A Texas Court Just Passed A Major Ruling On Sanctuary Cities

Earlier this week, a Texas court passed a major ruling on the states’ sanctuary city policies.

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have made it clear there is no tolerance for sanctuary cities in the United States.

But while some cities are still refusing to cooperate due to their social justice ideals, this Texas court just ensured it will not happen in their state.

Earlier this week, the federal appeals court judges passed a vote to crack down on immigration and sanctuary city policies.

The bill passed without a hitch—though a separate amendment which discusses punishment for these actions is still on hold.

The Daily Caller reported:

A three-judge panel in New Orleans’ 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Texas’ current immigration enforcement laws are constitutional. Senate Bill 4 enacted the law allowing local law enforcement officers to question the immigration status of people they detain or arrest, The Texas Tribune reported.

The only part of the bill that remains on hold is a provision punishing local government leaders and or elected officials who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials, such as the mayor of Oakland, Calif., who tipped off residents of an immigration raid.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent out a tweet in support of the federal courts ruling, saying “Allegations of discrimination were rejected” and the “Law is in effect.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also took to Twitter to prove their actions were lawful and justified.

Sanctuary cities are centers of violence and chaos.

Illegal immigrants flee to these cities populated by American citizens and they feel they can get away with anything they wish because they are “protected.”

Immigration violence has risen exponentially, and will continue to rise so long as illegal aliens are allowed to take refuge in these so-called “angel cities.”

Do you believe more states need to crack down on their laws like Texas?

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19 thoughts on “A Texas Court Just Passed A Major Ruling On Sanctuary Cities

  1. SouthernPatriot

    The 5th Circuit will take a longer look at the penalty provisions upon elected or appointed officials, but the remainder of the Texas law is currently legal. That opens the door for other states to follow the lead of Texas once again.

  2. Suzu M

    The leaders who create or allow Sanctuary Cities should definitely be punished. Maybe those leaders who cling to their illegal immigrants, should be SENT OUT with the illegal immigrants. They need a life lesson on what it’s like to live outside of the U.S.A.

  3. Toni Macrie

    This is really good news, and brings hope for All citizens across this country as the courts are beginning to crack down on cities that harbor criminal illegals.

  4. Larry Viator

    while they pass this bill they should try doing their job by deporting illegals. texas is swamped with illegals and it does little to nothing about it. be sure to remember when its time to vote.

  5. Bucks County Dudebear

    Federal law ” Trump’s ” state – county – city law – any elected state – county – city official who obstructs – hinders – inhibits federal law should be held accountable – arrested – removed from office for insubordination – every elected state – county – city official, along with police and military, take an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States .

  6. Alan404

    Why the hell aren’t local officials, elected or appointed being held responsible for their illegal actions.The private citizen would be. What is so complicated about this, that the answer isn’t obvious to The Court? Both sanctuary cities, and sanctuary states should be acted against. Illegal Aliens should be deported too.

  7. Larry5469

    I don’t think states should have ever had to pass this law. I mean this IS
    America and we are a nation of rules and regulations and illegals fall under the one that states that they are ILLEGAL.. so what the hell?

    1. DrRisk

      That is not the issue being litigated, it is the “supremacy clause” of the Constitution. And that issue indeed does not need to be litigated. That case was closed on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Courthouse when Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant in Wilmer McLean’s front parlor.

    1. Mt Native

      No they don’t proof read anything any more. Not enough time as they are all trying to be the first to tell their version of the story.

  8. Dee Johns

    Lets see that law pertains to Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, those are the major Texas cities out of line with Federal Law.
    I guess we can set back and see how they will react.

    1. critterman

      how about , a rounding up of those failed to follow the oath of office they legally bound to , for a start

  9. Robert Walters

    Thank God for the Great State Of Texas our largest state has set the example of the wishes of the People. Stop the Illegal Immigration Invasion and protection by the Liberal Courts. We need the Supreme Court to approve this action for all states. End the Sanctuary States and city policy of corruption and illegal voting.
    BUILD THE WALL, build it deep and build it tall, build that beautiful Border Wall.

  10. Thomas Price

    A fair constitutional decision. The illegals are not provided any rights just because they are physically here and these sanctuary cities provide these protections only with the hope of getting votes if and when they legally or otherwise vote

    1. DrRisk

      The illegals are not provided any rights just because they are physically here

      Not true. The Supreme Court ruled years ago that certain basic rights adhere to anyone standing on U. S. soil: speech, religion, self-defense, trial by jury, assistance of counsel, etc. Not a long list, but at least some basic rights.

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