Robert Mueller Thinks He Found The Smoking Gun That Will Impeach Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller spent months working to turn Donald Trump’s associates against him.

Mueller pressured them with massive prison sentences unless they agreed to help the special counsel frame the President.

Mueller’s final target in this rigged witch hunt is Trump’s friend of 40 years, Roger Stone.

During the 2016 campaign, Stone made several predictions about WikiLeaks releasing emails damaging to Hillary Clinton that came true.

This convinced Mueller and his investigators that Stone had this inside knowledge because he colluded with the Russians.

But Stone claimed his information came from friends as well as public statements made by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Stone testified before the House Intelligence Committee that his source of information about WikiLeaks’ emails was New York City radio host, Randy Credico.

Credico denied this during his testimony before Mueller’s grand jury.

But there is evidence that Credico lied.

Stone produced text messages from Credico where the liberal radio host admitted to being his source.

“Big news Wednesday,” one message from Credico read. “Now pretend u don’t know me.”

Even though Stone had proof corroborating Credico was his backchannel source to WikiLeaks, Mueller didn’t care.

All Mueller cared about was Credico and Stone had offered conflicting testimony.

It came down to who Mueller believed was more truthful.

And since he was on a witch hunt against the President, he sided with Credico despite all the available evidence.

That decision allowed Mueller to press forward with another false statement case against Stone.

The Washington Post reported that Mueller now wants a copy of Stone’s testimony before the committee.

His office possesses an unofficial transcript of Stone’s testimony, but in order to charge Stone with lying to Congress, Mueller needs a “clean” and notarized copy from the committee.

“That suggests prosecutors are getting ready to bring a charge,” former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner told the Washington Post. “Prosecutors can’t bring a charge without an original certified copy of the transcript that shows the witness lied.”

Stone is the key to Mueller’s strategy to impeach Trump.

On August 2, 2016, conservative author Jerome Corsi emailed Stone claiming WikiLeaks was going to execute two emails dumps against Hillary Clinton – one in September and one in October.

The next day, Stone called Trump.

In his written answers to Mueller’s questions, Trump denied that he and Stone ever discussed WikiLeaks.

Stone also repeatedly denied ever discussing WikiLeaks with Trump.

Mueller wants to charge Stone with lying to Congress – which is a charge prosecutors rarely file because it is so difficult to prove – in order to squeeze Stone to flip against President Trump.

The special counsel has already used threats of long jail sentences for making false statements to turn Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen into cooperating witnesses against the President.

If Mueller can execute this play against Stone, it will allow him to accuse Trump of committing a felony by lying to investigators.

Mueller needs to invent process crimes because he struck out on his original mandate to unearth treasonous collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans expect Mueller to come back bearing evidence of crimes they can use to draft articles of impeachment.

So failure is not an option for Mueller.

And Roger Stone represents his last shot.

The special counsel’s office ran through every Trump-world figure they could and still came up empty-handed in terms of evidence that the President had committed criminal acts.

Now it is desperation time.

The only way wavering Republicans will turn against Trump and vote to impeach and remove him from office is if Mueller can fabricate evidence that Trump involved himself in criminal dealings.

Otherwise, this is just a political exercise still going nowhere.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




7 thoughts on “Robert Mueller Thinks He Found The Smoking Gun That Will Impeach Trump

  1. Robert Messmer

    I think the committee should furnish Mueller with a clean and notarized copy. Right after it has been properly redacted. Just like the garbage the DoJ and FBI furnish to them.

  2. Tony Winters

    I have no doubt that there is something smoking in the offices of Mueller and his associates but I don’t think is is a gun. He and his fellow Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists have been pissing away our money for almost two years and have found nothing. OK they have found some shady dealings by a couple of lawyers but that is to be expected. Mueller has found nothing that even comes close to linking anyone in the Trump campaign to Russia, and as many legal experts have stated Collusion is not a crime. After all is said and none all that we, the Tax Payers will have is a bill for over $25 MILLION DOLLARS

  3. jerry1944

    I think maybe we had better investigate mueller and more of the f b i thugs They have shown just how crooked they are and dont care WHO knows They act like they dont have a BOSS to answer to

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