Scott Baio Destroys Liberal Reporter ON AIR

Actor and Conservative Scott Baio took MSNBC host Tamron Hall to task at the Republican National Convention (RNC) over her complete lack of humor and glaring blind-spot when it comes to Obama and Hillary.

Scott Baio was invited to speak at the RNC by Donald Trump at the last minute.

Tamron Hall was determined to guilt Baio over two jokes he tweeted out in regards to Hillary and Michelle Obama – never mind his two tweets were over the course of an entire SIX years.

And Tamron actually accused Baio of betraying his faith merely over these jokes.

Not surprisingly, Baio was just as ready to apologize for his sense of humor as Trump has been.

While the referenced Hillary tweet was certainly crude [watch the video below to see the joke], the internet is hardly known for its G-rated ‘knock-knock jokes’.

And his tweet about Michelle Obama is only offensive if you think it’s wrong to mock the First Lady.

Fortunately, the internet thinks it’s HILARIOUS to mock Michelle Obama.

Scott Baio quickly shut down Hall’s attempts to guilt-trip him by proudly admitting that, as a man from Brooklyn, he’s got a rough sense of humor and he’s not ashamed of it.

As Hall got more heated in her efforts to make Baio apologize for his supposed “sexism”, he delivered the highlight of his interview.


“You want me to be square and nice to everybody,” Baio said, insisting that he be allowed a turn to talk, too. “And you want me to be sweet and gentle to a man, a president, who says if they bring a knife to an argument, you bring a gun. That’s what President Obama said. Now, if you want me to go after a guy like that – all bets are off at that point.”

Baio was quoting a line Obama used during a 2008 presidential campaign speech in Philadelphia:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

But Tamron Hall’s reaction to this quote was a classic example of the blind, knee-jerk protectiveness the liberal media holds towards Obama and his allies.

“That’s absolutely not true,” she claimed.


Of course, Obama most absolutely did say it.


Turns out Scott Baio’s got a better handle on this journalism stuff than Tamron Hall — despite her proud boast, “I do this for a living.”

Here’s the whole fiery interview for your enjoyment:


  • Palomar Jack

    I have a little personal celebration every time I hear about someone from the entertainment industry being Conservative. God knows there’s more than enough looser liberals. He probably won’t work in entertainment again, but I’m sure he’ s more than well enough off. I don’t envy him, on the contrary, I applaud him, he’s earn it.

  • Derek

    I couldn’t finish watching that shrilly, whiny liberal b*tch. Glad to know Scott took her down, tho.

    • Palomar Jack

      I love tormenting left wing losers. Their favorite tactic, universally, is to re-direct an argument when you get them “on the ropes”. My tactic is to let them, beat them on the “new” topic and haul their idiot @sses back to the original and finish them off. They look like a “calf at a new gate” wondering “What just happened?”. It’s just precious.

  • Palomar Jack

    “I do this for a living”. HAH! Yeah, that’s just rich. Either that silly tart is over paid, or her employer is under educated, I’m betting on some of both.

  • Chanito Hancock

    If you really want to do something to really piss off Democrats, vote for a socialist.