The Clinton Email Scandal Was Far Worse Than We First Realized

For years, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been the subject of an investigation into her suspicious email activities involving her use of an unsecured server.

Via this unsecured server, Clinton sent emails to many members of the United States government, including former President Obama.

But during a conference of the House Judiciary Committee, details emerged that make this case far worse than initially realized.

Not only did Hillary Clinton send emails over an unsecured server, but these emails were allegedly hacked by a foreign entity.

Worse yet, it has been reported this news was found out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but was ignored during the initial investigation.

James Comey famously lost his position as the Director of the FBI for a reason — butchering the Hillary Clinton investigation into her use of an unsecured email server.

And it is no wonder he was not fired sooner with this new information being revealed.

Reportedly, the Intelligence Committee Inspector General found an “anomaly” in Clinton’s case that had not previously been followed up on.

During a hearing with FBI official Peter Strzok, it was found that the anomaly was one that did not have a connection to Russia fortunately — but one that Strzok was supposed to handle.

Republican Representative Louie Gohmert claimed that the ICIG Inspector, Frank Rucker, presented the information to Peter Strzok, but he would not follow up with the information given.

Gohmert pointed out the obvious: that Peter Strzok knew a foreign entity had hacked Hillary Clinton’s email, and did nothing to bring her to justice.

Gohmert revealed this during an interview with Breitbart News:

 “The real news… should have been big news to Strzok, when he heard it so far, so long ago from the intelligence community’s inspector general — the investigator for the inspector general, Frank Rucker… a brilliant patriot, but he was sent by the Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough to brief the FBI, because when they found what they found they went, ‘We’ve got to get this to the FBI immediately,’ because they knew it was a security threat to the country, and what they found was that in the emails — 0,000-plus emails that had gone through Hillary Clinton’s server — they found an anomaly, and they forensically examined it, and found was that there was an email address that every time an email was sent or received by Hillary Clinton, this little embedded [and] compartmentalized piece of data ordered that email sent to a third-party that happens to be a foreign entity, and we’re not talking any relationship to Russia, and so when they realized over 0,000 of her emails — and this had been news earlier this year — that it was that same intel IG office that were the first ones to point out that there was a great deal of classified information on that private server because the FBI had reported, ‘No classified information, at all. No classified emails,’ and when the IG looked at it — and I’m not talking about [Michael] Horowitz, I’m talking about a legitimate IG — they were awestruck because there wasn’t just classified, there was really top-secret stuff, and then further that was exacerbated by the fact she would have the president’s daily security briefing, it contains the most delicate, highest-level security information that the United States of America has, and it’s for presidents’ eyes, but Hillary was having it sent to her home server and having a house guy that worked for were with zero, no clearance whatsoever, printing that out.”

Ultimately, the FBI did nothing with the information, despite being a major red flag in the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Strzok did acknowledge that meeting with Rucker, but “did not remember specific content”–a lie that was meant to cover his guilt in the matter.

Do you believe Peter Strzok should be held accountable for his misconduct during this investigation?

Could this finally be the end for Hillary Clinton and her tumultuous political career?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



48 thoughts on “The Clinton Email Scandal Was Far Worse Than We First Realized

  1. John Eastin

    the entire maggot group should all go to prison. Imagine the enemy knowing what we know and now how to bypass it
    either these individuals go to prison or this country is over

    Additionally what is that referced group of top level people that are above even congress????? Think the three letter identifier was like EAR, ERS, or that ever, help me lets get them recognized.

  2. dprato

    It will never cease to amaze me that with all the evidence they have on Obama/Clinton and company that we are still letting Mueller investigate Trump after 2yrs and almost 20 million spent. Just goes to show you how these Congress people are all talk and no action. They have proof on all these other folks and none on Trump and yet not one indictment on any Obama era folks including Clinton who is probably the most like to go to jail if they decided to do something. National disgrace and this nonsense is going to lead to a Civil War in this Country.

    1. NancyPlum

      Congress can investigate, but cannot prosecute. It’s up to the DOJ to bring charges. That means Sessions/Rosenstein.

      1. skbbks

        Where is Sessions? He always pulls a disappearing act when things get tough. And I don’t trust Rosenstein.

    2. Mary C. Blood

      I personally do not know how Mueller is conducting any investigation of anything when he is guilty along with Hillary Clinton and others of the Uranium One deal.

