People Of Color ONLY: Refusing To Live With White People

A social justice movement took another step backwards this week with several college students proudly declaring that they were looking to room with people of color only.

People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces,” an unidentified minority student said proudly when they were accused of racism. “It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self-preservation.”

The Claremont Independent reported on the “POC only” safe-space movement Tuesday, where they highlighted a series of posts by students at Pitzer College.

Pitzer College is a private liberal arts college where some students are looking for non-white roommates, some of whom are members of the Pitzer Latino Student Union.  Two of the college’s resident assistants defended this notion as well.

This movement was initiated and encouraged by a female Latina student, who asked on Facebook that anyone looking for a roommate at the college should contact her — but not any white people. The roommate invitation, she made clear, was “POC only,” saying, “I don’t want to live with any white folks.”

The post was called out for its clear racism, but a female member of the Pitzer Latino Student Union employed at the college argued that minorities are “allowed” to exclude white people as a means of “self-preservation.”

She also wrote:

“People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces.  It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self-preservation. Reverse racism isn’t a thing.”

Another Women’s Studies major at Pitzer added, “We don’t want to have to tiptoe around fragile white feelings in a space where we just want to relax and be comfortable.  I could live with white people, but I would be far more comfortable living with other POC.”

That was mild compared to the can of worms that it eventually opened.

Elliot Dordick of The Claremont Independent notes that two resident assistants eventually got into the debate to defend anti-white safe spaces.

One of the resident assistants, a black Student Union member, wrote, “White people have caused so much trauma on these campuses … why in the world would I want to live with that? Bring that into my home? A place that is supposed to be safe for me?”

Another resident assistant at Pitzer, an Africana Studies major, blamed white people for creating a toxic environment that requires minorities to protect themselves — and here’s the hatred that spewed:

“White people always mad when they don’t feel included but at the end of the day y’all are damaging as f–k and if a POC feels they need to protect themselves from that toxic environment THEY CAN! Quick to try to jump on a POC but you won’t call your friends out when they’re being racist as f–k. I’m not responding to NO comments and NOPE I don’t wanna have a dialogue.”

 Amazing that he would say that when the Black Lives Matter movement was initially started so that we could open up a dialogue and have a conversation about racial divide — instead of bottling up feelings that will inevitably result in violence.

Dordick provides an excerpt from Pitzer College’s Intercultural Understanding statement that proves particularly ironic:

“Intercultural Understanding enables Pitzer students to comprehend issues and events from cultural lenses beyond their own. [Pitzer College] supports the thoughtful exchange of ideas to increase understanding and awareness, and to work across difference without intimidation. We have the right to be heard and the responsibility to listen. Communication, even at its most vigorous, should be respectful and without intent to harm.”

This is the equivalent of adding drops to an already full bucket — eventually it will tip.  This racism will only get worse if they’re not more open and accepting.

Pitzer College’s president needs to take a larger role in controlling this issue.

  • Jake319

    It’s the right of people of color to not want to live with whites. Whites have insisted on it for 160 years so good for the goose good for the gander.

    • I whole heartedly agree Jake. I just wish we could take back all the forced busing of the whites in the 1970’s who were forced to go to black schools even though their parents paid taxes to allow them to send their children to better schools….so Jake…Bring it on

      • Jake319

        I feel the same about busing of the late 70’s.
        It was a miscarriage and a waste of recourses. Black kids were bused too. Some of those bus rides were longer then the school day. Society gained nothing from it. I graduated from an integrated school in the 60’s. We had separate everything, water fountains, building entries.
        So I guess what you want to go back to when America was great right?

        • marshmil

          Segregation existed when I was growing up and the social relations were far better. None of this barbaric shootings, race rioting, hateful race talk, burning cities, shooting law enforcement personnel. It seems to me that anthropologically and sociologically members of each race should be allowed to “separate” of they so desire. After all the Constitution guarantees it. See Amendments IV, IX and X. We all have our rights and all have to be treated with EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.

          • Jake319

            Certainly. It is natural for people to be seek out there ethic community. However, our consitution is bases on inclusion.
            Rascism limits communities access to oppertunitie. It’s counter productive.
            I believe that entitlement Prohibits competition for jobs and careers. It denies natural ability. You would not watch the NFL if the best players weren’t out there. Reagan said that high tides raise all boats evenly.

