Ted Nugent: 20 Reasons Why You Should Vote Trump

Ted Nugent—the American singer/songwriter and hard rocker—who gained fame as lead guitarist for the Amboy Dukes and then graduated to a successful solo career – is known for his political activism as well as being a notorious liberal-hater.

He became famous for his hit song “Stranglehold”, in which Rolling Stone Magazine named as one of their “Top 500 Rock Songs of All Time”.

So it should come as no surprise that the outspoken supporter of the Republican Party posted a hilarious and eye-opening Facebook post about his observations of the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Nugent created a list of 20 different reasons why voters should trust Trump with their vote.

He even proudly applauded his own reasons, saying, “these points are SO damn special!”

Nugent’s Facebook post read:

“Obama is against Trump
The Media is against Trump
The establishment Democrats are against Trump
The establishment Republicans are against Trump
The Pope is against Trump
The UN is against Trump
The EU is against Trump
China is against Trump
Mexico is against Trump
Soros is against Trump
Black Lives Matter is against Trump
MoveOn.Org is against Trump
Koch Bro’s are against Trump
Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump”

Rockin’ Ted sure makes some strong and insightful points here.

He continued with more reasons, listing them under a “Bonus” section, since they are not as “politically motivated” as the previous list:

“Bonus points”

“Cher says she will leave the country
Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
Whoopi says she will leave the country
Rosie says she will leave the country
Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
Gov. Brown says California will build a wall
Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!”

 In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, when Nugent was asked which one of his songs Trump should use during the campaign, he replied, “Stranglehold would clinch the presidency.”

Nugent also has a hunting show called “Spirit of the Wild,” which you can catch on the Outdoor Channel.



18 thoughts on “Ted Nugent: 20 Reasons Why You Should Vote Trump

  1. Elaine Morris

    Excerpt: Republicans – particularly Trump’s supporters – are always talking about how the polls are either rigged by the pollsters, or they’re not accurate because they don’t include all the voters who are new to the voting process. They only survey likely voters based on previous data, and things have changed rather dramatically since then.

    In Pennsylvania, nearly 100,000 (97,603) Democrats have switched over to the Republican Party this year alone.


      1. Elaine Morris

        Thank you very little that I actually worked to find something. Let me see what happened….For a page to do that, someone had to interfere with the page.
        Jake, why all of the bitterness vs. sincerely trying to find out?

  2. Elaine Morris

    Here is what a Real Poll looks like in America. Please take the Time to Read.. A Total of 50,000 people Polled in 50 States….
    PG Farnsworth We have just completed our own poll since we cannot get factual information from the mainstream media!! We called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and presidential pick.
    Economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two.
    Presidential pick was Trump by a large percentage.
    Trump 33478 votes 67� Clinton 9788 Votes 19� Undecided or other 6739 votes 13� My friends and I are all Graduate students from all walks of life we meet to discuss stuff. 13 people who like and have served in the Military. It took us most of two weeks to be sure our calls were to all people and not just one party or an other we called Americans.. our poll is by taking registered voter lists and we accumulated 33�epub, 33�ems and 34�nd.. our poll consisted of 1000 calls per state. all 50 states. 50,000 people are in this poll not the 100 like other polls.
    Please everyone copy and paste to your status so everyone knows that the other polls are rigged!


    1. Jake319

      Do you expect us to believe they polled 50,000 people…..lol. I got a pole for yeah….your sister is swinging from it right now…

      1. Elaine Morris

        Jake, my heart goes out to you. America, the America we love is in jeopardy. The same America that our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents that loved and LOVE this country; and we are losing.
        I have ancestors that fought in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, The Korean attack.

        I lost friends and cousins in Viet Nam.

        You don’t have the heart within you to pray for the country; AND believe that people WILL and DO work hard to get our country back as it should be; and what it was meant to be?

        I feel soooo sorry for you.

          1. Elaine Morris

            I didn’t spell it right…It is a Defragment Program. It is free; and it works.
            I use it every night and it will clear the junk out of your computer that your Virus program doesn’t.

  3. Jake319

    Ole ted ate so much acid 70’s that I didn’t think he could count to 20 anymore. He must be using his obamacare to get so cognitive therapy….

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