Robert Mueller Just Revealed His Newest Plan for Russia Probe— And It’s Insane

Robert Mueller has led his investigation into Russian interference in the US since May 17th, and it looks like it may not stop anytime soon.

A new report was just released which revealed Mueller’s new plan for the special investigation.

Despite dragging on throughout the year without any evidence, Robert Mueller wants to continue his witch hunt “well into 2018”, according to sources close to his team.

Mueller plans to extend his charge well into the new year, despite Trump’s legal team telling him he is running out of options and evidence.

White House special counsel Ty Cobb reportedly even told President Trump the Russian investigation would be wrapped up by the end of the year, which is drawing near.

Other members of Trump’s legal team have told Trump that he and his colleagues could expect to be exonerated of any connections to Russia by next year.

The Washington Post reported:

People with knowledge of the investigation said it could last at least another year — pointing to ongoing cooperation from witnesses such as former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, as well as a possible trial of two former Trump campaign officials. The special counsel’s office has continued to request new documents related to the campaign, and members of Mueller’s team have told others they expect to be working through much of 2018, at a minimum.

If Mueller truly continued his pointless investigation into the new year, it would likely not sit well with President Trump.

Advisers have told Trump he is expected to be cleared of any and all involvement with the Russian government, especially considering the lack of evidence.

Trump’s legal team is set to meet with Mueller’s prosecutors this week.

The Daily Caller reported:

Trump’s legal team is expected to meet with Mueller’s prosecutors this week. According to The Post, Trump’s lawyers are likely to ask Mueller whether any additional information or witnesses are needed for the probe.

“You’ve had all these witnesses, all these records. Is there anything else you need from the White House?” will be the Trump legal team’s question, according to The Post.

Cobb told reporters last week that Mueller had concluded all of his interviews with White House officials. But it emerged over the weekend that Mueller has recently obtained emails from the Trump transition team and has been asking witnesses questions based on those documents.

President Trump will likely not stand for a lengthened investigation, regardless of Robert Mueller’s new plan.

Do you believe Mueller will be able to continue his investigation into 2018?

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25 thoughts on “Robert Mueller Just Revealed His Newest Plan for Russia Probe— And It’s Insane

  1. Gary Parker

    Mueller needs to be fired. And then if the Democrats don’t like it, they should be instructed on how, and how far, to shove it. This BS has got to stop.


    Either Mueller is too thick too understand he has no case, or he is being paid big bucks by the DNC to continue it. If he is being paid to continue, this tack will lead to his arrest on “Collusion”.

  3. Ron Henderson

    Time to wrap it up and time to set up another investigation into the FBI, CIA, Hillary, Obama and their work against the US government. Treason is the endgame for this investigation.

  4. John E Strom Jr.

    At this stage of the game Mueller’s chief aim is to slow down the Trump agenda. Trump needs to get AG Sessions to begin criminal investigations of Hillary, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein and James Comey. That would stir things up. If we can just get Ol’ Beauregard to wake up from his nap.

    1. pianobill

      I agree 100%, Mueller has wasted enough taxpayer money and found nothing. Sessions should get off his ignorant ass and stop this nonsense, spend this money on clintoncrimefamily and others mentioned above

      1. John E Strom Jr.

        Mueller probably already knows his investigation is fruitless so now the objective is to derail the Trump agenda in every way by pulling our focus from the great work President Trump is doing for America.

  5. elmcqueen3

    If Jeff Sessions does not get off his worthless a$$ this special consul investigation could go for years…until some immaterial tid bit of information comes forth that it was Trump who peed on a Russian prostitute…not the tell all inside the “dossier” which was presented to SC Robert Mueller by James Comey of the FBI…
    Question: since when has this “peeing” thingy between a Russian and an American become a “crime”?

    1. JimG

      I don’t think Sessions can legally fire him after recusing himself. He can order an investigation of the investigation, but that hardly seems like a worthy endeavor.

    2. Bill Gammage

      Sessions could come back and make an announcement that he will get back into the fray and straighten out this bunch of mueller clowns. Just don’t know how best to describe them, they don’t deserve the millions they are getting. Those they have indicted, if they were doing their job they should have found and indicted them into how they colluded with russia in meddling and changing the outcome of the election. They can’t. they have to go into those individuals and try to smear them with other bullshit not even remotely related to russian intervention to move any result in the election.

  6. JimG

    I doubt that Trump is going to care much about the investigation. Most Republicans including those in congress, have finally figured out that the investigation really is a coordinated effort to damage the Trump agenda. People are moving on and ignoring it and the more Democrats and the MSM harp on the investigation, while the Trump agenda gets passed, the more foolish they look.

  7. Richard Row

    As long as they can keep it going into the midterms, they can throw a cloud over the republicans as “the party whose POTUS is under Federal investigation.” Then, in 2019, they can start the presidential campaigning about “the candidate who spent 2 years under Federal investigation.”

