Rape Survivor Makes Statement On Hillary Clinton That Will Shock You

Kimberly Corban has a warning for young women in the United States regarding Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee for President of the United States:  Do not let Clinton take away your right to effectively defend yourself and your family.

Corban is a rape survivor, and she believes that American women are being tricked into supporting Clinton, who would prevent her and others from using a firearm to protect themselves from sexual predators.

On May 12, 2006, a rapist broke into Corban’s apartment at the University of Northern Colorado, where he proceeded to hold her down and sexually assault her for two hours.

Corban says that she was completely defenseless, and while laying there helpless, thought, “This is how I’m going to die.”

It’s a heartbreaking scenario to imagine for any young female college student.

And Corban agrees that lying there helpless without a gun brought her to the realization that, “there was no way I could fight back.”

Before then, Corban admits that she was “terrified” of firearms and the thought of possessing a handgun.

Now, she’s making it her mission in life to inform young women of the importance of owning and properly handling a firearm, to help prevent more traumatic experiences like hers from happening to other innocent girls.

Corban’s story has prompted her to become an advocate for concealed carry and the God-given right to self-defense.

Recently, she appeared in a political ad warning young girls of the fact that Hillary Clinton wants to prevent women like her from using a firearm for protection to fend off sexual predators.

In the ad, Corban says,

“My fear of firearms disappeared when I got my second chance at life.” A female narrator then continues, “Your right to own a gun for self-defense is at risk in this election. Hillary Clinton would take away your rights.”

Corban reappears and says, “Self-defense is your right. Don’t let it be taken away.”

In an interview with Fox News, Corban argued that it’s vitally important for women to be aware of Hillary Clinton and the left’s war to take away guns and repeal the Second Amendment.  She said it’s a very real threat — and that Hillary Clinton also wants to restrict where law-abiding Americans can exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Corban stated that Hillary wants to “keep people safe” by getting rid of guns, but from her firsthand experience, she knows that it’s an empty promise.

“Now, we’re being told, ‘Trust Hillary. She is going to make sure that you are kept safe,'” Corban said.

Corban continued by saying the only person who can keep you safe from sexual predators is you, and a firearm allows you to do that.

The facts on the ground prove Corban is right.  Statistics show that areas with radically restrictive gun control laws, like Chicago, have higher rates of violence and murder.

Other areas with less restrictive gun laws, especially states with Constitutional Carry, which states that law-abiding Americans don’t need a permit to carry a firearm concealed or open, have far lower rates of gun violence and crime.

Obviously, criminals and sexual predators are less likely to risk attacking someone who is armed, as opposed to someone who is defenseless.

But Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to know that.  She wants absolute control and power.  And that starts with taking away guns from law-abiding Americans.



52 thoughts on “Rape Survivor Makes Statement On Hillary Clinton That Will Shock You

    1. DR Lane

      Hang onto your wits and guns – they’re coming to take yours away, because once you are defenseless, without any rights, it’ll be easy to put a dictator in place who will control every aspect of your life and you can kiss freedom goodbye, forever. We need a Constitutional Convention. Citizens unite and stand your ground for all Liberty. As Patrick Henry said – “Give me Liberty or give me death!”
      On the other hand, Trump will protect your freedoms that are guaranteed under our US Constitution and Bill of Rights. No sharia spoken here. Shillary’s hate for American freedom is motivated by her lust for power and greed, and her plans to change OUR America into “Amerika” – not for you, but for her and Billy…..in her world, lies, corruption and pay-to-play are the Clinton dream scheme – screw the American Dream, unless you’re an illegal immigrant or refugee. The time to stand up and fight is now, more than ever. She is the queen of double-speak and manipulation with 40+ yearts working at it. She’s slick as snot on a doorknob with enough money and power to make people who disagree with her disappear. Vote for Trump. It’s the only choice that will give us a chance to take America back from the cronies and liars, and foreign governments. Trump will do what he says, because he keeps his promises to the people. Shillary just tells you what you want to hear, at any given moment, but will keep doing what she has always done – lie, waffle, destroy, corrupt, cheat, and deny, deny, deny…the Whore of Babylon she is and will always be. Do NOT be deceived. If she wins, America is dead forever. Vote for Trump and let him win to give us a chance to do what’s needed and save America! He cannot be bought by anyone and his honor is on the line. Shillary is devoid of any honor, character or integrity, which is proven more every day. We have a corrupt system and establishment that must change and change now.

      1. Elaine

        Hear, hear!! Well said, DR Lane. Spoken like a true American.

        Trump/Pence 2016
        Make America Strong Again
        Make America Whole Again
        Make America Safe Again
        Make America Honest Again
        Make America Moral Again
        Make America GREAT Again!!

