Shock Polls: Trump Leads Hillary In These Blue States

This election is a whole new ball game.

The media had been writing for months that Hillary Clinton had it all wrapped up.

But new swing-state polls show she may be poised for the biggest defeat of her life.

This election will be decided by a handful of swing-states.

And new polls released out of key battleground states show Trump surging to the lead or gaining significant momentum.

The first set of polls to set off political earthquakes was released by Quinnipiac.

Their surveys for Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania all showed gains for Trump, with the Republican nominee taking the lead in Florida and Pennsylvania, and moving into a tie in Ohio.

In addition to Quinnipiac, a JMI Analytics poll found Trump leading Hillary 47%-42% in Florida.

Trump also topped Hillary in Iowa, which twice voted for Barack Obama.

A Monmouth University poll showed Trump leading Clinton 44% to 42% in the Hawkeye State.

Other polling in the Midwest showed momentum for Trump.

A Marquette University Poll found Clinton’s margin in Wisconsin chopped in half.

And a NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey of Ohio found Hillary and Trump tied at 39% when their previous month’s poll found Hillary up by 6 points.

These polls were taken in the wake of the FBI’s announcement not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton.

However, when FBI Director James Comey explained why he wasn’t recommending charges against Clinton, he still detailed all of her careless conduct and the various ways she lied about her private email server.

It’s clear the American people paid no attention to the fact Clinton was not going to end up indicted and instead focused on her lies and reckless behavior.

Do you think Donald Trump can capitalize on this momentum and win the election?

Let us know in the comment section.

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