The Establishment Was Stunned By These Poll Numbers

The media and political establishment was so sure the tape of Trump making lewd comments back in 2005 was the end of his campaign.

Pundits and establishment operatives spent days gloating over how they believed the public would turn away from Trump in droves.

But then the poll numbers came in.

After the tape was leaked to the Washington Post, a slew of cowardly establishment Republicans rescinded their endorsement of Trump.

Led by failed 2008 nominee John McCain, these Republicans clutched their pearls and ran ahead of the liberal media stampede and withdrew their support for Trump.

Other establishment figures believed the damage was so severe, that Trump should withdraw from the race.

Paul Ryan even disinvited Trump from a planned campaign stop.

But these party elites were leading a parade with no followers.

Republican voters stood with Trump.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll found overwhelming support for Trump to stay in the race.

GOP voters sticking with Trump also held true in swing states.

A NBC News/Survey Monkey poll also found voters didn’t consider the tape to be a big deal.

The Washington Post reports:

“First, the numbers: The NBC News/Survey Monkey online poll shows that 63 percent of independent voters say the video makes “no difference” to their vote. An additional 31 percent say it makes them less likely to support Trump, the Republican nominee, and 3 percent say it makes them more likely to support him.


So more than twice as many say it’s not a negative for them. Given the wall-to-wall coverage of the video and the large movement within the GOP to get Trump to drop out, that doesn’t seem like a lot. The 31 percent could simply be the many Democratic-leaning independents who already were going to vote against him, after all…


…Republicans, in particular, seem to be largely unmoved by the tapes, with just 12 percent saying it makes them less likely to vote for him, compared to 65 percent of Democrats. Perhaps many independent and even Democratic voters say the tape makes no difference to them because they already had a very negative view of Trump’s attitude toward women.”

Despite the media fury, the tape does not seem to have affected Trump’s standing with Republicans or Independents.

Donald Trump noted the poll numbers and called out establishment Republicans for their lack of courage.

Establishment Republicans who rushed to take back their endorsement may be the ones who pay a price at the polls, as Republican voters punish them for trying to help elect Hillary Clinton.

  • William H. Hutchison III

    In Alaska, Murky Lisa Murkowski raced near the head of the pack of cowards in cancelling her support of a Trump presidency. A recent poll indicates Trump is still Alaska’s choice for president. Joe Miller is the candidate who should get our nod on election day, to replace Murky.

    • drbhelthi

      All the females who recently reversed their position on Trump can be traced to one basic commonality, religious affiliation.

  • David Stewart

    Yep, Donny’s safe unless the Party of Evil replaces Hildabeast; he’s such a buffoon, her hatefulness is all that supports him!

    • Dick

      Would you rather have an American patriot, someone who cares about the US like Trump or a criminal like Hillary who cares only about herself?

      • David Stewart

        You misunderstand; I must vote Trump; rather eat a bug, tho! Would not EVER consider the Queen of Dishonesty.

  • Nana

    Paul Ryan, and company, was responsible for the tape of Trump. He thought if he could get Trump out, maybe somehow he could get in the line of succession to be President. How wrong could you be, Ryan? It has backfired!

  • DonaldCaliion

    The GOP establishment and the Democrat establishment are in cahoots with each other and both of them want to maintain the status quo so that their play houses remain intact…..Senator Lee from Utah, Senator McPain from AZ, Congressman Paul Ryan from WI and a few other RINOs are showing themselves to be the pussy cats that they are…..We gave them back the House and then we gave them back the Senate and what do we have to show for it……Not a damned thing!!!!!! Speaker Ryan & the head of the Senate, Mitch McConnell are the two weakest GOP leaders in memory…..Trump 2016

    • drbhelthi

      I think the title, “treasonist” fits much better than pussy cat.

      • DonaldCaliion

        I can’t argue with your assumption………….Either way there’s not a nickles worth of difference between the two establishments…..

        Donald Cody

        • drbhelthi

          It was very interesting to me that George H. W. Bush was reported to have said he would vote for Hillary Clinton. He has been the Clinton´s “boss” since 1974, if not earlier.

          • DonaldCaliion

            Ole Read my Lips…….No new taxes……H. W. Bush has become much like Barry Goldwater became in his old age….battering, doddering and senile………It was a total shame how Clinton conned the people of Haiti after their misfortunes….

            Donald Cody

          • PATRICIA MEAD

            It’s Clinton/Bush/Mad. Albright/Cruz and a host of traitors bent on a global nation to replace national sovereignty, that which Britain’s people have voted to abandon.

    • PCisAfalsegod

      “The GOP establishment and the Democrat establishment are in cahoots with each other” It’s always been this way. We have the ILLUSION of CHOICE, however both sides of the coin are big government, more control, more wars, more debt, and global governance. Ignore the fake party platforms and look at reality my friends.

      • DonaldCaliion

        Both sides of the coin represent big government is very true and factual…..That’s the reason the establishment in both parties are fearful of an outsider becoming president….They want to save their profitable power structures at any cost….Even electing Hillary Clinton is better for them than having Donald Trump as president….Time we Americans begin to set aside our party affiliations and join hands by electing Donald J. Trump as our next president…..

        Donald Cody

    • Bama Bill

      How about some cut in their benefits? SEIU out, wages reduced to private rates. Politicians, put them into the Veterans Admin. for healthcare. Without SEIU in control of VA employees, we could fire the do nothings. Save tons of money on health care, we pay about $900/mo. for each family plan. Govt. employee pays $400. Take away their pension, let them get S.S. like everyone else gets. Let voters set their salaries, instead of them voting themselves a pay raise! That “Ticks me off”!

