Shock Polls: Trump Leads Hillary In These Blue States

This election is a whole new ball game.

The media had been writing for months that Hillary Clinton had it all wrapped up.

But new swing-state polls show she may be poised for the biggest defeat of her life.

This election will be decided by a handful of swing-states.

And new polls released out of key battleground states show Trump surging to the lead or gaining significant momentum.

The first set of polls to set off political earthquakes was released by Quinnipiac.

Their surveys for Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania all showed gains for Trump, with the Republican nominee taking the lead in Florida and Pennsylvania, and moving into a tie in Ohio.

In addition to Quinnipiac, a JMI Analytics poll found Trump leading Hillary 47%-42% in Florida.

Trump also topped Hillary in Iowa, which twice voted for Barack Obama.

A Monmouth University poll showed Trump leading Clinton 44% to 42% in the Hawkeye State.

Other polling in the Midwest showed momentum for Trump.

A Marquette University Poll found Clinton’s margin in Wisconsin chopped in half.

And a NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey of Ohio found Hillary and Trump tied at 39% when their previous month’s poll found Hillary up by 6 points.

These polls were taken in the wake of the FBI’s announcement not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton.

However, when FBI Director James Comey explained why he wasn’t recommending charges against Clinton, he still detailed all of her careless conduct and the various ways she lied about her private email server.

It’s clear the American people paid no attention to the fact Clinton was not going to end up indicted and instead focused on her lies and reckless behavior.

Do you think Donald Trump can capitalize on this momentum and win the election?

Let us know in the comment section.

  • rchguns

    The greatest defeat is going to be when she had her first strip search and given her prison jumpsuit. When they slam the door on her cell that will be your greatest defeat should be remembered as a national holiday

    • antiliberal00

      She would probably enjoy the strip search….

      • The Dutchman

        Only if it was done by a bull dyke….

        • Jay Crossbow

          Isn’t Hildebeast the bull in her love affairs.

      • Eleanor Cummings

        That’s right, almost forgot. Female guards! I wonder if she and Hume (?) will be allowed conjugal visits?

        • love4geneva

          Great minds think alike. Hillary, huma..logo H》 with downward arrow♥¿

        • Casey Bartnik

          No need–they will share the same cell.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            Hmmm, the punishment COULD be adjoining cells, with no door between. Works for me!

          • Casey Bartnik

            Huma might breath a sigh of relief–would also get her away from her hubby Anthony Weiner. She could use her leisure time catching up with her Muslim Brotherhood buddies. Old “Carlos Danger” would be the real victim–how’s he gonna support himself w/o her paycheck? He will have to appear in more of those wretched Sharknado movies!

          • Eleanor Cummings

            Who is Old “Carlos Danger”? What did I miss here? Can’t be The Weiner.

          • Casey Bartnik

            Yes, that was indeed the nom de plume of the old perv when he was cruizing the internet looking for young girls to display his prize package to. I guess Huma was less than interested. Perhaps it had something to do with the Muslim prohibition against eating pork.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            So I learned something new today. Holy Toledo! Where do they come up with these names??

      • love4geneva

        If Huma does it

  • Janie Ann Ross

    The media absolutely loves the corruption Clintons, it baffles me why. Obviously I view politics with less emotion than liberals who fawn over her. It will be inreresting to see how this shakes out. I know one thing men can’t stand her screaching. Her meanness slips in as well.

    • Jay Crossbow

      The MSM is controlled by (basically 5 ) globalist corporations and the Clinton Crime Couple represent Globalism to the Nth degree.

      • Eleanor Cummings

        Yes, exactly, but people don’t want to accept the fact that they’ve been duped for so long by their own media!!

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Did you know the media is owned by Six Corporations who also own most all of the professional career politicians – and that the MSM has been brain washing ALL OF US for at least three decades? I didn’t believe it, so I checked it out, and now you can check it out with the links below:
      free press( dot).net/ownership/chart
      businessinsider (dot).com/these-6-corporations-control-90-of-the-media-in-america-2012-6
      (I opened the above links to check it out. Lots of details – and many more links – mind boggling.)

      I’ve gotten so I just ignore those people who, because they listen to the mainstream media don’t know what’s actually happening here in the US and all over the world. There are those out there who don’t believe me when I say there are Six Mega Corporations that control 90% of what we READ, WATCH, or LISTEN TO!! (They are: GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.) Would you like know the names of the CEO’s? I have them and A FEW of the companies they own and control. And they’re very diversified on what they own, the better to control what information you have available to you. Now Murdoch (News Corporation) is trying to buy Yahoo!! And everyone of these liberal alphabet MSM has kin actually holding positions in Obama’s administration. Would you like a copy of THAT list? Here’s some links that ought to get everyone smelling the coffee!

