The BBC Just Said Something Crazy About Our Presidential Election

When people claim they like getting their news from institutions outside of the United States because its “impartial”, it is just not true.  There is usually always a liberal bias applied, whether the liberals delude themselves about it or not.

In this case, during a recent interview with the BBC, an editor from the New Yorker – which is one of the most anti-Trump institutions out there – called the election of Donald Trump an “American tragedy”.

The BBC, Britain’s main public news network, is funded to the tune of billions of pounds a year through a TV tax forced on the UK public. And you’d think the BBC should be an unbiased news source. Except it clearly isn’t.

In his interview, New Yorker editor, David Remnick, opened with his widely publicized comments from November, when he said the Trump victory was “an American tragedy” and “a sickening event in the history of liberal democracy.”

The New Yorker has most recently taken to publishing instructional articles on ways “to Oppose a Donald Trump Presidency” which includes information on signing left-wing petitions, protesting at the Presidential Inauguration, and even calling for an end to the Electoral College.

They claimed that the success of President-elect Trump was not down to a significant change in American politics, but rather the willingness of Mr. Trump to harness the concerns of many Americans affected by “globalization, de-industrialization”.

Remnick said:

“He’s a brilliant, I think pernicious, but brilliant demagogue, who was able to act as a demagogue – a successful demagogue – on the national level the likes of which you’ve never seen in the United States”.

Remnick emphasized that he empathized with the Trump supporters’ grievances over the direction the country was headed:

“I’ve traveled everywhere in this country.  I live in this country.  I live in a city of immigrants.  I have all kinds of relatives, quite frankly, who voted for Trump.”

The New-York based journalist used the phrases “I get it” and “I understand” over a dozen times in the course of the interview.

Despite his empathy, the BBC also reported on Remnick’s scorn of President-elect Trump, including his transition team picks and campaign:

“I don’t think you would call Donald Trump’s behaviour during the presidential campaign one of unification, decency, kindness, dignity. It was one of accusation.  Playing the racial dog whistle – it really wasn’t even a dog whistle.”

He also criticized liberal media organizations for being so shortsighted and for failing to fact-check to their standards.

Mr. Remnick said:

“I have my part to play as a journalist, and to publish fact, to investigate deeply, to speak the truth as we see it, to check facts, to live in a fact-based world – which not all journalism does.


It never did, and now it’s even more chaotic and bizarre, and a lot of what’s entering into the world of political discourse – not least the Trump world – is this notion of non-fact based new.”

Ironically, the journalist also had a critical word for his BBC interviewer.

When asked whether the USA had a unique problem in not having a media organization the majority public could trust in, he hit back remarking:

“If you think that French state television or the BBC in England is somehow a common narrative of the country, I think you’re fooling yourself.


I bet you there are a lot of people, the people in the north of England, who think the BBC is a bunch of lefties.”

And it is.  The BBC is obviously a bunch of anti-Trump lefties for glorifying this kind of opinion on its “public’s” network.

  • Linda Phillips

    As soon as the journalist describes the election as
    “…a sickening event in the history of LIBERAL democracy,” you stop because you are far too familiar with the whole rant. What will it take for the media to acknowledge they’ve been wrong on many, many levels? When will there be an end to their nauseating pride and arrogance?

  • Hillyard Hellraiser

    “to speak the truth as we it”

    That is really an eye-opening statement isn’t it?