Republicans Are Getting Some Really Bad News About These Two Key States

Hillary poised for victory as GOP falling further behind Democrats in two critically important states

If elections were contests of ideas, conservatives would be undefeated.

But elections are math problems.

And the GOP is going into November with a massive math problem.

Republicans are seeing their registration advantages in key states vanish as Democrats are rapidly boosting their own numbers and surpassing the GOP.

Even worse, the Democrats’ growing voter advantage is most visible in states Republicans need to win if they are to beat Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In Colorado, where Republican Donald Trump spoke to a gathering of conservatives on Friday, the GOP’s lead among registered voters was only 13,607, down from 36,195 in January.

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Why is that a problem? In 2012, the Republicans had an edge of 40,744 by the time voter registration closed. President Obama still won Colorado by 113,099 votes…

… In Nevada, the Democrats lead over Republicans among registered voters has spiked this year, from 47,612 to 66,096. That’s an ominous sign for the GOP’s prospects of winning the state’s six electoral votes, even though public polls show Clinton and Trump in a tight race.

Obama defeated Republican Mitt Romney in Nevada four years ago by nearly 7 percentage points. At the time, the Democrats led the Republicans in registered voters by more than 90,000, an advantage built on a gain of almost 40,000 achieved in the months leading up the election.

In a state like Nevada, metrics like voter registration matter a great deal — enough to make the difference between losing and winning a presidential race, experienced GOP strategists say.

Colorado and Nevada account for a combined 15 electoral votes.  Since both are swing states, winning them is a 30-vote swing.

They also account for a large portion of the few swing states up for grabs in 2016.  It will be virtually impossible for Republicans to win the White House if they fail to win either state.

In fact, Colorado and Nevada both have voted for the winner in the last four presidential elections.

Nevada has voted for the winning candidate in the last nine presidential elections.

The growing Democrat registration advantage in both states is a bad sign for Republicans, as it puts the GOP even further behind.

It also gives Democrats the advantage in a race that is tied in the polls, or even with the Republicans slightly ahead.  With a large registration advantage, Democrats can wipe out a GOP poll-lead by putting additional resources into a Get Out The Vote campaign.

These voter registration numbers mean Republicans must take limited funds from other states to focus on holding back the Democrat surge, which could place other Republican-leaning states at risk of a Democrat takeover.

  • American

    Huh, they would vote for that lying monster Hillary is they saw her murder a child in the street, that is how stupid some liberals are, they don’t use those tiny brains for anything anymore. They want free and that means more to them any an freedom or child they have.

  • Wcgraybill

    Another dem. Time scare, you just cannot believe the democrats they continue to lie about everything, just can’t seem to tell the truth.

    • SDofAZ

      And that goes especially for the media these days. 90-99 % of what we read, hear or see is crap! Just vote, tell everyone you know to vote, and vote Trump, If you see sneaky crap at the polls, call the state agency responsible. Report it.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well put it this way , the sooner we elect trump and elect democrats to congress the better off we will be , the gop has shown it can not rule congress so get rid of the bums, we need a leader to get congress to understand you do the peoples work or you don’t work , but when government stops listening to the peolpe then it’s time for the people to stop listening to our government, witch i have done 8 years ago bush was bad , but this freak is a 1000 times worse

    • nj101

      Democrats to Congress? That would mean that Trump would get nothing through Congress. The GOP is bad; the Democrats are terrible. They would not let one single judicial nominee be appointed.

      • Richard Bagenstose

        well that’s a good thing, we don’t need any more idiots on the scotus , and passing nothing is better then passing the garbage they have bin passing, and i garenty you after the first government shut down and trump shows he isn’t giving an inch they will sing a different tune, democrats are all mouth , lies and using lies to make you cave to there way , stop bending a draw a line , and every time they cross that line you put it on cnn to show how dems really are the ones holding this country back, common scents will win

        • nj101

          Democrats never give in; Republicans do. The mainstream news media will NEVER blame Democrats for “holding this country back;” they will ALWAYS blame it on Republicans. The Democrats control the news media, the federal judiciary, the federal bureaucracy, the majority of colleges and universities, and the public schools.

          They do not need to give in to anything; they just have to point out that “most Americans agree with them” and wait for the Republicans to either give in or to lose public support and then defeat them in the next election.

          Samuel Alito was the last justice appointed; he has been a tremendous success. John Roberts was a disappointment for certain. Democrats now control 80% of federal courts. Without a 5-4 orginalist majority on the Supreme Court, activist lower court rulings will not be overturned; they will stand.

          Trump will need a GOP majority in Congress to get anything done. At least 25% of them would side with the Democrats and fight him, so even then he would have an uphill battle. But if Democrats control Congress, he will get nothing done without their permission. They will unleash the news media, the federal bureaucracy, and the federal courts to stymie everything that he wants to do.