          • marshmil

            It was John F. Kennedy who said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

          • Jake319

            Ok, it still is a fact.
            1920’s Henry ford maintained two separate cities for his workers. Dearborn was white and Inkster was for blacks and Jews. They operated as separate communities. Banks, doctors, store owners. Henry ford was intrested in production of his products.

          • marshmil

            So are you advancing the idea that “things go better” when different ethnic/races are kept separate? I have no problem with that but there are the pinheads who will claim I’m a racist for it. (A pinhead is a person so narrow minded that if he/she fell on a pin it would punch both eyes out.) I worked in a federal facility where the Blacks outnumbered whites. Speaking of racism! We whites were not welcomed at all. Black people seem to have a “Black thing” that we non-Blacks will “never understand”. OK that’s fine with me. Let’s just work toward the best arrangements possible with the understanding that there will always be a small number who cannot be pleased regardless of what the arrangement is.

          • Jake319

            Certainly, but really this has been the standard of tribal survival since man.
            Also the stronger tribes made others submit. Again the primal standard.
            The great experiment of democracy is our responsibility. We are a country of inclusiveness but not of tolerance. Seems
            Unlikely that we can have both. As long as we believe in justice we are a democracy.
            That means we can live apart and still be one.

          • marshmil

            I have no problem with that. But let’s say we arranged it. Guess what! It would not be long before one of the groups decided the grass is greener on the other side of the fence then wants the grass that’s on the other side of the fence. We have that already. If you note for the most part different ethnic groups tend to gather into little enclaves. There are “communities” that are occupied predominantly by people of “color.” And then there are some occupied mostly by people from India. Were I in a foreign country I’d likely seek out a locale where mostly Americans live. I think today we have some of those who want what somebody else has. They are the faction that creates social problems. For the most part they are the non-contributing members of the greater society. As long as we have EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW we meet the basic standard for humanity.

    • Enuff_Zenuff

      I highly recommend this video. It lasts an hour but is well worth it if you are at all concerned about achieving harmony between the races.
      Even though it is mostly about Britain, it goes a very long way towards explaining what is happening in the USA – especially with the 2016 election.

      “Things We Wont Say About Race That Are True”

    • david b cordick

      jake, you hit it right on the big button, most whites don’t want blacks living within miles of them. it is the blacks that move into the white areas and turn them into ghettos, forcing the whites to sell their houses at a loss just to get the hell out of there. I don’t think that any whites except the sick liberals would be looking any blacks to live with. the add stating no whites was really a waste of time and money, but I think it was placed just to start some shit like this. one last question, one of the residents is an African studies, what in the hell is their to study about Africans, everything they do is a failure. maybe its just a study of how to get more free stuff from the hated whites that have bending over backwards for these people for too many years.

      • Jake319

        Seriously? The white flight was caused by white real estate scammers. They suckered whites in to selling there houses at a loss. Then resold them to other white families at a profit.

        African studies? If you eat Bread, peanut butter, use refrigeration, ethenol , have had a blood transfusion, farming technics…etc…that is just a small amount black Americans have done. To make America great.
        1950 federal highway construction claimed eminite domain on poor communities in every major city in the US. They destroyed black, jewish, eastern european communities. These people were turned in to refugees. The blacks were redlined they were not allowed by state law to buy or live antwhere they could afford.
        The federal government created HUD. Run by Romneys father.
        He had to place average of 50,000 people in a few acres. The high rise projects were the solution. Those are the ghettos your talking about. You hate Americans and probably anybody that’s smarter then you, richer then you , better looking..etc. you have a problem!

        • marshmil

          Jake you are an armchair philosopher and a Monday morning quarterback. If you have all the answers then why did you not run for the office to run the Executive Branch?

          • Jake319

            I didn’t offer any answers or solutions.

            I speak from my experience as a Construction manager who has seen first hand how greed has caused the problems in communitity of our nation. It was less then 7 years after the cities had taken entire communities (2000 acres) by eminent domain experienced increases in viole
            Too many people were push in to too small an area. With few resources and little oppertunitie. The minority communities of America. We’re segricated in to

          • Jake319

            Sorry it dropped me…
            People were placed in other communities which stressed those communities causing more flight. My point is when the government caters to profit for profits sake.
            The taxpayer doesn’t just pay for the project but also pays in loss of quality of life and oppertunities for the next generation.