    3. autrypma

      We are not letting them do anything. The Democrats are in charge, where are the Republicans…The Democrats have plans to trap President Trump. First insisting that he testify (hoping to get him to say something they can twist around) Their prime goal is impeach, get him out of the White House. Mueller is so crooked himself it is sickening. And the Peter Stroz mess just opened the can of worms. He is so insolent and arrogant that I want to reach through the tv screen and slap him out of that chair. He, the Clinton Gang and many, many Democrats and Republicans think they are above the law…I can’t wait until our very honest legislature guys can get turned loose on them. Our President is standing by, but after enough is enough, he will act !!

    4. Andre Deglas

      Our DOJ is a disgrace, he must have been threaten or bought off by the Clintons/Obama lot.
      Some “American Justice” we got!

      1. M.O.G R.T

        I said the exact same thing they have something on Sessions, or they’ve threatend his family or something…

  3. Susan Smith

    I think she could actually go up to somebody and actually shoot them point blank and they would cover for this old has been! She is the ENEMY!

  4. John Eastin

    Don’t bother with FB or Twitter they are not our friends
    Zooker Boy is married into the Rothchild family, the Deep State owners are, Soros, Rothechild (3), Rockfeller, Blankfein, Kissenger, and Summers. They own the Deep State and the others are just players to their demands

  5. Charles P


      1. Judy Whitaker

        Allen, I am afraid “crooks and thieves” is not adequate to describe these characters. But I agree. Thank you.

        1. B Roberts

          Let’s try most of the Government is a Criminal Enterprise.. Most of them have been in Hillary’s pocket because they are a Greedy bounch and want the money so they do whatever she wanted.

  6. Mary Eleanor Urso

    I believe that I am SICK TO DEATH of this whole affair. Nothing will happen to any of them and that’s just the lousy, stinkin’ reality of it. Face facts, folks, the Clintons and all their compadres in crime will NEVER be prosecuted for anything, nil, nada. They can literally get away with anything they want… murder, theft, treason, you name it!

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso

        I sincerely hope you are correct. My faith really has been shaken with all the wrongdoing that’s been allowed to continue with absolutely no consequences. I am grateful that my children are grown. I would hate raising them in a world where there are so many examples of unpunished wrongdoing.

  7. Allan Scott

    It’s utterly amazing and shameful that she hasn’t been jailed yet along with a few members of the FBI, DOJ, NSA, and last of all, Louis Lerner and her boss in the IRS. I keep on asking myself what Jeff Sessions is doing and I keep getting the same answer. Very little to NOTHING!

    1. AK

      He appears to be doing nothing publicly. There is plenty going on behind the scenes. Remember, before you prosecute you MUST have a DOJ that is not completely corrupted and you must line up credible witnesses who have the goods on the criminals. The corruption goes so deep and is so wide-spread that the good guys have to tread carefully to not blow their one chance to get the treasonous cabal. Have faith, justice is coming…..

    2. B Roberts

      I call Sessions the Mole a Mole stays in his hole when there is danger and won’t come out. I feel the same way with Session’s. I think he is kinda half on the other side anyway.

  8. Ronald Dempsey

    So when do we get to put the Clinton Mafia Cartel on trial? And Obama and the Bushes and hang them publicly

  9. glenda lafont

    What about the contents of Weiner’s laptop? I understand the contents are very
    incriminating? Please this woman needs to be held accountable.

  10. James D. Gerhardson

    This is EXACTLY what happens when you designate a Democrap to investigate Democraptic CRAP!!! Mueller is GUILTY of mismanaging the total investigation, of ignoring the areas that pertain to ANY DEMOCRAPS, and letting them off the hook! I don’t know what is necessary to pull the CROOKED PEOPLE (ESPECIALLY CROOKED HILLY, THE BIG ZERO, HORRENDOUS HOLDER, ALL THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR SELLING AMERICA’s URANIUM, (THERE ARE NINE, 9 IN ALL) and how ANY of these crooks are still roaming around as if they have done nothing that they can be charged for, let alone guilty of, acting like they are ABOVE THE LAW, and will NEVER BE PROSECUTED! WITH THE CROOKED CRAP THAT IS BEING CONTINUED AS IF THERE IS NO WRONG-DOING, AND NOONE DEMANDING ANSWERS, IT’S NO WONDER!!! IMPRISON THE DIRTY PEOPLE THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE,,,,,REMEMBER, THE LADY OF JUSTICE WEARS A BLINDFOLD, ANY AND ALL PARTIES INVOLVED IN THIS CROOKED CRAP BELONG IN COURT FIRST, THEN PRISON!!! GITTERDONE!!!!!

