The FBI Is Hiding Something About Their Investigation Into Hillary Clinton

Republicans in Congress demanded the FBI turn over their notes from the agency’s interview with Hillary regarding her private email server.

The agency dragged their feet.

But when the documents were turned over, most of the information was hidden.

Hillary’s emails contained so much classified information that the notes were heavily redacted.

Not even members of Congress possessed the appropriate security clearance to view the notes.

Fox News reports:

A congressional source confirmed to Fox News Tuesday that the House Government Oversight Committee had received a heavily redacted FBI summary of Hillary Clinton’s session last month with FBI agents who interviewed her about her use of a private server for government business. The agents’ notes were provided as well.


Separately, the Republican chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee confirmed that even he does not have a high enough security clearance to read the documents in full.


“As the chairman of the chief investigative body in the House, it is significant I can’t even read these documents in their entirety,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah told Fox News.“This shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified to this day, on the former Secretary’s unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable.”


The fact that portions of the FBI investigative file are heavily redacted and must be held and read by lawmakers in a secure facility on Capitol Hill shows how classified the material remains, despite claims made by the Clinton campaign.


The campaign’s call to release the FBI agents’ notes appears suspect because the material is too highly classified to make public.The FBI told the committee that the documents cannot be released in part or in full without prior agency approval.


“This information being highly classified according to the FBI is in direct conflict with what the State Department and Ms. Clinton have said is on the server. You could not have it both ways,” former military intelligence officer Tony Shaffer said. “You cannot say one day this is unclassified ‘nothing to see here’ and the next day, only certain people can see this and you must not be able to take it outside of a secure facility.”

This just proves Hillary Clinton is a liar.

She claimed she never sent or received any information that was marked classified.

But the redacted notes — clearly hiding information that was so classified not even a committee chair could read it — indicate Hillary should have known classified intelligence was on her server.

The redacted notes also call into question FBI Director Comey’s decision not to recommend criminal charges be brought against Hillary.

As more details emerge, critics are convinced Director Comey failed to recommend charges because Obama endorsed Hillary for President.

Announcing Hillary should be charged just weeks before she was to accept the Democrat Party’s nomination for president would have thrown the race into chaos.

It also may have handed the nomination to Bernie Sanders, a candidate many believe because of his socialist views was too extreme to win a presidential election.

If Hillary was indicted and lost to Trump, Republicans could dismantle Obama’s entire agenda.

Protecting his achievements — namely ObamaCare — is a central reason Obama endorsed Hillary and has fiercely attacked Donald Trump.

And many believe the FBI took a dive on the investigation because the Director got cold feet about involving the Bureau during a presidential election.



42 thoughts on “The FBI Is Hiding Something About Their Investigation Into Hillary Clinton

    1. JOL

      Wish I could post pics there is a good one going around.

      Comey is before Congressional committee and the caption is She is guilty as hell, but I do not want to die suddenly or mysteriously!

  1. Crystal

    “Protecting his achievements — namely ObamaCare — is a central reason Obama endorsed Hillary and has fiercely attacked Donald Trump”. Too bad Obama isn’t man enough to admit it just isn’t working, but then he’d have to admit he isn’t perfect, and his ego couldn’t take that.

    1. combdyn

      His “signature achievement” was NEVER intended to succeed.
      When single-payer (read nationalized medicine) was rejected
      en-mass, Dems rolled out the “nudge” of The Affordable Health Care Act.
      Knowing it was impossible to float on it’s own, it was Government subsidized from the beginning. When all the independent carriers
      could no longer afford to underwrite, only the Governments marketplace
      would be available. Nudge to nationalized medicine complete.
      Currently, we are very nearly there.
      Another part of the Alinsky / Cloward-Piven manifestos in place.

      1. SouthernPatriot

        Perfectly true. Single payer monopoly. Death panels. Choice removed. No choice installed. Regulate private health care out of business.

    1. Mogwan Boggie

      If our elected members of Gov’t cannot review these documents due to security clearance, then Who TF is reading & redacting them…Dear Comrade Commie…err…Comey?

      Doesn’t anyone think it’s just a bit odd that there is an enormous divide between the “Elected Government” who serve a 2,4 or six year term; and the Appointed ‘Permanent Government”…installed into their positions by the Elected Government who are essentially- their Bosses! And these guys of the Permanent Gov’t,.. many are appointed for life (i.e.: Supreme Court) and many hold Gov’t jobs like FBI and apparently assume positions of importance greater than the people elected to run the country by its citizens.

      This withholding of documents is total BS and stinks of Dems stonewalling. Is this what happens when political favor chits are called in?

    2. William Ingram

      What Constitution?
      We don’t have no “stinking” Constitution.
      We (do) have a bunch of spineless, wimpy Congress people and Senators.

