See Rand Paul’s Scariest Halloween Costume of All Time

randscostumeHalloween is the scariest time of the year, and usually dressing as certain politicians could be considered the scariest of costumes. But 2016 Presidential Candidate and Senator Rand Paul wore what could be considered the scariest costume of all. According to The Blaze:

Rand Paul was in the Halloween spirit as he campaigned in Iowa Friday night.

The Kentucky senator and libertarian firebrand wrote on Twitter that he stopped at Zombie Burger in Des Moines, but thought his costume was “scarier” than anything he saw at the restaurant.

So what was it? The $18 trillion national debt.

Now, it is tempting to say that any picture or mask of Hillary, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid (among others) could be considered scary, but I think the impact of a $18 Trillion (now closer to $20 trillion) national debt has a much bigger impact on every single American.

What do you think? Was Senator Paul’s costume the scariest ever? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.