      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

      CSPAN So, you really don’t know what was going on behind the scenes? Or are you just being DDB (deaf, dumb and blind)? The real reason Trump skipped CSPAN is because he found out that those snakes were going to stage a walkout when he got up to speak!! He just outsmarted them!!
      Fox News (owned by News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch) has proven, time and again, that they don’t like Trump, and I’ve refused to watch them since that that fiasco of a debate last August. I found out why they don’t like Trump.
      I think someone on the Washington POST may have some ties to the Obama administration. And now we must add The New York Times to this list.

      Breitbart’s Julia Hahn writes: FOX NEWS: Fox’s role via its founder Rupert Murdoch in pushing an open borders agenda. The Trump campaign is a direct threat to Murdoch’s efforts to open America’s borders. Well-concealed from virtually all reporting on Fox’s treatment of Trump is the fact that Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE). She added that “Murdoch’s support of open borders immigration policies has been identified as a potential conflict of interest for years.” Hahn cites ABC News, which reported in 2013:Murdoch, Australian born and a naturalized U.S. citizen, has become an outspoken advocate for immigration reform and mass legalization of the country’s undocumented immigrants, partnering with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg [a PNAE backer] in this cause. (Oh, and did you know why Trump skipped 2 debates. Fox had two ambushes planned for him, He got wind of it and refused to play their game.)

      I can go on and on, but somehow, I really don’t think you want to hear the full story. I think your mind is set on what the liberal media has said, but now you know why it is no surprise THE MEDIA IS IN OBAMA’S POCKET. Think there might be a little bias in the news? This may also explain the cover up of Benghazi, Bowe Berdahl, Hilary’s email, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,…….. And the fact that Hillary will walk away from her scandals and treasonous acts scot free! Now you have the links, look it up.

      Trump; at least at this time, is showing that he can’t be controlled. He is a major threat to both parties and every back room handshake in Washington. This is the last thing they want and they will do absolutely anything and everything to break him. So now they are working very hard to keep the people from electing Trump into office. Will we, the people, fall for all this liberal BS they’re pushing at us?? Time will tell.

      Albert Einstein once said: “Intelligence has it’s limits but STUPIDITY HAS NO LIMIT!!” Judging by the majority of the voters, I do think most Americans are FINALLY waking up!!

      A couple of PARTIAL lists:

      google “clinton kill list” and you’ll get pages of descriptives with names and circumstances. And STILL counting. I have been doing a “cut and paste” because too many articles are being erased from the internet when I return for the link. Some computers won’t let you bring the lists up with the link, so you may have to type it into your search engine.

      • Casey Bartnik

        Awesome job of research, which needs to be shared with all of our friends. We all know that the lamestream media is in the tank for Shriller/Ovomit–this proves why, beside the usual liberal intellectual incest. Big government, big corporations, and big media are natural allies. Throw in the military and you have the essence of Mussolini’s fascism. Small wonder that Hillary has been called the American Evita!

        • Eleanor Cummings

          I thank God that some people are finally checking this out for themselves. I did a lot of research, but it does no good unless people will open the links, read what’s going on, then pass the work around so people know they cannot believe the MSM.

          • Casey Bartnik

            Just posted your article on my Facebook page–keep up the good work! Not that many people trust the lamestream media anymore anyway. I think their current approval rating is somewhere between that of Congress and Beelzebub.

        • Eleanor Cummings

          Some of the high ranking military men, generals and majors, are speaking out against obama and not only about his “weakness” in fighting isis, but also his down sizing of our military, leaving us extremely vulnerable to a Muslim take-over.

          • Casey Bartnik

            Perfect example was Lt Gen Mike Flynn, who was forced out in 2014 and has been loudly critical of the Appeaser-in-Chief ever since. One of the RNC Convention’s most awesome speakers–catch him on YouTube! Dozens of fighting generals and hundreds of aggressive officers were forced out in the early years of this loathsome regime, no doubt replaced by political yes-men like the late Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Martin Dempsey, who went on record as saying that poverty and unemployment were among the causes of Islamic terrorism. Ovomit probably got the idea from Joe Stalin, who purged his officer corps before WWII–and then had trouble defeating Finland in the Winter War. Perhaps some of these brave leaders will return when we have a real Commander-in-Chief.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            I have a number of files with these officers who were retired involuntarily.

