Robert Mueller’s Investigation Just Took A Strange Turn

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent the better part of two years conducting an investigation into Russian involvement during the 2016 election.

His investigation quickly turned into a witch hunt against President Trump and his former campaign team as Mueller abused his authority and went after the team.

But now it has been revealed that Mueller has referred three Washington super-lobbyists for criminal prosecution, and their identities will shock you.

Despite his actions against President Trump’s former campaign team and the president himself, Mueller was found to have his hands in Tony Podesta’s case — even offering the first referral — as part of an investigation into those who may have acted as unregistered foreign agents.

Tony Podesta was a Democratic super-lobbyist with ties to both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Mueller also referred former Obama-era White House General Counsel Greg Craig.

Both were actively involved with Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who was found guilty of tax evasion and of colluding as an unregistered foreign agent.

All three worked on a campaign to support former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Manafort recently went to trial in Virginia as a result.

The Podesta Group worked with Yanukovych’s group two years prior to working on the Trump campaign.

As of now, it is unclear whether or not Podesta or Craig have been charged with crimes for any wrongdoing.

But according to a new report, Mueller referred information about Podesta to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in southern New York shortly before a raid on the home of Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Vin Weber was also referred by Mueller as an active participant in this case.

Members of Weber’s organization are under scrutiny as they acted in support of the pro-Ukrainian efforts.

Weber worked with public affairs firm Mercury, which filed updated paperwork about the lobbying efforts of the organization in recent weeks.

While a lawyer for Podesta declined to comment, a member of the Mercury group did.

Michael McKeon, a partner at Mercury, said, “We welcome any inquiry, as we always have, since we acted appropriately at every step of the process, including hiring the best lawyer in Washington we could and following his advice.”

Ultimately, during his witch hunt against President Trump and his former campaign team, Mueller uncovered many issues within the Democratic Party — starting with Podesta and Craig.

The three lobbyists are alleged to have been working as unregistered agents of a foreign government.

While similar charges against Paul Manafort and a 29-year-old Russian who was associated with the NRA elicited nonstop coverage from the so-called “mainstream” media, two Democrats being referred for prosecution on charges of working as unregistered agents of a Russian connected government provoked a collective yawn from those same “brave” truth tellers in the press.

The Russia probe may soon be over, but the trouble is just beginning for these three Washington Swamp inhabitants.

Do you think the press will cover negative developments in the Russia investigation that affect Democrats?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Chris Robinette

    And still there is nothing leading to Trump Russia collusion.

  • John Eastin

    When is Roesenstein going to bite it?

  • David Johnson

    The MSM will do nothing. They’re protecting the mouths that feed them.

  • David Rice

    know they won’t because it make liberal/demorats who are crooked slimy swamp rats they are.

  • Vernon C. Lindblade

    the democrats definitely need the same treatment and investigations on them and their actions and into their bank accounts among other criminal actions

    • Michelle Neff


  • Ron Long

    Ummm, this article states that Manafort was found guilty of tax evasion and of colluding as an unregistered foreign agent. Isn’t his trial still going on? Has the forth estate already proclaimed that he is guilty without the conclusion of his trial? I admit the trial isn’t going so well, but he is innocent until proven guilty, even in Muellers world.

    • ahrcshaw

      Yes, it is called guilty b/4 you have your say in court, just like everything else that goes on in the cesspool. It is scary when you consider these are people who are leading our country while news media does selective, opinionated reporting, If you want to call it reporting!

    • Michelle Neff

      He is going to Roast! but hes is rich he can live anywhere. Why does the US get part of nay income that has never reached the USA tell me I am all ears. If that is so we are all slaves they let us have a pittance to live on, Congress stole our social security funds and never paid it back. Crap!

  • Jerry

    The collusion lies with all the corruption on both sides, Dems. and Repubs as well as the DOJ, the monied elites. Corruption runs very deep in Washington District of Criminals all the way down to state and local levels. We are losing our rights under their constant attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is 2nd amendment time folks, it is time to stop a government that has become to powerful and tyrannical !!!!


    How can the case on Manafort be commented on as it is an on goung case?

  • Isaac Reiff

    Our so called Media is psychic and can foretell the future as it sees fit. They’ve made similar prognostications during the 2016 election, about a hands down victory for Hillary. It would be very interesting, if Manafort is found innocent of any and all charges. Reason I feel this way, is to put an end to the Mueller/Rosenstein/Sessions cabal. Oh, as for the Podesta’s and the other Swamp Denizens who worked for the Democrats, they will be granted immunity from prosecution and nothing will come of their actual involvement with Russia, specifically, Uranium One. Oops, wasn’t Mueller head of the FBI during the latter sell out of America?

    • George Whitney Sr

      Yes, is Mueller was the head of the FBI at that time. It would be interesting to have him on the stand and under oath to discuss the Uranium One issue.

  • Huck Finn

    Spreading far afield! Just wondering when anyone Democrat like (Hint) The Clinton’s, Obama, George Soros, Tony Podesta. Tom Styer or other Swamp Rats will show up on the radar?

