Protests Against Planned Parenthood Mega Center Unearth KKK Ties

A group of 15 or so Pro-life activists gathered outside the construction zone of Washington D.C.’s newest Planned Parenthood center last Sunday for peaceful protests against the opening of the clinic.

In a twisted turn of events, a private contractor working on the new center claimed he “liked the KKK” while interacting with the protesters.

The organizer of the protests, Monsignor Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington, wanted to raise awareness to the new construction without any disruptive behavior, claiming that prayer and communication with the community were the answers to hopefully closing the center.

The group of 15 or so protesters stood outside in the scorching heat all day Sunday but were not deterred. They continued to pray and take up conversation with passersbys, including a yet unidentified plumber who was contracted to install the sinks in the new abortion flagship center.

When pressed about his moral concerns in terms of working for the abortion center, the man claimed he was there only for the work, remarking that he would do similar work in places such as extermination camps for Hitler and the KKK, so long as he was paid to do so.

The Washington Times reports:

“I’m a plumber,” he said in the video. “I don’t care if this is a Burger King, or a church or this. No, we’re here for the work. OK? We don’t advocate what the business does.”


When asked again about Planned Parenthood’s history with groups such as the KKK and how he felt about working for an organization with known racist ties, the plumber was still unbothered.

Life Site News Reports:

“I’m from the south. I like them,” he said in reference to the KKK.


Another protester, Reverend Patrick Mahoney, is outraged that the center is allowing the plumber to continue working on the center instead of finding a replacement. The Reverend is publicly demanding that Planned Parenthood find the plumber’s replacement and donate the fees associated with his pay to an organization which promotes racial strengthening and reconciliation within the DC community.

Life Site news reports:

“It is outrageous and disgraceful that Planned Parenthood Would have a racist and supporter of the KKK working on their new mega center in washington, DC.’ Rev. Mahoney said in a statement.’ ‘it is especially troubling when you consider this organization receives hundreds of millions in taxpayer funding, yet hires people who embrace intolerance, hatred, and bigotry while working in the very heart of our nation’s capital.”

The Reverend also called upon Hillary Clinton, a major supporter of Planned Parenthood, to condemn the fact the organization hired an openly racist individual who is being paid with taxpayer and government funding.

No official comment has been made by Planned Parenthood on the matter yet, however, with the group’s century-long history of racist ties and misogyny, they are unlikely to be inhibited by this recent discovery.

What are your thoughts? Should Planned Parenthood be condemned  for hiring an outspoken racist? Or should they be unconcerned that the plumber is only interested in doing his contracted work?

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