The FBI Just Unearthed Devastating Evidence Against Hillary

Is Hillary Clinton headed to jail?

For months, Hillary and her team have sought to downplay the legal jeopardy surrounding the use of her private email server to transmit classified intelligence.

But the latest admission from the FBI could signal that her case is about to take a turn for the worse.

According to a report in the Washington Examiner, the FBI has recovered records from her private server and is holding them as evidence:

FBI agents have confirmed that they recovered records from Hillary Clinton’s private server and other electronic devices, but won’t reveal any details about those records because that information is being treated as “evidence” in a “pending investigation.”

“[A]ll of the materials retrieved from any electronic equipment obtained from former Secretary Clinton for the investigation are evidence, potential evidence, or information that has not yet been assessed for evidentiary value,” the FBI said in documents filed with a federal court Monday.

While media reports last year suggested the law enforcement agency had some success pulling potentially deleted emails off Clinton’s private server, which it seized in August, the FBI had previously shied away from confirming the existence of recovered records. It also hadn’t revealed any details about what was being considered “evidence” in its high-profile investigation.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, the number of FBI personnel involved in and having knowledge of the pending investigation is limited,” the FBI said in the filings.

The admission that the FBI was holding the records as evidence raised eyebrows everywhere.

Why would the FBI be holding evidence unless charges were going to be brought?

At first, Hillary tried to claim the FBI investigation was just a “security inquiry”.

The FBI said, “Not so fast!”

They declared it was a full-blown investigation.

Fox News reports:

“Hillary Clinton for months has downplayed the FBI investigation into her private email server and practices as a mere “security inquiry.”

But when asked Wednesday by Fox News about Clinton’s characterization of the bureau’s probe, FBI Director James Comey said he doesn’t know what “security inquiry” means — adding, “We’re conducting an investigation. … That’s what we do.”

The FBI director reiterated that he’s “not familiar with the term security inquiry” when told that is the phrase Clinton has used.”

Hillary has lied repeatedly throughout this scandal.

And every lie has blown up in her face.

But so far, she has only paid a political price.

Will she be held accountable with charges and a criminal prosecution?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • Steva Howerton Guthrie

    Arrest Her Already!!!! Make America Happy Again!!!

  • Boomer

    Only a matter of time, charges, and counts

  • Gerry Alpizar

    I am a progressive Marine veteran. I’ve seen people go down for the tiniest fraction of mishandling classified material. I would like to see justice and clean out the corruption from any side of the aisle. Hillary has not cooperated and has openly lied. let justice prevail though the heavens fall. #indictHillary

    • Dennis Martin

      I have a coworker that served in the military too. He also claims to be a “Progressive”. The progressive movement seems to want to change America in my view. The opening of the bathrooms to trans is a progressive movement, the building of a bigger government is a progressive movement, abortion is a progressive movement, taking from the makers and giving to the takers is a progressive movement……. isn’t this counter productive to a service member? Fight for America and believe in taking away or individual freedoms at the same time? Please help me understand

      • Gerry Alpizar

        FYI bathrooms are not the topic here. Indictment of a corrupt public servant is. You seem to have a skewed concept of what a progressive is. Trams gender people have been using their bathroom of choice for years. Zero incidents of molestation or attack. Aren’t ladies rooms stalls? Bigger government? So you’re okay with a huge war machine and sending our troops to die to protect corporate wealth and power? You’re okay with corporations receiving corporate welfare? You’re ok with forty cents of every dollar we spend going to third party contractors who no longer reside in this country? You claim an erosion of individuals right, but you want the government to have say over a woman’s personal choice over her body? You really need to revisit that whole makers and takers talking point. Our tax dollars should be spent on infrastructure, healthcare, education and not supporting multinational corporations. 36 years of trickle down economics has destroyed the working class. The true makers are being crushed by neoliberal and neocon polices. You need to stop repeating the talking points and research Eisenhower and FDR. We had the strongest most productive working class come from their policies. 80% of people on food stamps work more than 40 hours a week. 50% of the working class in this country make less than $30k a year. We are being turned into a third world country and your talking points help them keep control. I pray you wake up #indictHillary

        • Ed Martin

          Public servant? Public liar fired in Whitewater trial, associated with over 50 mysterious deaths in Arkansas, foul mouthed, hated by her secret service, stayed with Bill after oral office Monica sex scandal, let Ambassador Stevens and three hero seals die refusing to provide them help as they asked for it before 911 and firing the Benghazi attack as she blamed it on a video but hold her daughter it was a terrorist attack. She also is being investigated by 149 special FBI agents for illegal Clinton Foundation donations and illegal campaign foreign donations in addition to the email server.

          During the attack in Benghazi she went home and he sleep so the 3am phone call she promised to be there for did not get answers during Benghazi. Also Obama left during the attack to go to a western campaign stop.

          So yes Attorney General Loretta Lynch promised she will be treated exactly as any other citizen would if there is a trial and if she gets a grand jury recommendation to go to trial she will do it

          MY idea is yes Hillary will go to trial be found guilty of crimes then be pardoned by Obama and still run then in November. I just see no way she won’t run either because the trial won’t have occurred by then or because a quick near don has ocvured. BUT THIS WILL BE A HUGE EMBARRASMENTBTO OBAMA HILLARY AND DEMO AND LIKELY WOULD HURT HER VERY BADLY IN NOVEMBER

          • Judith

            I suggest everyone who wants HILLARY to be held responsible for her Bengazi scandal and/ or using her personal cell phone to send government information, should write up a PETITION stating that she should be tried for her actions, or at least not allowed to run for ANY office.
            If we
            get enough signatures on the petitions, we may be able to stop her from being allowed to even run for office! I for one…will be happy to do this with my friends and neighbors! Say yes…if u are willing to do so…I know I am…will u join me!? After doing this…I believe we can send it to,the Department of Justice and/or Judicial Watch

          • Ed Martin

            Agreed so start one and send to your email list and congress and major media and ask them to forward it along. Send it to me at [email protected] and I will pass it to my long list asking them tp pss it to others and sign it like me. Then where does it get sent to? RNC and DNC chairs Priebus and Wasserman?