  2. Stephen B. Childress

    Attorney General & FBI are Corrupted by Corrupt Obama & KILLARY & DNC, need to have a Pose & a good ole fashion round up

  3. Pete Slater

    The entire system is so totally corrupt that Congress should start impeachment procedures against the President Obumma FBI,Comey DOJ, Loretta Lynch IRS, Koskinen and the any who support the current Washington elite corrupt system

  4. Aihanna5

    So let’s elect her POTUS. If it were someone from the Republican party, Libertarian party, Independent party, even most from the Democrat party, they would be in prison guilty of treason; but, because her name is Clinton, she gets a pass and is the democrat nominee sick, sick, sick.

      1. JOL

        It is her time dammit, who got burned in 2008?…how dare you question those who are dying for their first female PO(TU)S to be elected!

        1. sunandfun

          You are one SICK STUPID JERK to even THINK that the LYING Clinton broad is even a LITTLE bit deserving of POTUS! She should be in PRISON, not stealing from working taxpayers!

          1. JOL

            Sarcasm sun and fun. Didn’t you notice the parenthesis around the TU? I was agreeing with southern patriot HRC needs to be indicted not president!

          2. sunandfun

            Please accept my apology. With what I’ve seen and heard about Hellory, I will never understand why people would vote for her after all the lies she has said.

          3. Roderick Lalley

            Yes their is a fix for stupid and stupid usually fixes itself !!! Sooner or later !!!

          4. William Ingram

            Trouble with STEW PED is that Demoncrats love that voting block. No Brain. No Pain. Vote Demoncrat.

          5. William Ingram

            Vlad the impaler had the correct technique to use of Hillary and Billary.
            Through the bung hole and out the mouth.

  5. chuck708

    It’s time to call for hearing on Comey and start Impeachment ASAP.
    My guess as a trained investigator is that Obama is also involved in the Hillary’s E-mail and had sent classified info to Hillary on her private server.
    This is a government cover-up which no one has ever seen before.
    Time to take politics out of Government, bring back Law & Order and Make America Great Once Again.
    TRUMP (2016)

    1. JOL

      Hillary is so smug she drags three hundred other govt workers into her problem. She answers reporters that she was out in the open with this private arrangement because all these other govt workers emailed me regarding govt business.

  6. Evy

    There’s got to be at least one honest person in the FBI. Who ever it is please come forward and save our country. Please expose this She Devil who is running for president before it’s too late!

  7. Lawrence

    The question is, why would the FBI send documents to Congress, redacted? Is the FBI saying that Congress cannot know our nation’s secrets?

    1. nicholsda

      They don’t have a high enough security clearance in most cases. But what is funny is the HilLIARy still claims to this day that she never received or sent anything from her server that was classified. So either they should not be redacted or she is lying. I’ll leave it up to you as to which I think it is.

      1. Lawrence

        It is funny that the Congress of the United States has a lower security clearance then the FBI. We all know she is hiding something.

        1. nicholsda

          If she wasn’t trying to hide something, you have to ask why she went to such great steps to violate US law. What she has tried to hide is that they made financial gains by selling the office of Sec of State.

  8. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Okay, more proof she’s a criminal. What are you going to do about it, indict her? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  9. drbhelthi

    Hitlery Clinton is an example of what former USAF colonel Fletcher Prouty explained in his original, 1974 semi-autobiography, “The Secret Team: the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World”. Hitlary´s treason in the 1974 “Impeach Nixon” committee remains unpunished, 42 years later. Why? Because she was carrying out an order of the Bush/CIA. More recently, the Benghazi treason was a continuation of the WWII NAZI Bush/CIA plan – in collaboration with Judaism´s MOSSAD. Thus, it was “covered” by the FBI, via intimidation of the chief by the CIA/MOSSAD, most likely. Such chiefs are not intimidated by threats of death, but are readily intimidated by threats to their spouses and children. Any USGov employee who is non-CIA/MOSSAD, would be immediately sent into retirement or fired for any deliberate, singular infraction of “Top-Secret” documents, a chain of which infractions has accummulated behind Mrs. H. Clinton.
    Many USGov employees, GS-13 and above, have been on the fringe of such events and witnessed them over the course of their careers. The continued treasonous actions of Mrs. Clinton continue only with the authority of the occupant of the USPresidency. Which occupant has yet to reveal his true identity, which identity might be leaked after the death of his very elderly sire. The statement by former CIA agent, Dr. Jim Garrow, that the alias, Barrak H. Obama is a Saudi spy provides a link to the truth. Who will reveal that the Clinton duo are CIA/MOSSAD operatives ? Hitlary´s statements in the following video reveal quite a bit…

  10. My country

    She has always gotten away with murder literally. Yet with everything her and Bill have done you would think at least there would have been one stand up person who would have put these two in prison She panders to the blacks just for their votes wonder why they go to prison for less than their beloved hag ?

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