          • Casey Bartnik

            Der Fuehrer couldn’t brook dissenting opinions either, and purged many professional officers from the German army before the war started. Many of these were Prussians from the aristocratic Junker class who despised Hitler and his brown shirts as the low-class thugs that they were. It gave Adolf an opportunity to replace them with Nazis and sycophants, whose military knowledge mattered less than their political reliability. Sound familiar?

  • bruce

    wait until the House finishes its investigation of her emails and the clinton foundation’s conflicts of interests – self dealing, she will be “burnt” toasts !!!!

    • Eleanor Cummings

      How many members of the House are part and parcel with the Clinton Foundation? Saw that somewhere but didn’t save the link.. Why do you think they’ve been ignoring the wishes of the people who voted them into office? Why do you think they’re using everything they can thinks to try to keep Trump out of the White House ?? He’s already exposed a lot of the corruption going on in American politics. Have you looked at the list of politicians who belong to the CRF (NWO)?? Have you seen the list of crimes and abuses of power for which Obama could have been impeached long ago? Did you know Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, Jarrett, O’Connell, each had a copy of the Kenyan’s birth certificate that proved he wasn’t eligible to be POTUS?? How many members of the house do you think knew all this – and did nothing???

  • Jay Crossbow

    Trump is going to carry the majority of Midwestern states, along with Pennsylvania, all part of what they call the Rust Belt. And that is going to happen because like Reagan twice before, Trump is going to get the blue collar dem vote. A lot of these people are hunters and realize, the 2nd amendment is at risk with a continuation of obama/shrillary. Also these people realize our borders need secured and illegals and others deported.

    • So that way, you can work the harvest in the fields for $8 an hour, come next spring. It should make you very satisfied to do a a days for once. The only thing Trump has managed is a reality TV show and hiring the right lawyers so that he can separate his business bankruptcies from his personal assets – that is hardly executive material.

  • A. Russell

    Shock? Not for me. Trump will win by a landslide. How much abuse do you think the American people will put up with? Hillary is not qualified to be President. We need someone who doesn’t lie, cheat, and steal, all of which she has clearly done.
    Who but idiots would vote for her?

    • love4geneva

      Except Hillary will pander to inner city blacks…offer them some bogus shit, and they will vote several times

      • A. Russell

        The best way forward for blacks is to follow Jesus as is for everyone. love vs. hate; serve vs. be served; give vs. get; patience vs. impatience; peace vs. violence; steady vs. rushing into things without thinking……..

      • Eleanor Cummings

        Yes, we know Trump will bring law and order back to America!

    • jake hoek

      Don’t forget the super vote rigger George Soros with his Spanish crew!

      • Eleanor Cummings

        He’s been discussed a few times on this issue. This may be why Killery feels so confident that the fix is in. So, it’s a Heads up call. MONITOR YOUR POLLING PLACES. You know, like many other people, that our polls are going to be rigged AGAIN for this election (as was done already for the primaries in Iowa, NH, VA , TX, etc). Yes, we’re QUITE sure we know how Rubio and Cruz jumped so high in the polls just OVERNIGHT. They should be ashamed, but they’re not. I think we should go back to the paper, hand counted ballots like we used to have. More checks and balances could be used. Computer orientated voting can too easily be tampered with by EITHER party or big business. The highest bidder take all. That’s how our government got over run with greedy, traitorous and sometimes downright criminal politicians. The pay is good!!
        With fraud and corruption, bought votes, multiple voting, the deceased voting, also felons and illegals, and with intimidation at the polls themselves like in past elections, what makes you think your vote will go to your candidate of choice? I’m wondering, who’s going to be monitoring the poll for THIS election???
        It’s been the S.E.I.U. in the past. That union has had (for several years) the job of setting up and maintaining most of the voting machines in our country. They are also one of the largest donors to the democratic party. It’s also one of the most politically involved unions, spending almost $24 million in the 2014 midterm election alone. And who awarded this contract to S.I.E.U.? Uh, huh! Bingo! They just came out with their endorsement for Hillary, (as did LUNA), and now the baby killing organization, Planned Parenthood, has come out and endorsed her!
        Computer settings inside can be easily changed. Ask any reputable computer technician. Anyone who knows computers well would have to do very little to alter a vote. So, again corruption has infiltrated the polls. If a poll is taken in large metropolitan cities of course it would come out in such a way, taken in a mostly rural area it would come out the opposite. Therefore, it is possible to turn a poll into a false result. Furthermore, it is possible through the wording of the questions to direct (steer) a poll in such a way as to get the desired result. Consequently, polls have lost some of their value because of corruption. They are instead of providing accurate information a means of attempting to guide the masses in a certain direction. Shameful at least, but corrupt in any manner of the word. he polls (thereby, the voting) is being tampered with – by BOTH PARTIES!!

