The Disturbing Truth About ISIS Invading America

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton like to portray refugees from the Middle East as a poor and tired huddled mass.

But there is a dark truth surrounding the composition of these asylum seekers.

And it reveals a fertile recruiting ground for ISIS, which includes taking root in America.

Currently, the Obama administration wants to import 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.

Hillary Clinton is running to increase that to 65,000.

But who are these migrants?

The FBI Director has testified it’s almost impossible for us to know.

We do know ISIS has used the refugee program to infiltrate Europe, and they  also promised to sneak jihadists into America by posing them as migrants.

Last year, more than half of the record 1.3 million refugees flooding Europe were young adults between the ages of 18 and 34.

And shockingly, men made up 73% of this group.

Young men who are unattached to families are prime targets for ISIS recruitment.

Countries like France and Germany have seen refugees turn into violent terrorists.

And by opening up the migrant program in America, Obama is putting our nation at risk.

His administration has already reached their goal of 10,000 Syrian refugees resettled in America.

How Obama reached his administration’s goal of relocating 10,000 refugees to America is also raising concerns.

The normal vetting process for a refugee is 18-24 months.

But to hit their goal, the administration slashed that process to just 3 months.

FBI Director James Comey already admitted it was extremely difficult to vet Syrian refugees.

Speeding up the process only increases the risk for terrorists to slip into America.

Europe has seen multiple terrorist attacks because they have welcomed hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees.

By increasing the number of refugees allowed into America, Obama is also increasing our risk of a terrorist attack.

Do you think America should increase or decrease the number of Syrian refugees we accept?

Let us know in the comment section.



16 thoughts on “The Disturbing Truth About ISIS Invading America

  1. combdyn

    These “refugees” are the perfect age group to be defending their OWN country.
    We should not be sacrificing the lives of American young men while these men
    are unwilling to fight for their countries. Our Government would rather have
    them fighting jihad against us here. No more refugees here. Let them emigrate
    to Saudi Arabia, or another nation similar to their homeland.

    1. Dave G Marshall

      That would defeat the purpose of this administration. There is only one reason to import these people and it is not for humanitarian purposes.

    1. combdyn

      Clearly, you do not understand the definition or process of vetting.
      There is, and can be, no proper “vetting” of these immigrants. Period.

      1. Jake319

        I know first hand. I worked in Yugoslavia for us army . A guy in our shop fell in love with a woman refugee from Albania. That worked with us. Her entire village was murdered in the war. It took more then 2 years to vet her. Seven different agencies were involved in the vetting process. I don’t think American law enforcement is going to let any terrorist in to America. Hell we don’t have to import terrorist we have plenty of nuts already here.

        1. combdyn

          If you believe ANYONE in America is vetting these “refugees”, you are mistaken. They are being “vetted”
          only by the U.N.. To be properly “vetted” by American police forces, where would authoriries garner required information??

          1. Jake319

            That’s why it takes so long. These Syrians entering the US applied for asylum before the massive forced exodus to europe.
            All media sites lie. Media is a slave to the market. You see the advertising in the margins? Those advertisers demand readership. I have traced the world for work in the energy business. The saying goes believe nothing , trust no one.

        2. Melanie Ducote

          first of all how long ago was that? and you are talking about 1 woman from Albania. secondly, what the FBI director Comey is saying is that the refugees now are coming in too fast and too many at a time to be properly vetted, especially from Syria. The FBI director advised Obama that bringing in 10,000 of them before the end of September was a security risk! so this is not a load of crap and this site does not lie!

          1. Jake319

            Comey’s statements referred to refugees entering the EU.
            This was in 1994. Albania was the birth. Place of communism in 1914. That didn’t make Sasa a communist and it certainly does make all Syrian terrorist’s. The 10,000
            That have come to the US are families there are no unescorted males that enter under this program.
            Let’s just say this site is not credible.

          2. Melanie Ducote

            no it was not, Comey was warning Obama about the refugees entering the US like he told him, his goal of 10,000 in such a short period was not safe, because they could not be vetted properly! lets just say you are the one that is not credible! and you are wrong! i did the research, so i know exactly what is happening. obviously you didn’t.

          3. Jake319

            Comey said that to a congressional committee . I read that. However I went to my congressman Mr Gohart a nutty republican. he included the homeland security directors statement before the same committee. HOmeland security is responsible for vetting refugees not comey.
            Comey is like trump all opinion and little responsibility . I will stick with the homeland security director on vetting . Comey is just a wanna be. You can claim I’m wrong but you have a selective truth problem as far as facts are concerned.

          4. Melanie Ducote

            yes, i understand homeland security does the vetting. Comey was giving Obama some sound advice. that was too many refugees to bring in at one time, that it would be a security risk. and i believe him. however, lets just say that we agree to disagree! no i dont have a selective truth problem, we just have a difference of opinion on security of this country.

            its funny though, just as soon as someone disagrees with a liberal, they always want to name call and try and degrade the other person. just like you said at first Comey was talking about the EU, when he was not. i corrected you on that, but did i say to you that you have a truth problem as far as facts are concerned? No, i just corrected you on that.

            so i am done discussing anything with you, i don’t talk to people who start doing that kind of thing. i don’t accuse people of that and i don’t call people names. if you can’t respect someone just because they disagree, then there is no use talking.


    2. Mark

      I didn’t see any proof for your statement about this site lying. Without such you statement doesn’t mean a thing – vote Trump!

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