The Deep State Is Begging Paul Ryan To Stab Trump In The Back

Establishment media is going against the President once more.

For over a year, liberal media has been fighting to remove Trump from office.

This time, they want one Republican to stab Trump in the back.

Paul Ryan—Friend or Foe?

During a segment earlier last week, NBC’s Chuck Todd begged Paul Ryan to start the impeachment process against Trump.

After falsely accusing Trump of a “federal crime”, Todd went on a rant against the president.

The Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives would begin to look to see if there’s enough evidence to start investigating and drawing up articles of impeachment, but this is not a functional Congress. This is a Congress controlled by Republicans. They would have to do this on their own president. But I have to tell you, I think there is going to be increased political heat, and you’re going to have a divided Republican party: those who are fearing Trump as a drag and those that know that his base is there till the end.”

The leftist activist continued his rant by pressuring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to save his career by leading an impeachment against the president.

I do think Paul Ryan needs to think long and hard about the future of the Republican Party. This is your last chance off this train, and it looks like Manafort and Cohen only have more to say, only may cooperate more. This could get worse.”

The anti-Trump news anchor then tried to argue a case in which impeaching Trump would help the Republican party.

Ryan’s retiring. I think he could actually do the Party a favor and just start the procedure in the House Judiciary Committee to give some home, to give some place for Republicans getting nervous to say, “Hey, you know what: let’s start an investigation, and we’ll go from there.”

It would be unsurprising if Paul Ryan stabbed Trump in the back and pushed for impeachment.

Paul Ryan has no interest in siding with Trump — meaning impeachment could be on the table, as previously reported by Great American Daily .

Why Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere

Before he was even sworn into office, Democrats wanted Trump impeached.

Undoubtedly, Trump has been a radical president — but radical change is what this country desperately needs.

After Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, pled guilty many called for Trump’s impeachment once more.

But just because Cohen is guilty does not mean the President is as well.

Read our article here titled “Cohen is Guilty- So What Does This Mean For Trump” for further information on this story.

The process of removing a president is challenging to say the least as well.

The impeachment of former President Bill Clinton is a perfect example of this.

Former President Bill Clinton admitted to lying to the American populace over his illicit affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Yet, he still was not removed from office.

The impeachment process is not one Democrats are willing to take on — especially when they know Trump is a popular president and is willing to make changes to better the country.

The Democratic Party is Being Torn in Two

Despite Democrats rallying for impeachment, it will not happen.

Several Democrats have brought forth impeachment procedures, but to no avail.

Even Nancy Pelosi, an avid critic of the President, knows he will not be impeached.

Despite this, Pelosi claimed that impeaching Trump was still “not a priority” for Democrats.

Impeachment has to spring from something else,” she said.

Do you believe that Paul Ryan would stab Trump in the back?

Do you think that Trump will face impeachment with all the good he is doing for the country?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



13 thoughts on “The Deep State Is Begging Paul Ryan To Stab Trump In The Back

  1. Joy Jennings Young

    Todd and the rest of the media, along with the establishment want Trump removed at all costs, but wanting it and accomplishing it aren’t necessarily the same. This is one of the many things which are wrong with the lame stream media. They’re continually pushing their lies and own agenda rather than reporting the news. Is it any wonder that conservatives no longer trust or believe in what they say.

  2. Janet Davenport

    Paul Ryan stab president Trump in the back? You mean more than he already has? Hahahaha! Ryan is a loser can’t wait till he’s gone. He needs to hop the fence and join the democrat’s, that’s where loser’s go.

    1. Bob

      Hard to believe, isn’t it? Ryan simpered his way to the leadership position and proved that he didn’t want the job – only the perks.

  3. CNKIV

    The “Lame Stream media”, the Liberals, et. al. need to get over themselves. The American people overwhelmingly elected President Trump (after you throw out 1 to 3 million illegal voters) to do what he said he would do, and he is!
    Examples: Previous horrible trade deals, (gone) economicly staggering rule making (gone), border security (in progress), Putting the ecomomy back to work (Great progress), Not letting the UN and other hostile Nation States take advantage (work in progress),

    I understand that that Rebublicans, and Independents are generally much more polite, and have real manners, but allowing the Liberal bashers of this President get away with this garbage needs to stop. Democrats, in my humble opinion, commited much more serious crimes all the way back to the “Uranium One” deal and forward, Why are none of these being investigated? I’ll tell you why, because the “Deep State” gave Obama (and his cronies) and Hillary a home free get out of jail, pass!

    Signed a former Liberal who became educated with facts, not false opinions.
    Libertarians rule!

  4. Yvonne Bennett

    It’s time for push back on the demonrats, they accuse President Trump of all the things they have done and it’s time to stop them. Remember all the lies in Nov. and VOTE REPUBLICAN !!!

  5. steve

    All the hate that going against the president and I haven’t heard the demoncats say how they are going to make America better. It’s their hate that’s driving them to destroy their own party. What positive things are they doing to make the USA better. Open borders, higher taxes, giving our uranium to Russia, helping Iran build a nuclear weapon, using the Muslem brotherhood for national secruity and giving guns to the Mexican cartels. The socialist demoncats have to be voted out..period

  6. Concerned in Texas

    A terrifying thought of what would happen to this country w/o Pres.Trump.As far as Ryan I would not trust him for nothing.

  7. Washoe Willie

    I don’t care where they stab trump as long as he’s gone. What a disgrace this incompetent piece of crap is.

  8. Frank O'Brien

    i dont think he will be impeached as long as reasonable people have any thing to say about the subject,considering all the good he has done for our country

  9. SparkysaysWHAT

    Friends – Please feel me on this; When SHTF be ready. All the following links are Highly Eye Opening! Can we be REAL here? The Genocide of 90% of human life has been planned a long time ago. Should illegal immigrants be able to work, vote, get food stamps, etc all part of the plan to make this happen. We are invaded by 12.5+ Million Illegal Immigrants, they never plan to assimilate, they want us dead. So do the Elites, Illuminati, Deep State, Democrats, Liberals, Lefts, MSM, Planned Parenthood (Bill Gates father, one of the founders) Social Media FACEBOOK founded by Rockefeller’s grandson, Twitter – one of the top investors Saudi Prince Alweed Bin Talal Bin Abduladazi blah blah blah, fancy that! We are being attacked from every angle, a lot of time and money has been spent then low a behold President Trump came in and blew their plans. Stop the Crime Deep State sinister take overview
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    DACA Crime rates http://www.washingtonexamin
    Read the links seriously – this is the options Life or Death, you pick.


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