        1. longshorts

          I agree with Dr.Lane and Elaine: Well said Dr. Lane, and well put Elaine! Perhaps we do have a chance to regain our freedoms here in America, and beat back the dishonest traitors that walk amongst us. Conservatives, Election Day is when you all go to vote without fail. Liberals, you are required to stay home and play your video games and do nothing (after all, that is what you are good at).

      2. longshorts

        Dr. Lane, the only thing I disagree with you is this: We do not need a “Constitutional Convention”. I like our Constitution just as it is. The real problem is to get ALL Congress and the Executive and Judicial branches to follow it AS IT WAS WRITTEN. That is the only problem as I see it. All of them make an oath to “Protect, Defend and Preserve” the Constitution as it is, but break their oaths of office at their first opportunities. That makes them traitors to all of us.

        1. Elaine

          longshorts, good point. That is the only reservation I had as well with DR Lane’s comment. I’m not a huge fan of the Constitutional Convention. As I understand it, in the wrong hands, it could be devastating.

          1. longshorts

            Yes, by the time a Constitutional Convention could be convened, the political makeup of our Government could be fatally liberal, and I find this intolerable. Dr. Lane – NO CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, EVER. The present Constitution suits me and millions of others just fine. The only job we have is to get the legislative and judicial branches to follow it AS IT WAS WRITTEN. Then the “Executive Branch” is stopped in its tracks no matter WHO is President. Some of you do not like Trump, but Hilary is not Presidential material, and never will be. So lets try a non Politician in the Presidency – it cannot be any worse than 7+ years of Obama, and Trump may be a very pleasant surprise to us all. Take a chance, vote for Trump. Let him “fire” the deadwood liberals in Government and see a new hope for us all.

    1. nj101

      He also said: “If the Reichstag (German legislature) does not act, I will.”

      Someone in America says: “If Congress (American legislature) does not act, I will.”

      1. DR Lane

        Everything the MM accuses Mr. Trump of, the left is actually guilty of. Anyone remember after the “O” was elected, he invited all of the mainstream media to a closed-door session and deliberately kept Fox news out? Think about it folks……Truth to them is what they say it is. Trump is attacked for every utterance that comes out of his mouth, especially if it’s true. Want your freedom and a leader who will do the right thing, and use some common sense? Vote Trump.

        1. Elaine

          I hear the term “projection” all the time, and was pretty sure I knew what it meant. Just to double check myself, I looked it up. And, yep, I had it right. And, yep, it fits the leftists to a “T” …….

          “Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.”

        2. nj101

          You are correct. Liberal progressives always accuse conservatives of doing what they are guilty of themselves. When liberals lie, they accuse conservatives of lying. When liberals are racist, they accuse conservatives of being racist. When liberals are corrupt, they accuse conservatives of being corrupt.

          When liberals refuse to sign the budget and shut down the government, they accuse conservatives of shutting down the government. Unfortunately, conservatives are not very good at pointing these things out and putting the blame where it truly belongs.

          Trump’s problem is that he has not properly prepared for this campaign. He has not studied the liberal progressives, so he keeps falling into their traps. He also has not considered how many votes 20 million illegal aliens will cast in this election, which will probably be considerably more than 20 million.

          He is also unprepared for the liberal progressives and their news media front groups, known as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, as well as the major newspapers.

          1. longshorts

            Yah, since the courts struck down the requirement of a picture ID to be able to vote. This allows voter fraud on a massive scale, besides tampering with the voting machines on a wholesale basis. There are some “voters” here that can be bought for a 12 pack of beer – cheap at the cost.

          2. nj101

            Do not forget that it was the Republicans who refused to discontinue the filibuster for federal judicial nominees when President Bush was on office. Led by Senator McCain, they claimed that they could not change that rule in case they found themselves in the minority.

            After the 2006 and 2008 elections that came true.
            But unlike the Republicans, the Democrats changed the rule and stopped the filibuster for federal judicial nominees. They then proceeded to pack the federal courts with liberal progressive, activist judges.

            Now liberal progressive judges control 80% of the federal courts, instead of the conservative, originality judges that would have been in charge, if Republicans had changed the filibuster rule.

            Republicans caused this problem just as much as Democrats. They lie to their base during election season about how hard they will fight for them, only to cave in to liberal progressive demands once in office.

            There is only one political party in Washington, zD.C.

  1. Ken Heis

    Dave Nettles is right about Sharia Law. Go to his website and learn about the real”Hillary”. The only defense you have is your own. Join NRA, earn your concealed weapons permit and protect yourself. Remember, when seconds count the police are 20 minutes away. And Hillary certainly will Not be there to protect you.

