SHOCK POLL: Trump Celebrates, 64% Of Voters Oppose Obama’s Syrian “Refugees”

President Obama is determined to transform American into Europe and bring the same chaos from unvetted Muslim migration that has over-turned some European countries.

Reports of rape, violent crimes and riots have skyrocketed due to the unlimited flow of military-aged Muslim men streaming over Europe’s open borders.

Earlier this year, Obama announced his goal to resettle at least 10,000 Syrian “refugees” into cities and towns across the United States, with critics suggesting the 10,000 limit may have been much higher than reported.

A new poll reveals a majority of American voters oppose Obama’s plan to bring unvetted “refugees” onto U.S. soil.

In fact, only 36% of American voters even support the idea of accepting Syrian so-called “refugees” into the country.

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs recently published the results of the poll, which also showed 64% of voters opposed Obama’s Syrian refugee plan.

The poll was conducted on June 10-27, with 2,061 adults participating nationwide through an online interview.  The margin of error is between 2.2 to 3.5 percent.

These results are good news for Donald Trump’s plan to temporarily ban unvetted Muslim migrants from entering the United States from terrorist-infested countries in the Middle East.

Trump’s proposal has widely been criticized by the liberal mainstream media, despite Republican voters overwhelmingly supporting the Republican nominee’s plan.

According to the new poll, it now appears that support for Trump’s proposal may increase and stretch across traditional party lines.

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is finding herself in hot water as she has campaigned on increasing the number of Syrian “refugees” admitted into the United States.

The Clinton campaign has harshly criticized Trump’s temporary ban on Muslim migrants from terrorist-infested countries.

So far this year, the Obama administration claims it is on track to reach the goal of resettling 10,000 Muslim refugees from Syria by the end of September.

Despite this success, Obama’s plan may not be turning out as well as he predicted.

In Twins Fall, Idaho, three male refugees sexually assaulted a five-year-old little girl near a refugee camp set up by the government.  In that same area, a refugee was also arrested for attacking a man with a knife, and another refugee was arrested for a similar violent assault.

Despite these revelations, and the polls showing that the public overwhelmingly opposes resettling “refugees”, Obama has forcefully moved forward as planned.

In fact, the United Nations and Obama’s State Department are coordinating on how to resettle more “refugees” into the United States without actually calling them “refugees”, effectively bypassing the 10,000 refugee limit set earlier this year.

Their plan is to use the same path to citizenship (AKA amnesty) seen in the infamous 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill, which was defeated in the U.S. Senate that year.

The path to citizenship includes different types of visas and so-called “alternative safe paths” to circumvent the current process for admitting refugees without breaking the law.

Reports from the United Nations indicate at least 100,000 more refugees could be admitted in the United States and other countries over the course of the next few years.

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