        FYI the people do not directly elect the president. The US Electorial College elects the president. And the way it is set up a minority vote getter by the people could win the election. And in Colorado A caucus instead of a primary, where the PARTY ELITES can give the delegates to the highest bidder?? That’s the LAW in Colorado? According to Steve House – Colorado GOP Chairman Cruz had a “better strategy” (actually, GOP backing and funding) and “a much better team in the field” (actually called the liberal media)??What a mouthful of BS!! He also said delegates are legally allowed to accept “perks” from candidates (which sounds like bribes me). Steve House should be voted out of office immediately if not sooner, and take YOUR CROOKED CAUCUS OF DELEGATES WITH YOU!! Steve House, you lie as much as Clinton, Obama and Loretta Lynch!

        • Casey Bartnik

          That would take the fun out of it. You wouldn’t have anomalies like those in the 2012 election, where certain precincts in Ohio and in Florida recorded votes by 120% of registered voters–all for Obama, not a single one cast for Romney–not even one hanging chad! As a long-time resident of Cook County IL, I am used to voting shenanigans, and have suggested that the elections here be held on Halloween, since the dead are all out voting anyway. But seriously, the electronic machines are easier to hack or gimmick–and we need to insist that the paper printout most of them seem to generate, when the votes are registered, are preserved and kept available for inspection. But it all boils down to turnout–you can steal a close election, but not a landslide. It’s up to us to produce that landslide.

        • jake hoek

          Thanks very much for your excellent details regarding the wicked voting system honest voters face. If Trump with having the backing of close to 200 million people, Hussein with the backing of Bilderberger elites, with the present vote rigging system will move Killery in the WH. If it fails he will settle the score with martial law!

        • You really need to educate yourself a bit. It is very sad that so many people speak first about what they know so little of. No one in the United States votes on a computer. Being a digital machine does not make it a computer. Speak first, think later.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            I am not an electronics person so I miscalled the voting machine used BUT if you’re as smart as you think you are you know many people aren’t as expert in the field of electronics as you, I am not, nor did I claim to be – or even want to be.. I’m saying, sir that you need to educate yourself a bit more. Computers ARE used, but to count votes. I REITERATE -THESE “DIGITAL MACHINES”, AS YOU CALL THEM, ARE VERY EASILY RIGGED. You can educate YOURSELF a bit and find out the facts on that. I’ll help you…. Open these links… more on internet.
            Machines Confirmed by Experts in These Two States…So Far.

            R Voting

            The Evidence



          • I work as a county elections inspector, and no – at least not within the scope of your comprehension – can these machines be tampered with or have the numbers fixed within being noticed by the other party. Just for your edification, in the U.S. the Republican and Democratic parties own the election process and its vote counting. It is monitored by both of these parties, with other parties rarely having representation. As far as rigging the process or the devices, if you do not know technology then you would have no concept (except for maybe in the limitations your unknowledgeable mind may imagine or invent. However, it is very likely that you think technology works a certain way when in fact it probably works very differently than someone who does not know how technology and the procedures work. There are still papertrails everywhere in voting for a specific reason.

            What states have actual Internet voting? There are none that I know of, and most security officials advise against it. The mechanical machines of old – which not all states in the U.S. used in the past anyway – were more secure in the traditional sense, but the machines now are still corroborated by a paper-trail that involves several layers, so if you knew what you were talking about, you wouldn’t rely on pseudo or quasi-knowledge as the sustenance to formulate your opinions.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            Oh, I am so glad you’re such a smart intellectual. All these other links or sources are wrong! Wow!! You’re a liar!!

            Time it takes to rig a voting machine? 7 minutes


   Published August 16, 2016



            VOTE SCAM The Stealing of America



            Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet

            By Roger Stone, contributor August 16, 2016, 09:27 am



            Maryland, Illinois Voting Machines May be Rigged for Democrats

            By Melanie Batley | Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 11:28 AM

            Breaking News at



            Clinton Does Best Where Voting Machines Flunk Hacking Tests: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations

            by Doug Johnson Hatlem May 16, 2016



  • annefarrelly

    The contest is just now beginning. There is no way Hillary can win in a landslide, but there is a great possibility that Trump could.