    1. longshorts

      Gee, all I had to do was to pay $15 and get my picture taken to get my Concealed Carry permit good for TWO years. The background check took all of 30 seconds, and I was in and out in 10 minutes. No sweat there. My Sheriff in Elmore County was very nice to me. Good place to live, Alabama.


    Women over 21 who have no criminal convictions should be given one free handgun. Rapists would then have to ASSUME every woman has a gun.

    1. nj101

      A shotgun is the best one to start with. It is the easiest to get a permit for; put your reason for getting one as “hunting.” Shotguns are good for hunting if needed and for home defense. Criminals fear shotguns more than hand guns because when loaded with buck shot, one virtually cannot miss.

      1. longshorts

        A “permit”? We don’t need no “stinking permits” here in Alabama! We are a permit free state, Sir, and we prefer it this way. The only reason I bought a concealed carry permit is because I do spend time in courthouses, not as a “defendant” either. Perhaps you should convince your state to go this way. The Constitution does regard this as your right to carry a firearm, and ask no one for that right.

    2. longshorts

      When you have made up your mind to buy a handgun, or shotgun, get one and practice with it at least 500 rounds with expert guidance. A gun is no good to you if you do not know how, and WHEN to use it. Especially when or not to use lethal force. Your first buy should be a shotgun, it is an all around “house gun” for self defense. The second buy should be a revolver for concealed carry. Revolvers are more reliable than semi automatic pistols. Until you learn to reload your own rounds, buy the best factory ammo you can afford (do not use prices as your guide, use recommendations from other experienced owners of handguns). If you are afraid of guns, buy a taser – non lethal, but effective if you work quickly in subduing your assailant. A taser like the police use, and yes, you can buy one through the mail in most states..

  3. jack lehr

    I strongly believe women (and men, but especially women) should take a martial art and stick to it for at least a couple of years (no 30 day nonsense) and get a firearm and practice, practice, practice. We don’t like to think about it, but there are very bad people out there. Self defense is a natural right.

    1. longshorts

      Self defense is a God given right. Nothing else compares to the duty of a parent to protect and provide for their family.

      1. Elaine

        The Bill of Rights guarantees our God given, unalienable rights. Many people think the first ten amendments “grant” us these rights, but they are mistaken. Our unalienable rights can neither be granted nor taken away. Hillary seems to think otherwise.

        1. DR Lane

          Hillary and her minions will kiss the BOR and Constitution goodbye-make no mistake. She is and has always be a card-carrying communist and welcomes NWO with open borders – where only the strong and rich can survive. All Dems need to at least read Hillary’s America”. The DNC is the party of racism – look it up.

    1. longshorts

      Not a “laughing stock”, but a clear and present danger to us all. I read the article you put a link to, and a striking comparison came to mind: Hilary Clinton acts like Adolf Hitler ! Right down to the temper tantrums, the dependence on drug regimens to sustain them both. And the health issues that plagued Hitler ! Good God, has Hitler been re-incarnated in Hilary? If so, we are all in deadly danger. In my opinion, of course.

      1. Elaine

        The latest revelation is that Hillary’s doctor carries a diazepam injection pen in case she has a seizure. The doctor dresses like the rest of the Secret Service that surround her, so as not to be noticed. Well, that didn’t work! Some astute photographer caught a photo of his hand holding the pen.

  4. longshorts

    When seconds count, Police are “just minutes away”. Americans keeping guns are just like Prohibition in the 1920’s. If you wanted a drink, you went where you could get one, no matter what the “Law” said. The same will be with outlawing guns. If a Citizen wants a gun, no law enforcement agency will be able to stop them. The only difference will be when a Citizen defends themselves, they will just dump the body in a street somewhere and walk away. This is happening now – honest people attacked kill their attackers, and “just walk away”. No “Grand Jury”, no trial with lawyers and Prosecutors. Why? Because the system is broken, convicting many innocent people, or ignoring the crime entirely. If we lose our 2nd Amendment rights, then I demand that the protective detail for every elected official be unarmed. No clubs, no mace, no tazers, no guns. Let these worthless elected officials find out what it is like to have fear, be afraid to go out of their homes for fear of their own lives. After all, EVERYONE is supposed to be “equal”, aren’t they? So if we take away guns from honest citizens, we must include the Government, too (including the “shadow government” – the continuation of government people, too). Let these people find out what it is like to be “naked and afraid”.

    1. Elaine

      If guns are taken away from honest citizens, the criminals among us will STILL be able to get guns somehow. They have their underground channels already, and that’s not going to change. The criminals will walk all over us.