    1. AngB

      You are a moron. IF there was any “proof” they would have already ENDED the investigation!

      Only one’s in trouble are DEMOCRATS! LOL I don’t see this going on for most of 2018. Think this will wrap up early into 2018. Then we can break out the popcorn and enjoy the show.

      1. Harvey Schneider

        Richard Row is not a moron ! He correctly sees part of the reason the Liberals want this “investigation” to continue as long as possible.

        You may want to consider an 8th grade class in reading comprehension.

      2. Bill Gammage

        how long did it take the fbi to go through 6 or 7K emails the 2nd time? a week? how long will it take muellers goons that everyone is trying to say are the cream of the crop to go through the GSA emails? The more this goes on, and the media constantly on the same bullshit 24/7 come on mid elections, lets see how well the democrats will do. If this is what they are going to do is just give the people bullshit and no real here’s what I can do for you facts, the people don’t want hot air from them.

  8. Rick

    My conclusion: there was never anything to be investigated about Trump. That’s how Mueller got in the door. He collected his team of legal bunglers not to
    investigate but to eradicate all records regarding all Dem Elites from 2009 thru Hillary and Obama . So if a new investigation is called for against these hacks there will be zero records left. They’ll be able to go too their slick line again “hey nothing to see here lets move on now” Next up don’t let the Pakistani Awans escape.
    Should be able to get about 30 to 50 Dems into one loop.

    1. AngB

      As a special council…whatever he comes across he has to investigate. I agree this hasn’t gone on this long because he’s finding stuff on POTUS. He’s finding stuff on DEMOCRATS! No one had a problem with him until recently…after Democrats realized THEY are the one’s being investigated! LOL Everything he “finds” will be turned over to the AG. Realize Sessions IS working! The only reason you don’t think he is is because they have sealed the leaks!

      2018 is going to be an interesting and informative year! I think by March the investigation will come to an end.

  9. Les Gulledge

    House and Senate need to fire this POS and get rid of Rosenbug at the same time. It’s all based on fraud. I understand whty Trump doesn’t want to fire him – just more noise from the left.. It’s time to put that SOB on the scrap heap or tell him to get his ass busy on Killery – but he can’t because he’s part of that investigation.. right? Uranium? If he wants to go on Trump – Try needs to go after Herr Mueller and Homey Comey first.. and light a bonfire under HIS feet… ASAP. POS.

    1. Roger

      No, the people that voted for President Trump need to write their representatives and senators and demand that this Russian collusion illusion investigation be stopped immediately! Considering that:

      President Trump has done more for America and the American people in less than a year than the previous three presidents did in 24 years!
      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! Make America Great Again, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

      1. Les Gulledge

        Being limp wristed like Sessions seems to be your style. We NEED ACTION now. or would you rather wait another 8 years when it is more convenient? MAGA 2020. Got it? Pirro would make a great replacement.

  10. Harvey Schneider

    As a taxpayer I object to MULEr’s (sarcasm) wasting my money paid to the USA’s IRS to line his and his coCONspirators pockets in their foolish attempt to find a crime of collusion with Russia that occurred during the 2016 campaign.

    To avoid further employment payments to MULEr and his Motley crew I recommend that he and his staff be put out of work and be on the Dole.

    If anyone asks about his employment services after he is relieved of his services I suggest that they be sent a letter of non-recommendation because of his collusion with the Democrats to try to make up some reason to evict President Trump from his rightful place in the White House.

    I also suggest that a letter be sent to the State Bar that is licensed under suggesting he be disbarred because of his conduct, past and present.

  11. mbnick

    Had the no borders criminal been elected you would not be hearing a peep about Russia. This is purely a DNC created hoax and they should be made to pay for it.
    At this point Mueller and his band of mega buck Clinton lawyers is nothing but a make money scheme. They are milking is for Millions and THEY should be investigated.

  12. JimG

    The problem with allowing anyone open-ended investigative power is just what we’re seeing now. There’s no collusion , so let’s move on to every business dealing that Trump and any of his associates have ever had since they began in business. It’s worse that a witch hunt, it’s extortion, pure and simple. Mueller has unlimited resources and he can outspend anyone he wants to investigate, and that includes the President if he wants. That’s why people with modest wealth, by government standards, like Flynn, plead guilty to anything just to make it stop. The moment that it was apparent that the only collusion was on the part of the Hillary campaign, this investigation should have been shut down.

    1. Bill Gammage

      they keep saying he’s going to look into the hillary and the dnc collusion with russia, but we the people can see he isn’t going to and will circumvent those issues, hopefully they will not destroy any evidence not involving trump or the republicans, but involving the dnc or clintons campaign and/or the fbi to coverup the real corruption and collusion with russia.

  13. Bill Slocum

    It is time for either Sessions or Congress to get rid of this crooked Mueller and his Clinton team of lying bastards. They should all be investigated and arrested for any number of crimes withholding evidence against Killary and the DNC.

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