    • Casey Bartnik

      Why is no one reporting the results of the usually highly reliable Rasmussen poll from July 14, which showed Trump at 44% and Shrillery down to 37% ? The election is Trump’s to lose–and ours. Polls can only predict, it all hinges on turnout. They can still steal a close election–but not if it’s a landslide.

    • Casey Bartnik

      It had better be a landslide, so they do not have a chance to steal the election through the manipulation of the electronic voting machines. Remember 2012 and the precincts in Ohio and Florida that had 120% of registered voters cast their votes for Obama–not a single vote for Romney? Turnout will be everything, so drag out all your friends and relatives. If the dead can all vote in Cook County where I live, there is no excuse for any of us staying home!

  • Clifton Janney

    My opinion is the Country is fed-up with the one party system where they both tell you how concerned they are for your well being, get elected, and now it is all about “ME” and how I can milk the system. The elected, as well as the appointed (judges and otherwise) tell you the Constitution is obsolete and has no place in “Today’s Society”. This Country was made great by adhering to that document until they ignored their limitation as spelled out. Now it is time to trim back, do away with with the unauthorized Bureaucratic agencies and allow the States to assume their legal responsibility! A shake up is occurring and the elite are in panic mode. Make America Great again is due and we will make it happen in spite of them! The polls will continue to show the discontent.

    • A. Russell


      • I have to agree that there is extensive discontent. But I think it is utterly disorganized, on both the Left, the Right, and in the Middle. There is virtually no consensus on what to do, as there really has not been since 1980, when the Blank Generation (mine) entered adulthood. I, however, by no means think that the elite are in panic mode.

        • Eleanor Cummings

          If you do any extensive reach, you’ll understand why they don’t want Trump or any other person of his moral fiber and patriotism running for the presidency. The way I figure it, they used popular Cruz as a cat’s paw to siphon off votes from Trump. The RNC had no intentions of nominating Cruz, and if Trump was nudged out, would have dropped him in favor of Jebbie. BUT, the people spoke, loud and clear – Trump 2016!! They had no choice. Now they’ll pay lip service to Trump, but work behind his back to find a place to stick the knife. The GOP RINO’s have been democrats all along, just claiming they were republican. They are also counting on LBJ’s trick to keep blacks, poor whites, Hispanics and other minorities voting democrat. Either Clinton or Jebbie, there’s a democrat in the White House .

  • Phil Esposito

    Sweet Jesus, let this be true. If that witch gets in the WH, America is dead.

  • Donaldo

    My wife is a long time registered Democrat and is passionately for Trump. She can’t understand why anyone would want Hillary with her record of lies, fraud, corruption and inabilities.

    • Because some people who are from New York have been following Donald Trump since he was boasting about what a great businessman he was, and are aware of his ego being his only talent. What person runs for the presidency on the premise of bringing back smog and pollution as an integral component of his election platform? He is chaos personified. The only people in the U.S. who like Donald Trump, are those that know virtually nothing about him… Even his ghost writer of The Art of the Deal and his top engineering manager for years, won’t vote for him, because he is the essence of fraud and self-centeredness. This is even in comparison with Hillary, who aside from all of the allegations of illegality, advocates a destructive economic platform…

      • Donaldo

        He’s created thousands of jobs, she has created none, and hasn’t a clue how to turn this economy around. Also being from New York as you might know she was my useless senator for 8 years. Promised thousands of new jobs upstate and we lost thousands of jobs. Her accomplishments were naming a library or a bridge or something meaningless that didn’t amount to $hit.

    • A. Russell

      May your kind multiply. 🙂

  • juneau123

    even though the country is in turmoil and quality of life has gone down last 8 years, don’t count on a Clinton defeat this Fall. She will get the sheeple vote in the usual places where their votes are guaranteed giving her states such as CA, NY and IL with high electoral votes. Maybe its time to cut the losses and give secession from this messed up union some serious thought?

  • Dorothy Svelmoe

    WE, the people< have spoken. We want Trump 2016

  • Danni Smith

    it is not about capitalizing-it is about the people understanding how our safety and that of others has no impact upon her. What she does is focused on one single blob of flesh, hers. People need to deeply understand the immediate danger she has and will agaion, place us all. This woman is some evil Batman character.