      1. ricktenny

        I agree with all you say. But in the end it’s not about the Democrats misguided attempts to slow down crime. It is about, having a unarmed country that can be divested of it legally held property, without recourse. I doubt the most vile among them has visions of raging horses topped with Sabre wielding Soldiers of the State, striking down the unruly masses. Their Soldiers will have accounting and law degrees, gut will be just as successful as the Czars Henchmen. It’s getting easier all the time to see who they are. Every time Donald Trump puts his foot in it, like he did today in North Carolina they can be seen leaving the party or loudly protesting their Candidate. Let them. There are maybe a hundred lost votes among them and they have shown their true colors. They’ll never be re-elected. Stay strong and vote.

        1. longshorts

          Democrats/Socialists/Communists/Republicans/Rhinos, they are all the same, their only desire is to be re-elected so they can continue ripping off their Constituents and stuffing their own pockets. The few in Congress that are halfway honest can only be trusted when you appeal to their own agendas. Our political system in exactly the same as when Rome fell. Our only problem is electing “the lesser of two “weevils” (or “evils”) to slow this crumbling Country of ours. This is how I vote when I’m at the polls. I “dislike” Hilary worse than I do Trump, so lacking a viable third party, these are the two “weevils” we have to choose from. So I reluctantly choose Trump. AND, when the polls open, I AM there. I have voted Conservative for the last 42 years. I won’t change.

          1. Elaine

            We need Donald Trump. I actually have no problem with his demeanor or his message. We know he speaks from the heart, because his words aren’t calculated and rehearsed. If he bungles a sentence, and it sounds like something he didn’t mean … the liberals will quickly jump on it and tag it with their own interpretation, and that’s what we become saturated with. What Trump brings to the table is the ability to put the brakes on this runaway freight train of unfettered liberalism.

          2. DR Lane

            You are correct in many ways. However, this “lesser of two evils” is often the case at election time. Seldom does one size fit all. But Trump deserves a chance whereas Shillary has had hers and failed, over and over – but refuses to see it that way. At least you know the stark difference! Bravo!

        2. Elaine

          Voting is ‘Priority One’. Trump only “steps in it” in the eyes of the liberals, who misconstrue and misrepresent everything he says. They apparently fancy themselves to be some sort of mind-reading marvels who have the ability to analyze Trump’s words, put them into their own context, and attempt to lead people to believe “that’s what he MEANT”. They deliberately mislead the great unwashed, who buy it hook, line, and sinker.

          1. DR Lane

            “Steps in it” according to the left ONLY – they’ve given Clinton, Biden, Sharpton and just about every bad boy and girl a pass. Consider the source – the only thing the left does well is deny, lie and manipulate the masses – justified by their desire for communism. This is America, not Amerika. Vote Trump to keep America land of the free. Vote Shillary to wipe out your freedoms. She can’t and won’t protect us – supports one world order and our demise. Make no mistake – it’s true. She is a card-carrying communist, who thinks she’s above the law and the only way her schemes can work is to destroy our freedoms. Stand up for Liberty, Truth and American strength and honor! Shillary also said “Those of faith need to change their faith”….meaning Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons – all those except Islamists and Atheists……think about that a lot…….

          2. Elaine

            I can think of only one word to properly describe Hillary and the rest of them …. “EVIL”.

      2. longshorts

        In my opinion:
        If your guns are taken from you, then the only way to re-acquire one is illegally. That is the point I made by mentioning Prohibition. If someone wanted a drink during that time, they went where they could buy one, (illegally, of course). So, during the future, you go where you can buy a gun illegally. This is supposition IF Clinton and their minions are able to eliminate the Constitution as a whole (as in “Martial Law”). Of course, I could direct you to youtube – there are plenty of ways to build firearms from plumbing store parts videoed there. I also could direct you to an Army Technical Manual called improvised munitions and firearms – an excellent source of information for “inquiring minds, sold at any gun show in a big city. I’m not going to describe a $15 shotgun here, but you can find out how to make one yourself if you wish.

        I warn you that you construct anything at your own risk, I claim no responsibility for anyone else’s actions.

        1. Elaine

          Believe it or not, I am somewhat familiar with these “build your own” videos. It’s tempting, but I would do so only as a last resort. They will never successfully disarm law-abiding citizens. We carry the genes of the revolutionaries.

          1. longshorts

            Yes, I believe that we carry the genes of revolutionaries. According to the genealogy of my mother’s side of the family, I am a direct descendant of Ethan Allen. No wonder I hate those who ignore the Constitution. No wonder I despise those who would destroy America.
            Buy the parts, but do not assemble them just yet.

          2. Elaine

            You have a proud heritage, and the true American spirit! You have most assuredly inherited your ancestors’ common sense as well. Good advice in your last sentence, my friend. I agree 100%.

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