Planned Parenthood-Connected DA Prosecuting Pro-Life Activists Admits Illegal Activity

Liberal DA went on an illegal national media tour to publicize indictments, before even contacting the defendants.

The liberal Houston district attorney trying to imprison two pro-life activists for uncovering illegal activity by Planned Parenthood admits her indictment is itself, illegal.

But District Attorney Devon Anderson also says she’s allowed to break the law if it means protecting Planned Parenthood.

When reports of the indictments became national news, it came as a surprise to David Daleiden, one of the indicted activists.

And it should be surprising, because it’s a crime.

Texas law states:

If the defendant is not in custody or under bond at the time of the presentment of indictment, the indictment may not be made public and the entry in the record of the court relating to the indictment must be delayed until the capias is served and the defendant is placed in custody or under bond.

Not only did District Attorney Devon Anderson tell the media before telling her targets, she shared her information with Planned Parenthood before Daleiden or his attorneys.

In fact, she even posted an online video bragging about the indictments, also prior to the knowledge of Daleiden or his attorneys.

All of which is a crime under Texas law.

While Anderson wants Daleiden thrown in prison for 20 years, she justifies her own illegal actions as an “oversight” and “inconsequential”.

But it comes as no surprise that Anderson is trying to spin the case in favor of Planned Parenthood.

She employs one of their board members in her office.

One of Anderson’s prosecutors, Lauren Reeder, serves on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, the same organization Daleiden caught on tape selling baby body parts illegally.

Anderson has also been accused of fixing a case in which a Houston abortionist delivered live babies and then snapped their necks.

The grand jury was forced to drop charges against Douglas Karpen because Anderson failed to provide sufficient evidence in the case.

Ironically, she just so happens to be friends with Douglas Karpen’s attorney.

But now it appears Anderson’s Planned Parenthood activism has crossed the line from unethical to outright illegal.

  • desert

    Disbar the evil bitch, then HANG HER!!

  • gson1192

    While I am extremely disappointed in Devon Anderson’s indictment of the two activists, let’s get one thing perfectly clear. When you talk about “lying” and unethical behavior, you do not have to look any further than the first line in your article, “The liberal Houston district attorney trying to imprison two pro-life activists for uncovering illegal activity by Planned Parenthood admits her indictment is itself, illegal.” This sentence is in itself an outright LIE and that burns me as much as what Devon herself is doing. Devon Anderson is NOT and has NEVER been a liberal. If you are going to report the “news,” I expect you to be even more ethical and honest than any liberal pundit who is doing their best to sway public opinion.
    I am NOT in anyway defending her actions, so let that be perfectly clear as well. I take issue with others, like this reporter who feel it is perfectly fine to actually print a lie, rather than tell the FACTS of the story. Is Devon wrong? Yes. Did Devon act unethically? YES, Did she possibly act illegally? Yes. Is she a liberal? A resounding NO.
    As a conservative, and one who is sick and tired of political rhetoric and “spin,” if you can’t report the news without blatant lies, then do us all a favor and stop writing and claiming to be a journalist.

    • eroomjt

      Devon IS a liberal because she acted like one. She may have run on the republican ballot (and obviously lied to do so), but that is only because it is near impossible to win on the democrat ticket in Harris County.

      Nobody deserves a lying cheat in public office. Devon needs to be indicted and removed.

  • William Bartholomew

    The govenor should instruct the state attorney to file charges against the Houston district attorney.

  • Phil Esposito

    She looks like a bull dyke. Houston’s really gone to shit since they elected a dyke mayor.

  • jimmyk520000

    Houston has turned into a queer run city. the faggots in the DA are prime examples of how slimy Houston has become. they had a lesbian now they have a black faggot mayor.

    • Francoise Arouete

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      • jimmyk520000

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  • schr8er

    Just ANOTHER example of Liberals feeling they are above the laws and can do what they want whenever they want… Time to get the ATTY GENERAL involved OR a major recall of her because of her illegal activities.

  • Francoise Arouete

    Where are the flags for inappropriate comment? There is the flag to report abusers?

    • Gilbert ‘Mel’ Meltvedt

      Yeah, it’s called free speech…something you liberals are trying to stop. While I don’t agree with his views on the matter, it’s not hate speech…it’s simply something you don’t like to hear, big difference. When you become the decider of what is and is not hate speech, you become the bigot.

  • Francoise Arouete

    re: jimmyk520000. The best we can all hope for is that this hate-filled
    sociopath is on the No Fly List along with this his sock-puppet cohorts.
    And let’s hope Homeland Security and the NSA have him on their radar.
    The scurrilous filth and seething hatred of this utterly depraved
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    Avatar to report the user to Disgus. Be afraid knowing demented sickos
    like this have a right to carry a gun!

  • Shagnasty1

    This lying witch ran as a conservative in Houston’s non partisan election and just like Marco Rubio stabbed conservatives in the back the first chance she got. What’s frightening is she was probably the lesser of evils in that race.