The Establishment Just Sold Out Conservatives On Impeachment

12-7-16-trump-3The conservative House Freedom Caucus has been itching to force a vote on impeachment.

And each time, leadership has tried to satisfy their demands and offer them concessions.

But members of the conservative group finally ran out of patience and forced a vote on impeachment, only to be stabbed in the back by the establishment.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has found himself in the crosshairs ever since conservatives accused him of lying to Congress during his testimony about the agency’s targeting of Tea Party groups for political harassment.

Conservatives are convinced Koskinen didn’t tell the truth and they’ve been fighting to hold the head of the rogue agency accountable.

But leadership and moderate Republicans have stymied their push at every turn.

Now, with Congress set to adjourn for the rest of the year, members of the Freedom Caucus used a parliamentary tactic that would guarantee a vote on Commissioner Koskinen’s impeachment.

Politico reports:

The IRS chief has been under fire by conservatives for his handling of the aftermath of the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, which exploded into the headlines in spring of 2013. Koskinen, who was not IRS commissioner at the time, has denied allegations that he misled Congress about the controversy.

Jordan introduced the privileged resolution just before 5 p.m., starting a 48-hour clock for a full House vote on the measure. A vote was expected Thursday, but Democrats quickly moved to table the resolution, setting Tuesday’s votes in motion. Many conservatives believe lawlessness has defined the Obama administration.”

But rather than stand against Barack Obama’s IRS intimidating conservatives, establishment Republicans joined with Democrats to kill the motion.

Over 160 Republicans voted with Democrats to send the motion back to the Judiciary Committee.

Politico also reports:

“The House squelched a resolution to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in a bipartisan rebuke of conservative House Freedom Caucus efforts.

Lawmakers voted 342-72 to kick the resolution back to the Judiciary Committee, averting a floor vote on outright impeachment after outgoing House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan introduced a privileged resolution on Tuesday to impeach Koskinen .

Had the impeachment push succeeded, Koskinen would have been the first appointed executive-branch official to meet that fate in 140 years.

Some top Republicans suggested that impeachment was unnecessary, given that the IRS chief serves at the pleasure of the president. Koskinen, whose term ends in November 2017, has said he’ll step aside if Trump doesn’t want him in the role, and GOP lawmakers said Tuesday they expected that to be the case.

“He’d be wise to tender his resignation now,” said House Ways and Means Chair Kevin Brady.”

The IRS’ targeting of Tea Party groups by slow-walking their nonprofit approval or asking questions about the groups, which many interpreted as harassment, was just one example of the lawlessness that came to define the Obama administration.

Other lawless acts by Obama and his underlings were Hillary Clinton setting up a private email server to evade government record keeping laws, Attorney General Eric Holder refusing to turn over documents to Congress during the Fast and Furious scandal, and Obama’s illegal executive amnesty orders.

While the Republican House voted to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress, there were no real teeth behind the vote.

Holder remained in his position until retiring midway through Obama’s second term.

Conservatives have fumed over the lack of accountability for which they believe contributes to the ever-growing list of illegal conduct by Obama administration officials.

And members of the Freedom Caucus have utilized the House rules to force a vote.

But they were betrayed by establishment Republicans in the House.

Voting against impeaching the head of an agency that allegedly lied to Congress to cover up the Obama administrations lawlessness of training their political eye to intimidate Tea Party groups would be juicy material in a primary challenge.

  • ReaperHD

    There’s that SWAMP that has a multitude of RINOs that need to go.

  • Anthony Guastella

    Time to charge these so called lawmakers with criminal acts in falsely representing their constituents.

  • marina knife

    The Globalist Oligarchy agents, placemen and puppets in high places are protected worldwide – always have been – particularly since the 80s.
    Blair has been protected from every single move or formal Inquiry against him.


    Justice or Just Us? It is difficult to hold any high official crook accountable because they are judged by other high official crooks and they have no fears.