President Trump Wishes He Hadn’t Made This Mistake

President Donald Trump has made a crucial mistake in the past year.

With a generally successful first year as president, this admission by the president came as a shock to many—though it is unsurprising once one faces the facts.

While the situation has not erupted yet, Trump is certain this mistake will come back to haunt him—and perhaps alter his presidency.

President Donald Trump wishes he hadn’t chosen Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

While Jeff Sessions was initially a perfect candidate for this role, he has proven that he is unworthy to serve the people.

This week, Trump took a shot at Jeff Sessions and discussed his disapproval once and for all.

Trump took to Twitter to retweet a controversial statement made by Congressman Trey Gowdy, demoralizing Sessions.

President Trump’s initial distrust of Sessions came after his decision to take a smaller role in the Russia investigation, choosing instead to recuse himself and allow Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

President Trump has also publicly targeted Sessions for not bringing down Hillary Clinton while he had the chance.

Do you believe Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unfit to serve his country?

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  • Climber

    My understanding, based on reading Andrew McCarthy, is that Sessions was manipulated into recusing himself. He was told that because he was involved in the Trump campaign, he was therefore part of the investigation.

    He was deliberately misled. The investigation is not a criminal investigation which must be predicated on a named criminal act, but, rather, an intelligence gathering investigation concerning foreign entities. Sessions need not withdraw from an intelligence gathering investigation.

    It took a brilliant mind such as Andrew McCarthy to ferret this out, and the President must understand and recognize the subtlety of the manipulation on Sessions AND give Sessions a pass. Rather than demonize Sessions, the true nature and subtlety of the deceit must be revealed to the public by the President.

  • Palmer

    Sessions should have done some research before he recused himself. Ignorance of the law doesn’t look good on the resume.