Republicans Are Getting Some Really Bad News About These Two Key States

Hillary poised for victory as GOP falling further behind Democrats in two critically important states

If elections were contests of ideas, conservatives would be undefeated.

But elections are math problems.

And the GOP is going into November with a massive math problem.

Republicans are seeing their registration advantages in key states vanish as Democrats are rapidly boosting their own numbers and surpassing the GOP.

Even worse, the Democrats’ growing voter advantage is most visible in states Republicans need to win if they are to beat Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In Colorado, where Republican Donald Trump spoke to a gathering of conservatives on Friday, the GOP’s lead among registered voters was only 13,607, down from 36,195 in January.

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Why is that a problem? In 2012, the Republicans had an edge of 40,744 by the time voter registration closed. President Obama still won Colorado by 113,099 votes…

… In Nevada, the Democrats lead over Republicans among registered voters has spiked this year, from 47,612 to 66,096. That’s an ominous sign for the GOP’s prospects of winning the state’s six electoral votes, even though public polls show Clinton and Trump in a tight race.

Obama defeated Republican Mitt Romney in Nevada four years ago by nearly 7 percentage points. At the time, the Democrats led the Republicans in registered voters by more than 90,000, an advantage built on a gain of almost 40,000 achieved in the months leading up the election.

In a state like Nevada, metrics like voter registration matter a great deal — enough to make the difference between losing and winning a presidential race, experienced GOP strategists say.

Colorado and Nevada account for a combined 15 electoral votes.  Since both are swing states, winning them is a 30-vote swing.

They also account for a large portion of the few swing states up for grabs in 2016.  It will be virtually impossible for Republicans to win the White House if they fail to win either state.

In fact, Colorado and Nevada both have voted for the winner in the last four presidential elections.

Nevada has voted for the winning candidate in the last nine presidential elections.

The growing Democrat registration advantage in both states is a bad sign for Republicans, as it puts the GOP even further behind.

It also gives Democrats the advantage in a race that is tied in the polls, or even with the Republicans slightly ahead.  With a large registration advantage, Democrats can wipe out a GOP poll-lead by putting additional resources into a Get Out The Vote campaign.

These voter registration numbers mean Republicans must take limited funds from other states to focus on holding back the Democrat surge, which could place other Republican-leaning states at risk of a Democrat takeover.

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