Terrorists Are Flocking To Brazil For Reasons That Should Disturb Every American

As the 2016 Olympic games come to a close in Brazil, many people will be shocked to learn what U.S. officials recently discovered.

It starts with potential terrorist suspects traveling to Brazil for reasons that should concern every American.

In fact, the reason why they are visiting Brazil and how it affects America is very disturbing.

Of course, it’s no secret that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are streaming across the unsecured U.S.-Mexico border.

It’s a massive crisis that continues to swell more and more as each day passes.

And nobody knows who these people really are.

To make matters worse, many national security experts and others are starting to sound the alarm at the likelihood of terrorists exploiting this hole in the United States’ security apparatus to sneak into the country and launch terrorist attacks against unsuspecting citizens.

ISIS has even publicly stated that it’s a modern day Trojan Horse they want to use against the U.S. and other Western nations.

But how will they get here?

As American Patriot Daily documented in a comprehensive report, radical Islamic terrorists, including Jihadist factions working with ISIS, have already set up training camps inside Mexico just miles away from the southern border.

That’s why U.S. officials are highly concerned with the increasing number of illegal migrants entering the country from terrorist-infested nations in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Over 5,350 African and Asian migrants were detained by the Department of Homeland Security between October 2015 and May 2016.

Individuals from Pakistan, Syria, and Afghanistan — countries considered to be linked to terrorism — were among those caught trying to cross into the country.

Just recently, authorities in Central America discovered and broke up a human trafficking network that was being used to smuggle illegal migrants from those terrorist-linked countries into the U.S.

What U.S. officials unearthed is that these illegal migrants often travel to Brazil to obtain a fake passport, and then they are smuggled into Central America and ultimately over the broken southern border and onto U.S. soil.

From Reuters:

Washington is seeking closer coordination with several Latin American countries to tackle a jump in migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East who it believes are trying to reach the United States from the south on an arduous route by plane, boat and through jungle on foot…


The migrants often fly to Brazil, obtain fake passports there, and are smuggled to Panama before heading through Central America to Mexico’s porous southern border, according to transcripts of 14 interviews conducted at the center and other internal briefing documents seen by Reuters…


U.S. concerns about potential security risks from migrants using the unusual and circuitous southern route have been growing in recent years, following a string of Islamic State-inspired attacks in the West and the surge in Syrian refugees fleeing that country’s civil war.

Essentially, a human trafficking network is being used to smuggle potential terrorists into the United States, and it starts with obtaining a fake passport in Brazil.

With the Olympic games coming to an end, most Americans would be shocked to know what actually is happening in Brazil, and how it could have a lasting impact on people in the States.

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11 thoughts on “Terrorists Are Flocking To Brazil For Reasons That Should Disturb Every American

  1. Crystal

    And Hillary wants to welcome in thousands more, doesn’t that make you feel safe and secure?! This is so bad on so many levels, and the Liberals are loving it… and ANYTHING the Liberals love, never bodes well for us or this country!

    1. Minimalistic68

      Trust me, they will regret it. You think the rapists among them, and the killers, care what party they are attacking?

  2. Dave G Marshall

    Don’t we remember, Obama said, ISIS doesn’t not pose an existential threat to the US. One can only deduce that if Obama will not secure the border then he welcomes and invites what will befall the American people. He will be killing Americans by using the terrorists as his weapon. Don’t doubt it folks. And if some of you don’t believe it then I hope you don’t learn the hard way if you live close to the border.

    1. Minimalistic68

      They don’t strike near the border, they go inland to the cities. AND Obammy’s two daughters should make him VERY afraid of ISIS.

  3. nb4u2

    The Butcher’s of Benghazi (Obama & Hillary – Pathological Liars) See the Movie “13 Hours” – The true story.

    Since Obama took office in 2009, seven people have been charged under the Espionage Act — all for leaking classified or sensitive information. The Five – John Kiriakou, Shamai Leibowitz, Jeffrey Sterling, former State Department official Stephen Kim, and Bradley Chelsea Manning — got jail time.”

  4. Minimalistic68

    Would the media please publish Obie-wan’s retirement address for all the new, welcome refugees, please. They might want to visit him, and especially his girls.

  5. pepie

    lets see Obozos daughter smokes grass in a state weres its illegal,no jail time judge time hummmmmm for the regular people we have to go to jail but for the Obozo NO. hummmm

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