      • marshmil

        It is NOT the ethnic or “color” aspect. The level of education, civility, income and backgrounds determine if people can and will “get along”. I’ve met people of different ethnicity than mine who I’d rather live near and chat with than some of my own ethnic descent.
        But generally speaking I do believe people ” of color” are more comfortable living in areas where the population is predominantly the same as theirs. “Birds of a feather tend to flock together.” There is nothing legally or morally wrong with that. People have a right to choose their associates.

    • SL

      You’re right, no argument from me. Just like its the right of white people to not want to live with people of color.

    • marshmil

      To me each person has a natural right to live with whom she/he wants to. I could not care less what combination comes up. Just leave me out.

  • SL

    Actually I feel it’s a great idea. Then that old cliche, ‘there goes the neighborhood’, would be obsolete.

    • SL, Yep, look at Detroit. There is the descent side of the city where all the non black races live and then there is the part of Detroit that needs to be bulldozed. That’s were the black folk live but we come visit you when we need to buy some illegal drugs. I watched it all on the discovery channel. Now, SL that will work both ways now. You really want this?

      • Enuff_Zenuff

        ,I lived and worked in Detroit for many years. Mr. Harkness, you are making stuff up. Detroit hasn’t had two parts since Mayor Coleman Young finished chasing all the people who valued their lives, and who could afford to leave, out of the city (both the whites and the POC)!

      • SL

        I just agreed with the article. What’s the problem? Write a commentary to whom posted the article if you dont like it. That said… No need to visit me, I don’t sell or use illegal drugs.

        • marshmil

          SL I think you missed his point.

    • marshmil

      Thank you SL, your’s is funny too. Great post by you and by tarheel.

  • Marty Koval

    I am fine with people who want to live with others of their same race. if these people say It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, but is self-preservation, again I am ok with this.
    I just want to make sure that these standards set by these people of color (Negroid race) will hold true with people of other races such as the Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Australoid without calling it racist.

    • marshmil

      In anthropology I was taught the three major races are Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid.

  • Hey, here we go again with “equal but separate”. HMm what was the name of that policy? Oh Yes Now I remember…S-E-G-E-R-A-T-I-O-N! Now, these young blacks really want to start that? They will rue the day because honestly I am sick of all their bullsh*t! I could live with out the crime. I could live with out the shootings. I could live without the violence and drugs. They really want to start this sh*t? I mean, really? These snot nosed kids better talk to their parents, and grand parents before they get going down this track. Once the train starts moving they are not going to like where it ends up but the rest of society might! You know, the whites, Asians, Hispanic’s, and pretty much every other nationality of that make up the USA.

  • tarheel

    I think this is a wonderful idea! White people should be be quietly saying thank goodness.

    • marshmil

      That is funny tar heel. Thank you.

  • Enuff_Zenuff

    Whatever happened to MLK’s brilliant dream that we should not judge others by the color of their skin but by the content of their character? Was he only talking to whites and not POC as well? If that’s the case, then he was violating his own message. If that’s not the case, then his message was for everyone. Judging by the content of their character, I wouldn’t want to live with racist “POC” students either, but I’d be happy to live with non-racist POC students. Their color is truly irrelevant to me, but their character means everything. They have a lot to learn, and a lot of Progressive B.S. to un-learn.

    • marshmil

      More hypocrisy on their part! A few Black people, not Dr. Martin Luther’s kind, are racists.

  • Ragweed Handgun

    This is good. I hope it catches on nation wide. There is an old saying that 2 or more of blacks together constitutes a tribe…

  • grannylake

    I’m sure many white people believed when they asked for Whites Only living space, they believed it was for self-preservation and because they felt more comfortable with other white people.

    Then our government decided that way of thinking was unfair to the black community and over the years it was accepted whites, blacks, browns, and every other color of people were equal under the law and discrimination based on race was illegal.

    Now thanks to Obama, our first black President, we are back to having one race not wanting to live with another race. Well guess what? If blacks don’t want to live with whites then they are going to have to change the law because as it stands, their request is illegal.

    • marshmil

      Illegality means nothing to some people. They ignore laws. Consider Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit and Chicago for example.

  • SL

    There, problem solved.

  • marshmil

    Black hypocrisy. THEY wanted to get rid of segregation now GUESS WHO wants it back.
    Hypocrisy!!! OK. Maybe all of us would be better off if segregation returned. We definitely had better race relations during segregation.

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