      • DonaldCaliion

        I agree with most of what you say and I would even stretch it a bit further……Take away their hundreds of perks….The founding fathers didn’t envision that those we send to Washington to represent us be treated like royalty……The citizens of this country must wake up and take back this country of ours that has been taken over by the far left wing progressive liberals….This coming November is our last best chance……If Bill and Hillary return to the WH then all bets are off on America’s continued survival….

        Donald Cody

        • Bama Bill

          I’m confused? Won’t it be Hillary president, and Huma “First Lady”? That is what I read their current arrangement is? Or will Bill be the “First guy”? “Abedin has long been rumored to be Hillary’s lesbian lover”. And ”
          “He (Bill Clinton) said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had,” Flowers claimed.”
          We have “Michelle”, born as “Michael” before sex change in White House now. They flew to Africa to adopt two daughters. Lesbians next? NO, Please! ENOUGH!

          • DonaldCaliion

            It is confusing, isn’t it……………We know that the moochers will vote for whomever the democrats nominate….Now that the moocher class is approaching more than 50% it will take divine interference to ever see a conservative elected POTUS again…..My guess is that out of a 100 senators that we would fine it very difficult to fine 10 conservatives…We have four types representing us in Washington with the most influential being the professional lobbyists….Then we have the democrat blood suckers followed by the RINOs and then lastly the ten or less conservatives…..How anyone could wish for the Clinton’s to occupy the WH again is beyond my wildest imagination……

            Donald Cody

  • drbhelthi

    The debates are set-ups for Clinton to appear better. Debates may be entertaining and reflect debating skills, but the US president needs administrative skills, not debating skills. Nor do debates alter the past history of the debaters.

    Trump did not commit treason against Nixon and the USA in 1974, did not assist with the CIA cocaine transport through Mena in the 1980s, has not used the White House to acquire millions in profit, does not have a list of between 60-90 strange deaths of close associates chained to his history. Hillary Clinton has all the above and a list of additional criminal activities.

    • So true! We should all remember that regardless of what Hillary says, she has never delivered anything to anyone except for her lining her own pockets and the pockets of donors to the Clinton Foundation. Plus all of her promises are just more lies. She even lies about lying. She cannot be trusted in anything she says. She and her husband are the most corrupt politicians ever. Interestingly enough, over 60 suicides and accidents have resulted in the deaths of those closely connected to the Clintons over the years – ever since Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas. And the Clintons are the only ones who had a motive connected to these deaths. Of course the MSM would never bring up these deaths because they and the Democratic Party, Soros and globalists are so complicit in the Clinton’s continued corruption. Do an Internet search for the Clinton’s body count for more information and then ask yourself if you would even consider voting serial killers into the highest office in the land.

      • drbhelthi

        – I am not so sure that the strange deaths did not begin before Wm was governor of Arkansas – – . He was a CIA operative for the Rhodes Scolarship in the UK.

      • the bird man

        did she learn from harry reid how to lie

  • Ektor

    Yes, my views have been changed. The liberals, the media and RINOs are the lowest scum on the planet. Trump rocks.

  • stick

    Proof Voter Fraud…

    Have any of you anti -Trumpers ever heard how women talk in the locker room. Some of the talk is worse than the men’s. Get off of your “Holier Than Thou” BS and wake up to reality. Your kids learn more crude crap in school or on the street than they will ever learn from home. Do your kids come right out and ask about the Birds & Bees??? Most do not because they learned it all from hearsay in school. All of you people who seem horrified by a tape from 11 years ago are terribly stupid, at least not looking at what the media is doing to your sense of what is right. The media is biased against Trump. The MEDIA is controlled by Hillary and the left wing progressive LIBERALS….You all are brain dead you just don’t grasp what is truly the truth….you are being led around by the nose like sheep not wanting to hear nor try to understand what this country needs. ONE QUESTION and BE HONEST with YOURSELF:: What has Hillary ever done for our country???? I live here in NY and I can tell you she did absolutely nothing for NY while she was a senator. She has been a failure in whatever she has done. People have died because of her actions. OH!!! forgot… this point what difference does it make…..NAMELY 4 dead American CITIZENS while she did absolutely nothing. Ask yourself this….how would you feel if it had been your son, husband, or father that had died because of lack support.
    HILLARY is NOT EQUIPPED to ever be a PRESIDENT in support of the American People she has shown that by her non support in BENGHAZI FIASCO.

  • Bama Bill

    Hm? Hillary gets 17 contracts in Egypt for Lockheed. Lockheed donates to Klinton Floundation, Comey also works as head of LM’s legal dept!? He gets a “$6,000,000 Golden Parachute”!!! Then Comey says, “Nothing to prosecute here folks”! I can smell the “Manure pile” from way down here in “Bama”! Make sense to y’all?

    • drbhelthi

      Have you noticed how Hillary´s constituency in Alabama has teamed up on Judge Moore ? Are Alabamans even aware of what´s going on in Judge Moore´s case ?

  • Ted Skibinski

    democRATicans GO HOME ! We THE PEOPLE want TRUMP ! Traitors to the Party MUST lose their party FUNDING and volunteers , they want to do it ALONE >so BE it !


    This election is about America as a sovereign nation, not about sex. Trump is right about NATO, the Bush/Clinton plan for a new world order. Those globalist like Ted Cruz and Republicans who will not support Trump have already pledged their support for open borders, a huge part of the new world order that will forever end America as an independent nation. NATO global leadership means that our armed services will serve as global policemen and global social workers while US taxpayers pay the bill. Chief advocate for NATO expansion is STROBE TALBOTT, Clinton’s personal foreign policy advisor and Rhodes scholar roommate. There lies the future of America, Trump or globalist Clinton?

  • gypsy314

    Ryan and Mitch must step down NOW