          • Richard Bagenstose

            there is more ways then 1 to skin a cat or a snake like the dems and if trump is as smart as we hope he is , he doesn’t even have to fight with congress, what he needs to do is every time he wants to pass a bill, he goes on tv and tells we the people what it is, and then sends it over to congress , and when they refuse to take it up you go back on tv and the internet and expose every one who would not work with you and call them frauds and they are the ones holding the country back and 6 months of them getting bitched at by the people in there states they will change there tune real fast, the only reason dems get away with what they do ,is because every thing is done behind closed doors and no one ever hears about it

          • nj101

            That would never happen. The news media would discredit Trump and his proposed bills 24 hours per day. They would call them racist, sexist, xenophobic, narrow minded, ignorant, and hateful.

            They would predict that those bills would take American back to The Great Depression segregation, Jim Crow, and all other historical nightmares.

            The Democrats will eat Trump for breakfast without a GOP majority in Congress. They have been in office for decades; they will run circles around him

  • Awaitingtherapture

    If Hillary wins, she has already told us that she will appoint judges to the SCOTUS that will take away our guns. That will lead to the bloodiest
    Civil War ever known to man. As soon as it is announced that she won,
    Anarchy will break out.

    • Patriot

      That is a solemn fear. May God’s Grace prevail…..

    • bluemanx

      Anarchy has already broken out, in blue Democrat controlled ghettos over the past 30 to 50 years. They like to call them “cities.” Their social “programs” have created this situation and they refuse to admit failure. It will not get better-hope you don’t live in one. Most of us have been preparing for this for the last eight years while this Marxist-Muslim has been destroying the country; best just be ready for the fight that’s coming. Of course, that’s unless you really believe all that “Left Behind” fiction. I guess it makes for a nice read.

      • Awaitingtherapture

        Naw, that left behind series was very misleading. it will be HELL on earth after the rapture. I know I will not be here to have to go through it.
        But until it happens, we are very well prepared.
        I live in WV on a hundred acre farm with two gas wells that give me all the free gas I need. A dozen good springs that never dry up that gives me and my livestock free , fresh spring water. I reload and have ample supplies of ammo and supplies, a stocked pantry, a huge greenhouse garden, and a pond stocked with catfish. Don’t worry your little head about me. We will simply hunker down and wait for the masses to kill each other off.
        I also have a dump truck and a backhoe . wink wink.

        • bluemanx

          Depending on where you are in WV, I’m about 2-300 miles SSW of you just north of the Alabama border and we’re in a similar situation. I love reading these skinny jean wearing, goateed, SoHo coffee shop twerps who have never been west of Jersey talk about how they’re going to rule the Progressive world. F’em, bring, it, on. They’ll literally be eating each other in six months.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Hey pardner, you sound like my kind of people. I live just outside of South Charleston, WV. Between the Capital and the southern coalfields. Pray for our flood victim’s, people who lost everything but the clothes on their back two weeks ago. I agree about the people that think they are going to rule us after their Queen of Liars takes control.
            Reminds me too of the clueless who think they will leave the suburbs and live off the land when the SHTF. The wild game will be gone in about 3 days, and like you said, they will be eating each other.
            Keep your head down and your powder dry.
            God Bless.

          • bluemanx

            Yeah, that’s more like 360-400 miles as the crow flies. Worked in Tidewater (Hampton) for a while back in the late 80s with some guys from Bluefield. That’s bad about all that flooding. We don’t have that much because of all the dams that were built up until the 1970s. Nine on the river and about 24 more tributary and reservoir dams, for better or worse. Take care. As they say, buy it cheap and stack it deep.

        • Jimmy R. Haley Jr.

          In Matthew 24:29-30
          Jesus says:
          29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

          30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

          so I think you are wrong about not being here during the tribulation.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Those scriptures are referring to the 2nd coming of Christ, AFTER the Trib period. The tribes are speaking of the tribes are the 12 tribes of the Jewish Nation which a remnant of will remain and be hidden from the Anti Christ.
            We are promised in 1st, Thess. 4:17 that we will be delivered from the coming wrath. That we will not ever see or experience the wrath of God.
            But if I am wrong, I will rely on my faith in Christ to see me through. It would be an honor to die for my Lord.

    • Bushmaster0369

      If HILLERY WINS, then you will see the silent majority finally step forward. We must all unite and march on our congress and senate officials we voted in. Then we tell them to change the law to follow the second amendment. If that doesn’t do it, I am sure there is some disgruntled American or a Red Neck, not looking to make a name for themselves but to correct a ridicules idea of DISARMING AMERICA. Unfortunately someone will just start blowing away the right leaders.when none of this has to happen if our elected officials did their jobs. REMEMBER IT IS THE BAD GUYS, CRAZY PEOPLE, PEOPLE SEEKING REVENGE, TERRORISTS, THAT MAKE ALL OF US LAW ABIDING, SENSIBLE ACTING, TARGET SHOOTERS, HUNTERS, SPORTSMEN AND WOMEN ADAMENT ON KEEPING OUR GUNS BECAUSE OBAMA & HILLARY ARE WANTING TO LET EVERY muslim slime INTO AMERICA AND HAVE THE UNITED STATES BECOME ONE OF THE WORLD ORDER.


