Supreme Court Erects Constitutional Wall To Block Obama Amnesty Program, So He Plans To Jump It

Court lets stand lower court ruling blocking mass amnesty, so Obama going with Option Dos

The Supreme Court has once again slapped down Barack Obama’s ever expanding personal interpretation of Executive power, this time letting stand a lower court ruling blocking an Executive Order to grant mass amnesty to illegal aliens.

“The State of Texas’ position has been validated by the U.S. Supreme Court today as they denied the Obama administration’s petition to rehear the immigration case,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “Rewriting national immigration law requires the full and careful consideration of Congress. This is the latest setback to the president’s attempt to expand executive power and another victory for those who believe in the Constitution’s separation of powers and the rule of law.”

But Obama appears unbowed by the ruling, and is pressing ahead with plans to give millions of illegals amnesty from prosecution along with a path to citizenship.

The case centers on an Executive Order issued in November 2014, referred to by the White House as, “Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents”.

It blocked the deportation of as many as four million illegal aliens, allowing them to apply for work permits if they had children who were United States citizens or legal aliens.

Texas and 25 other states sued, arguing the Executive Order went beyond the president’s powers to direct Executive agencies on how to implement laws, and instead ordered agencies to ignore laws.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen agreed, and issued an order blocking implementation of the Order.  Efforts made by the Obama administration to hide the true number of possible deferrals from Judge Hanen did not help their case.

The Obama administration appealed the ruling to the Fifth Circuit, which upheld Hanen’s ruling.

They then appealed to the eight-member Supreme Court which was split 4-4 on the issue, and in June, issued a one-sentence ruling letting Hanen’s order stand.

Then the Obama administration asked the Court to rehear the case once its current vacancy was filled with nine Justices instead of eight.

The Court again declined.

But the Obama administration believes the fight isn’t over.

While the White House cannot explicitly order federal agencies to not deport illegals, it can prioritize which illegals are deported first and whether captured illegals are kept in custody or released pending a hearing.

Given the massive backlog of detained illegals, it appears to be the route the Obama administration is taking.  The White House says it is making the deportation of violent felons a priority.

The Obama administration is also releasing illegals, on the promise they will appear for their deportation hearing.  Not surprisingly, few are making good on their promise to voluntarily show up for deportation.

They are also adopting a disturbing practice when it comes to unaccompanied minors being picked up at the border.  Minors and their mothers are placed on buses going to cities in the interior of the United States, where they have arranged to meet with friends or family members who will house them until their deportation hearing.

It’s such a massive loophole, illegals crossing the U.S./Mexico border actually run toward Border Patrol stations to turn themselves in, knowing they will be given papers allowing them to stay in the United States and travel freely.

Not only are they not showing up for their hearings, federal agents are giving unaccompanied children to men who claim to be their relatives, without proof of relation, a background check, or even checking sex offender registries.

The Supreme Court’s order may have blocked Obama’s mass amnesty program for now, but they seem to be carrying it out anyway, through sheer neglect.

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