both Bushes as well. They are in it to win it for whatever is their agenda. If the election is handed to Clinton, as many suspect, we will not be able to deny we have been destroyed from within.

      1. drbhelthi

        Hitlary Rodham (Clinton) has served the NAZI-Bush/CIA continuously since appointment as member of the “impeachNixon” committee in 1974. The alias, Barrak H. Obama was identified by 42-yr CIA agent, Dr. Jim Garrow as a Saudi spy. Garrow was fired from the CIA personally by Obama, for revealing Obama´s motive for firing numerous generals from their positions. Propaganda that alleged Obama to have won support for his “election” to the presidency in 2008 is a system of lies constructed by the CIA with assistance of Judaism´s MOSSAD. Similarly, his “re-election” in 2012, similarly, his identity as son of Ann Dunham and Barack H. Obama Sr. Obama´s DNA does not match Dunham family. His entire history as revealed publicly is a CIA-MOSSAD concoction.
        Loretta Fuddy revealed the truth to one person too many.

      2. drbhelthi

        Yes. The active destruction from within began prior to the end of WWII. The power-mongers of the OSS + the Dulles brothers initiated the movement by returning NAZI general Reinhard Gehlen to Germany, about 1947, to his spy HQ in Pullach, at the time a surburb of Munich, Germany. He re-organized his NAZI spy network, named it the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) which was the German extension branch of the US CIA. Operation Paper Clip transferred German scientists and seven NAZI MDs to the US, which formed NASA and infiltrated US medicine. The details are well-documented in, “The NAZI Hydra in America,” suppressed history of a century, by Yeadon and Hawkins.

  2. David Stewart

    It never fails to mystify me that you are “shocked, aghast” at anything a Demoncrap proposes or thinks; they HAVE no lowet limit on their evilness!

  3. Lawrence

    Yes, I do believe that both Obama and Hillary Clinton are the cause of the creation of ISIS. They also are to blame for the related attacks on U.S. soil over the past eight years.

  4. Mike

    I never had any doubt, why do you think they keep changing the topic, its to distract from all the information out there that essentially makes both Obama and Clinton traitors to AMERICA. With all the information and who is responsible could put people in prison and they know it and are doing everything they can to distract people with other subjects and right now its working. Time will tell how all this plays out.

  5. Bill610

    So, according to this memo (which basically gets the facts right as I understand them) the invasion that took place under Bush created the conditions that led to the creation of ISIS, and the withdrawal of US troops on the timetable that Bush established gave the guy that the Bush administration propped up an opportunity to increase his abuse of the Sunnis, making things even worse.

    And you think that this proves that it’s Obama’s fault. Got it.

    1. Bama Bill

      Guess you don’t remember Hillary on tv saying we “Have to go in as we had good intelligence Saddam has and has used WMD?”. Back when “Slick Willy” was CIC.

      1. Bill610

        The article states: “The internal Democratic Party memo, titled ISIS Backgrounder, outlines Obama’s role in creating ISIS, despite his best attempts to blame it on everyone else.” What does anything that Hillary said back in the 90s have to do with Obama being responsible for ISIS?

        I’m no fan of Hillary, Obama, Bush or Trump, but I’m also no fan of terrible logic such as is demonstrated in this article.

    2. concern4us


      Not sure who your are accusing for the rise of ISIS, there isn’t any rationship between Bush invasion and the rise of ISIS. With the drawing out all of our troops without securing the oil that is financing them and the position we that we won, created a VOID and the opportunity for Zarqawi to move into Iraq and recruiting the Sunnis who has hated the “Shias for centuries, read the Bible”! And with the Clinton’s many deals with the middle east enemies against the US (Benghazi), one can only picture why ISIS isn’t afraid of us!

      What happened was that Obama and Hillary told the world what and when they were going to do with a withdrawal, without thinking or maybe they did think what was going to occur. It’s very obvious when Obama is re-fueling these terrorist with leadership out of Guantanamo.

      1. Bill610

        Well, of course the principal ones to blame for the rise of ISIS are those who compose ISIS, and to a lesser extent, the surrounding countries that fail to address the problem of ISIS. Going back far enough, the colonial powers that drew the arbitrary borders of the Middle Eastern countries without regard for culture or history have some responsibility, too. But as far as U.S. foreign policy, it’s a bipartisan mess.

        ISIS grew out of al Qaeda in Iraq. Before the 2003 invasion that deposed Saddam Hussein, there was no al Qaeda presence in Irag. With the troop surge, we postponed the inevitable. If you are going to throw eggs at your neighbor’s house, you wait till the policeman turns the corner. Same thing happened here. The extremists bided their time, waiting for the U.S. to draw down again before resuming their activities. I remember having this conversation at the time with a friend who served in military intelligence in Iraq and we both believed that whether the U.S. stayed for a month, or a year, or ten years or a thousand years, the trouble would resume as soon as we left.

        While the withdrawal was on the Bush timetable, it’s true that we might have been able to keep troops there longer–again, just postponing the inevitable–but we were unable to reach a Status of Forces Agreement with the Maliki government, which had been empowered by the Bush administration, that would have protected our military from local prosecution.

      2. Bill610

        That void was created when we removed Saddam. We filled it until we left, but if we’d left a day or a hundred years later, the result would have been the same. Maybe I misunderstand you, but Islam didn’t exist till 600 AD, so there are no Shia or Sunnis in the Bible.

  6. Bama Bill

    He is the worst “CIC” ever! Always giving a speech telling who, what, where, and when action is going to be taken. This is “Treason in public”? He can’t be that stupid? This regime from Barry on down should all be shot. He fires all top brass that does not agree with him. AND, any that will “NOT Say they will follow his order to fire on American civilians”! His has done more good for ISIS that anyone!

  7. Richard Bagenstose

    time line , 1st oboma and hillary removed the troops from iraq , then they start smuggling weapons to rebals in syria , then oboma and hillary have our troops train rebals in pakistan ,send them back to syria, now they become isis, go into iraq and take the weapons we left for the iraqies after our troops taught them how to use them , in the mean time oboma and hillary are still smuggling weapons threw libia to syria , and weapons come up missing , and in the hands of al-queada , they attack the consolite in benghazi and kill 4 americans with the very weapons hillary was smuggling to syria , it’s called treason to supply the enemy with weapons , and in the mean time oboma is making deals with iran , terrorists, now they are talking about the 1.7 billion oboma sent to iran as ransom , well it what i read the other day it is more like 33 billion in cash , gold and other pressus metals oboma has sent to iran , all to fund more terrorisum , the would leading funder of terrorisum is no longer iran , it’s oboma and hillary, and they should have to pay for there crimes against americans, yoyu don’t see either one of them cry ofver the innocent americans being killed ,but if a black criminal or muslum is killed , they blow a gasket


    Right before our eyes, Obama is bringing in ISIS for one purpose only. He has placed several Muslims in the white house and our elected are joining the Muslim religion (Andre Carson, Indiana) while some prisoners are also joining the religion to be turned lose on the innocent. We are being ambushed with Muslim terrorism all the while claiming ISIS is separate from other Muslims. Their bible is a hate document and is the same for all Muslims. Obama hates America and Americans and make no mistake there are Republicans in his conspiracy..

  9. Pomona Pete

    see, the democrat Party, being an organized crime racket, strives mightily to gain and keep power…but really doesn’t have a clue what to do with it except amass more money and power for their organization.

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