    • George Whitney Sr

      The above article did name Tony Podesta.

  • sanchezmikea

    If it is illegal for persons to meet with citizens of other nations to garnish support for political candidates, then by what legal authorities does the CIA etc. influence other nations elections or how did Jo bama finance and support the effort to vote out the ruling party in Israel, not to mention Iran, Iraq, France, Ukraine, Laos, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil etc, etc, etc.

  • sanchezmikea

    I’m sure Putin would love to interrogate CIA operatives who influenced Russian elections.

  • MAGA

    Mueller is just trying to drum up support to continue his witch hunt. The false hope that Democrats will be indicted will serve this purpose. He will use the time to look under every rock to try and find something on Trump.

  • sanchezmikea

    Putin should allow Russian Operatives to be testify here in a court of law, so the defense can cross examine. “Is it true that an email from Hillary to _______ contained secret information? Would you have been able to retrieve is Hillary followed protocol

  • MarcJ

    Komrad Mueller has been a dedicated Marxist all his professional life.

    • Michelle Neff

      Yes he is kin to Stallin

  • Lawrence

    Put mildly, if all that Mueller pursues is the Trump administration, in the Russian conspiracy…He will be known as a corrupt utter failure and a BAD cop. But,if he charges and prosecutes those truly involved with the Russian collusion and conspiracy, such as the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and all those involved with the fraudulent dossier…He will be a HERO for truth and justice, which will take away the tarnish from the DOJ…which has been plagued with corruption from the Obumma Administration. He will either be an Elliot Ness, or live obliviously, in infamy!!

  • T2000q

    You said “Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent the better part of two years conducting an investigation into Russian involvement during the 2016 election.” I am not sure if this is the correct definition of Mueller’s mandate. Wasn’t the mandate supposed to be to investigate specifically into “collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russians” to influence the US election not if Russians interfere in the election, which is totally different issue? If that is true, why is he issues indictments against Trump-associated people, which are unrelated to “collusion”? He should finish this witch hunt with clear statement of ‘No collusion discovered”. As to the people involved into lying to federal prosecutors or being unregistered foreign agents (even before they became members of Trump campaign – this is totally different issue and if the US is interested in getting swamp drained, all the big financial influencers must be investigated and I bet my neck, 99% of them will be in cohut with something dark in their closets, be it Republicans or Democrats. People’s’ greed has no ideological boundaries.

    • Michelle Neff

      i believe you are right!

    • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

      Mueller should have spent 2-3 weeks determining that there was no collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russians, and ended his investigation. After all, he had months of recorded conversations of Carter Page’s phone conversations, (due to the FISA warrants), that proved NO COLLUSION. Page was the number one suspect since he traveled to Russia. Page has never been charged, and in fact Page worked with the FBI on a cooperative basis before. Mueller is an out of control attack dog biting anyone he can, going far from his mandate.

  • ahrcshaw

    Mueller is digging up anything possible to try to cover the cost of his collusion witch hunt while he leaks tid bits against Trump in which the media goes berserk, yet anything concerning the Democrats is ho hum? It truly is sad how this whole issue is being handled when it is a true coup against a sitting president that just seems to get lost in the Political obstruction.

  • Michelle Neff

    Muller is milling the people–ts 85% are elected with President Trump and his handling of Russia.. I like being allies again ! We are on top of the heap that way! i predict and Republican land slide for the special election. O’Conner is a toast we do not want any Dems calling the Shots any more — that is Obama legacy the largest Republican party ever!

  • Logic1

    They may. If they do it would be very minimal. Coverage would be something like
    three sentences, posted in section 3, just before the classified adds.

  • Don


  • Shelba Herring

    As long as sessions is AG no democRAT will be prosecuted

  • Thomas Daley

    All this is a side show to try to get these guys to pin lies on Trump! The judge,
    Ellis sees through it; hopefully all charges will be dropped on Manafort and
    Mueller will lode his law license.

  • Kent Powers

    No proof of Trump collusion, but tons of proof in video, audio, writing. texts,e+mails, etc. that prove collusion by the democrats & their leadership .

  • Blanche Woodiel

    Mueller is like a drunk man trying to drive a car…He can’t keep it on the ROAD!
    If he’s not careful, an 18 Wheeler is going to run right over him!

  • jimof ct

    I don’t expect main stream media will pay any attention or time reporting about democrats that Mueller has made referrals for investigation regarding questionable lobbying behavior on behalf of Ukrainian government officials with ties to Russia. The focus is going to remain directly on republican supporters of President Trump.

  • MarcJ

    Komrad Mueller has been a dedicated Marxist all his professional life. When back in 1992 following jihadist mass murders President Bush asked him to establish a follow-up program for recently arrived probable jihadists he refused stating that such a program would be “un-American”. There followed mas murders of Americans in Boston, Florida, South Carolina, California…Bravo!