      What about nuclear WWIII. Democrats would be better off going democrat and voting for Bernie.

      Trump creates a love hate reaction. The democrats really do lack electable leaders who would unite the nation. It is time the people of America chose their manifesto, time they voted on the issues at stake. .

      • Awaitingtherapture

        I think the other nuclear powers in the world will react to a President Trump the way Iran reacted to President Reagan.
        You don’t try to appease a bully. You smack him in the mouth if he dares to try and bully you.
        The ONLY choice we have is between giving up our freedoms and ushering in a New World Order where we will live like third world peasants or resetting our place in the world as a super power.
        Even if Trump, and our freedoms wins on election day, if we the people of this once great nation do not return to God and honor him like our founding fathers did. We are just prolonging our demise.

  • ahufekim

    This appears to be a Democrat scheme to scare voters.
    Let’s call it what it really is: BS.
    The leftist liberals have ruined America.
    The leftist liberals discarded the Declaration of Independence and replaced it with their Declaration of Dependence on welfare, SNAP, and so on.
    Aren’t we overdue for another American Revolution?
    Can’t “we the people” build a high wall around Washington DC, and confine all the nuts in that one asylum?
    Every day that Washington DC does not operate is a day that America improves.
    We need to shut down Washington DC for 365 days each year, for a decade.
    After that, America might heal and recover its former glory.
    Until then, it is time for real Americans to move to Texas.

    • sickpuppy70454

      First, build that wall around DC. Second, fill it with water.

      • NJHuguenot

        Third. Fill it with alligators.

  • preferred user

    Too many niggaz, Latinos ,(other minorities ,immigrants ,illegal aliens) and ghetto rat low info voters the Dem’s been pandering to for all these years that’s the * real math* and all this jump started with LBJ in 1964 and again with Obama in 2008 and the GOP been asleep during all this and unfortunately cant do better than Trump and sold us out just like the Dem’s anyway !

    • nj101

      When you use that language you give the president and the former secretary of state credibility. They always harp on “racism, racism, racism” and your words support their argument.

      Rich white college kids vote liberal as well; they have been brainwashed in our colleges and universities.

      The problem is culture and ideology, not race. White, black, brown yellow is not the issue; fascism and communism repackaged for the American public is the issue. When government officials promise to solve everyone’s problems, that is a sign of trouble. Tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, and De Kirchner all made such promises.

    • SDofAZ

      Can’t do better than Trump? You mean one of the establishment or politicians would be your pick? Where have you been lately? So sick of the establishment and any current politician it is pitiful. They all suck BIG TIME. Or do you mean you wanted Cruz? Too late, and those who preferred Cruz these days are just WHINERS! Is than you?

  • AZtejas

    Calling CO and NV key states is stretching it just a bit. There is no Harry Reid on the ticket, so the machine he has built over the years may not work too well. Colorado will be a toss-up right until the end. Don’t start counting the votes just yet, let the conventions clear so we can get a look at the overall ticket.

  • Mike Knox

    So Colorado & Nevada both voted for Obama in 2012? So I thought Mr Trump appealed to “blue collar” voters? Why is this “bad news?

    • Mys77

      Colorado is rejecting their demonrat govenor, how could that hapoen? People need jobs! Trump has the ability to kick start a boom, and instil pride in America. The whining Hillary is a tired “old” witch out of touch, lying, scheming, selfish, arrogant, narcissist pig.

  • barbarakelly

    Well to my people in New Mexico, YOu better come out of your sleeping mode and see who we need to win and its not the criminal Clinton . YOu stupid people have been voting for the Dems –for what – 30 some years and look at what it got you. Corruption out the nose and when it comes to the deliegates not going for Trump when our very survival is at stake is a damn disgrace. Look where our schools rank in the US— down almost to the bottom . How many Dems in the state have we sent to prison and you still vote for the moron that are bleeding you dry in taxes. For once would you wake up and smell the deceit in the air. Hillary will kill us you knuckheads.!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Trundle


  • Mys77

    Give me a break, just because some are registered demonrats, does not mean they will vote for the demonrat Hillary. If the witch barely could get herself the nomination, what makes you think she is gaining anyones trust? Demonrats may vote for their congressman, or senator on a demonrat ticket, but the lying witch, never.

    • sickpuppy70454

      Let’s hope.