Sanders Campaign Delusional Leading Up To DNC

Nearly two months ago, a four-page internal memo by top officials for the Bernie Sanders campaign was discovered at a DoubleTree hotel in Los Angeles, California. The subject of the memo was “End Game.”

Before the memo addressed the idea of conceding the nomination, they discussed their first key “strategic decision” topic, which was entitled “do we force a roll-call vote for the nomination?”  Under this section, the Sanders campaign “clearly knew” their leverage over the Clinton campaign to obtain his endorsement during the convention.

Four bullet points under this topic contained questionable and false information such as, “Clinton will unquestionably be short of a convention majority based upon pledged delegates,” and “…Sanders continues to lead Trump in national polls and outperform Clinton.”

But it is the fourth bullet point that attested to the delusional reality the Sanders campaign — and transitively, his supporters — exist in.  It boldly reads:

“It is possible that an external event could bring Clinton’s viability in the general election into focus in the weeks before the convention.  Combined with the polls, it is conceivable super delegates could turn to Sanders in mass and deliver the nomination.”

This delusion is a great metaphor for the current state of the Democratic Party, not to mention the false polls magically created out of thin air that Bernie was somehow leading Donald Trump in a now-arbitrary national poll.  The nonsense that Sanders and his few delegates had enough power to conceivably lead a mutiny within the Democratic Party is preposterous.

This delusion was inspired by the leverage the campaign thought that they had over Clinton, when coincidentally under a section conveniently called “Leverage,” they strategize, “the Sanders campaign’s greatest moment of leverage will be in the two week period after the June 7th balloting… As time goes on our leverage will diminish.”

Bernie’s first endorsement of Clinton’s nomination came almost silently at a small staged rally in New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago.  Clearly, the negotiations between the two embittered campaigns, and their so-called “leverage,” must not have gone according to their “memo. “

There’s even a bolded bullet point that audaciously says, “Prime Time Speech Tuesday Night of the Convention,” and it explains that Tuesday will, “effectively become the Sanders night of the convention.”  That obviously did not happen because, as we would learn this week, that would become Bill Clinton’s night.

The insanity did not stop there.  The former Democratic nominee hopeful –infamous for a picture sitting in the middle seat in coach as the “everyday man” –requested a private plane for his staff that would affectionately be paid for by the DNC.  Their justification for this expense was, “the more Sanders campaigns, the more credit he can take for a Democratic victory.”

What do you think of Sanders’ and his campaign staff’s delusional thoughts?