  11. Gomer Wumphf

    As US Sec of State Hillary was about the number two communications intercept and intel target for mostly everybody. Everything she said on and particularly off the record was of interest to intel agencies everywhere. ANY communications to or from ANYONE at that level ANYWHERE are high priority. I have little doubt Russia and or China and many others have ALL her email. In addition to any diplomatic or policy situational intelligence her messages reveal they also give insight into how she thinks, what her priorities are, who is in her network, etc. etc. etc. They identify others and their addresses so they can be monitored. The Russians or other state actor wouldn’t release her email to stop her. They would want her elected because they could blackmail her at will. Clinton created a national security nightmare by trying to hide her criminal solicitation and acceptance of bribes and her other criminal activity.

    1. B Roberts

      As many Countrie’s that her and Obama gave money and gun’s to God only knows who knows what and so on down the line. Now they are raising wholey hell because Trump doesn’t believe it was Russia that had anything to do with the election. I have my doubt’s too. Look at all the dirt that is coming down just within Our Government, makes me wonder if it wasn’t our own that done a lot of the meddling. We know there was voter fraud. We also know Soros has put a lot of money behing him, Hillary and Obama so Trump would be oust, so who is all the rat’s and where are they from ?

  12. autrypma

    This is beyond absurd. Asking if Peter Strzok should be prosecuted. OF COURSE, along with Hillary Clinton (definite criminal, definite traitor, definitely guilty) and so
    many more. Rosenstein is a Clinton follower, Democrat traitor. He should be impeached (what is the fight about) They are all guilty…of course, that means about 1/3 of Conservatives and 3/4 of Democrats are all guilty. Fraud and corruption in Washington is TOTALLY MINDBOGGLING. ALso, I just learned that Paul Ryan’s WIFE is connected with the Democratic Party Committees…so, he is sleeping with the enemy, throwing kinks in President Trump’s efforts, and he should be “FORMER SPEAKER of the House, Immediately. I plan to write a long letter to our President.
    Does he know this. I am outraged. And will do something about it. I am totally FED UP with all that corruption and lies going on in our capital…Everyone should write their congressman (those you trust) and NO ONE who is on the corrupt list SHOULD BE RE-ELECTED..

  13. cowboy541

    THIS SOB should be in jail now (if not 2-5 month a go). From what I have read he has flat lied to congress so many times I can not even count,

  14. Palmer

    I believe there are a lot of High ranking Democrats in the Clinton circle that need to be indicted. Justice must be done to these very bad people. Restore confidence in our justice system. That would be a tremendous Boost to the Nation.and a downer for the Dumbocrats.

  15. tigercat

    Revolution and executions is the only way to clean out the rats. We use lady liberty as a symbol of this country. Given to us by France we should follow the example they set during the French revolution.

  16. [email protected]

    True story: I worked at the IRS for 6 years. Then I went to another job. About 2 years later I applied for a term/seasonal job. I filled out the application quickly because I was on my lunch hour. I did start working for about a month, IRS calls me up – says I left off an address and I’m debarred from working for the IRS for 3 years for falsifying my application.
    I said “it was a mistake – I lived at that address while I was working at the IRS. I did not mean to omit it. Tough luck.

  17. Pathfinder0100

    Talk—Talk and even MORE talk!! Does anyone out there think we will EVER see any action?? I’m beginning to think NOT!! Don’t think we will see any from “Deeep State” Session, do you??

  18. William Sasman

    As evfer this info is not any good to the DOJ as he will sit on his butt till the cow’s come home.

  19. Richard

    So many people in the Justice departments and the Intelligence Departments that actually know laws were broken and yet nothing ever happens. It is a moral tragedy of immense proportions. These law breakers are way worse than the Nixon perpetrators. Why is it the American people can do nothing when it comes to our Government and law breaking employees? We have to wait for those breaking the law to protect us from those breaking the law. How long can a country survive this type of malfeasance. It is sickening.

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