Robert Mueller’s Unsettling Mistake Just Cost CNN Their Reputation

Robert Mueller has led an investigation against President Trump’s former campaign team for over a year.

Mueller has been quick to point out every flaw or scandal found with the former campaign team, and the media is eating it up.

Now a Freedom of Information Act release proves how intertwined Mueller’s relationship with the media was — and it could prove to be devastating for one outlet in particular.

Robert Mueller’s spokesperson, Peter Carr, reportedly fed information to CNN.

The liberal media news organization slams Trump and his administration at every turn.

Throughout the course of the Mueller investigation, CNN blasted Trump’s entire team.

And Mueller’s right-hand-man was the one feeding them info.

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Hundreds of pages of emails and texts came out thanks to a FOIA.

The Department of Justice held them as evidence of an ongoing relationship between Mueller and the media.

The documents surfaced in mid-September and prove that Mueller betrayed Trump to the media.

While Mueller’s spokesperson answered media inquiries with “no comment,” behind the scenes, Peter Carr informed them of every break in the case.

Ironically, media outlets reported for months that Mueller’s team is “leak-proof.”

Yet, Mueller’s team fed information to the media.

Read more on how Robert Mueller betrayed the President here.

Trump is no fan of Mueller.

On more than one occasion, he considered firing the Special Counsel.

But when asked about the state of the investigation should that happen, Carr warned:

As guidance only, the [Deputy Attorney General] testified last week that he, not the President, would be the one to make the decision. 28 CFR 600 outlines under what circumstances a Special Counsel can be removed. If it came to that, a replacement would likely be found,”

Carr later added to a report where that interview took place, including a description of the room.

His name was kept anonymous.

After that, Carr held dozens of meetings with reporters.

And one of those reporters was Evan Perez of CNN.

Both Carr and Perez worked together extensively and emailed each other with links to new stories.

Carr became increasingly agitated over the news being released about the case.

One story in particular led Carr to blow up.

CNN published a story stating that Mueller and the New York Attorney General were working together to indict Paul Manafort.

Pérez stated:

This is the kind of story that happens with the situation we’re in”.


By the way, this story and the pick up its [sic] getting makes it so the public will think Mueller is in bed with (one of) the most partisan left-leaning AG in the nation. I’m sure he has good people working there but the leadership has a pretty partisan agenda,” Perez emailed to Carr.


Maybe that’s what the Special Counsel wants,” he adds.

Carr did not have a response to Perez’s insinuations, and instead continued on a rant about the story.

Carr’s relationship with Perez could prove to be disastrous in the coming weeks as more information is released from the documents.

Do you believe CNN’s reputation is worse than ever?

Do you think Peter Carr betrayed Mueller’s team by feeding the media information?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.




16 thoughts on “Robert Mueller’s Unsettling Mistake Just Cost CNN Their Reputation

  1. Chuck Reid

    The Fix was in when Humpty Dumpty Durbin was seen speaking to senator Kennedy… laughing and shaking his hand…! then Flake had his McStain moment…. Flake crapped and the loonz, clapped and lapped it up…! D.C. is a out of control loon shit-hole….!

  2. Robert Kahlcke

    It’s the Comedy News Network, an arm of the INBRED Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    It’s with reasonable certainty a great many of these criminals will commit SUICIDE, rather than be incarcerated. Either way it’s a WIN WIN for America.

  3. john1953

    Cost CNN their reputation huh. The only rep they got is fake, liberal, far left commie bullshit. That’s their rep right there.

  4. Robert Walters

    There is no limit to the corruption, fake news conspiracies related to CNN & MSNBC. Most of the lying Networks are tied to the Mueller Witch Hunt as part of the conspiracy to Impeach President Trump. This is called Sedition and they must all be investigated and exposed. I’m sure this is all supported with George Soros funding. Soros is Not Safe from being charged with Sedition. I’m sure we can relay on the FBI & DOJ to expose this corruption. NOT ! LMAO

  5. BW MAGA!

    Jeff “Benedict Arnold” Flake will always vote to support the left and screw the Country. He’s out to cause as much damage as possible in his last few months. Either the stupidest, most corrupt or most blackmailed, or all three, swamp animals in DC.
    I live in AZ and am looking forward to confronting him with a MAJOR Maxine Watters scene if ever lucky enough to run into him in public.

  6. James Combs

    I’ve known CNN was in the dem’s hip pocket since Ted Turner (ex-husband of traitor Jane Fonda) first started the damn network!

  7. con_c_kwense

    …every day another lump of ‘crat crap is uncovered…the ‘crat crime syndicate, it’s owners, soros and the muslim brotherhood, the fake propaganda outlets cnn, msnbc etc., etc., should all be labeled as terrorist organizations and expelled from the country…

  8. Bryce Thompson

    The damned Democrats murdered the water to hydrogen auto inventor just think what free energy would do for our economy, fill your tank up with water, they are murdering doctors healing people with natural cures, I hope you aren’t one taking the poisonous pills, and doing the chemo poison, 98 people out of every 100 are murdered by chemo. we the people need to vote out all murdering Demon-rat politicians


    mueller and his team of liars and demorats are the real criminals here. two years of flawed investigating has proven nothing but a witch hunt. mueller is pissed off because he didn’t get the top job for the FBI. GET OVER IT MUELLER !!!!!!!

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