          • Stephen Korup

            I’ll sign it as Well . [email protected]

      • Ed Martin


      • Ed Martin

        Yes you are exactly right

      • rouge1

        Progressive is another word for socialist. The words communist and facist got a bad rap after they murdered millions of people in search of their utopian world. If you look at the US medias position on both of those forms of socialism before ww2 they were all praises and identified with them. After the people saw the horrors of these utopian governments the words communist and facist were associated with death and tyranny, so the media and want to be tyrants started to call themselves progressives to make the useful idiots feel more comfortable.

    • Ed Martin

      Amen leads clean it up totally in DC and throw all of them out and maybe some will get put in but should not unless they quit the usual crap and since we can not be sure just throw all.out and REALLY FIND OUT ABOUT ANYONE WE WILL VOTE FOR..WE DO NOT NEED POLITICIANS. WE NEED PATRIOTS THAT WILL FIX OBAMA’S SCREW UPS AND THOSE OF HILLARY AN CONGRESS AND OUR SENATE.

      • Ed Martin

        Should read let’s clean it up not leads clean it up

    • Ed Martin

      Progressive as said below drains our country, hurts it.

  • Steve Cornia

    There is no law for Clinton. She will do whatever she wants regardless of what any law said. Laws are for the “unwashed” masses not for the powerful. Hoping she will held be accountable is a pipe dream. She never has and never will in mortality. The powers that are pulling her strings have too much invested in her staying in power

    • Ed Martin

      She will be found to be a criminal as legal experts point out citing specific US laws she broke and she signed a document saying she will protect the people’s email comm u nications marked classified or not classified then on purpose lied and used her own non secure server hacked into by Romanian man and Rusdia ( just Google search it).

  • Don Harmon

    This is not a problem for Hillary. Yes, the FBI will do a thorough job, and yes, she committed felonies against national security for which she should be indicted and tried. And yes, the FBI will duly file a complete and damning report with AG Loretta Lynch.

    Means nothing. Mr. Obama will not destroy his party’s easy win of the Presidency. He has told Ms. Lynch to go slow, and to do and say nothing until Hillary is comfortably at home in the White House. Ms. Lynch is loyal to her boss and will do as she has been told. FBI Director James Comey is honest, but will not violate the law by leaking the report or any information from it.

    Then, in his last weeks in office, Mr. Obama will pardon Hillary, just as Pres. Ford pardoned Pres. Nixon. If pressed hard before the election, Mr. Obama and Ms. Lynch will say “this is a complex and difficult investigation and we are not going to comment on it while it is still in progress.”

    • Dick

      And then after Hillary steals the election, she will become president an pardon Obama and his cronies.

    • Ed Martin

      Well Lynch if she does as you say is a liar as on national TV she said Hillary will get treated exactly as any other citizen with the same charges.

  • William Ingram

    They have powerful friends. They (Bill and Hill) will never be charged.

    • Gerry Alpizar

      We need to come together regardless of party and insure that she does. No more corruption regardless of party.

      • William Ingram

        Huck Fillary
        Hill & Billary will Uuck Fs (EVERY CHANCE THEY CAN)

  • Phil Esposito

    Dear God, Please let the FBI have enough evidence to prosecute Clinton. Please also let the atty gen have the balls to prosecute her. AMEN.

  • terry

    Just prosecute her already! Petraeus did less and was crucified for it so Hillary should get more than him!

    • Jake319

      Lol… You conservatives have investigated the Clinton’s forever. Haven’t proof sh$t
      Conservatives don’t have a leader that compares to the Clinton’s or Obama. It’s just a matter of envy then a criminal witch hunt…..that wastes tax payer money

      • terry

        No they were investigated but you coward Democrats don’t want to be dead like the rest of their victims! When Nixon was caught at least the Republican party forced him to resign because of their principles! But the scumbag Democrats will never do that because then she would bring all of them down!

      • terry

        Wow Jake319 I see you drink a lot of the liberal Koolaid! But remember you Democrats allowed Bill Clinton to commit Perjury which is a felony! And then you stopped him from being impeached showing the lack of morals and ethics! But remember Watergate the Republicans had the balls to force Nixon to resign which your crooked party didn’t do! They had the balls to kick Hillary Clinton off the Watergate Staff for improprieties and ethics violations but you Democrats don’t want to remember that!

  • James Hobson

    Nothing will come of all this. Americans better get armed.

  • nicholsda

    I would love nothing more than to see the FBI and SS perp walk her off the stage at the DNC convention just before she gives her acceptance speech. But being a Clinton , chances of that are mighty slim. 🙁


    I am a diehard Feminist, always have been and it completely baffles me as to why so many women want to follow and defend this woman. She hasn’t done a single thing in her entire life ‘for’ women. She is more than happy to throw us all under the bus for her own gain. There isn’t a socialist country anywhere on this globe that is good for anyone, but most especially they are bad for women. I wouldn’t vote for the Hidabeast if someone paid me. I do hope one day there is an intelligent, educated, well rounded woman who makes it into the WH, but god knows this woman isn’t the one. Hillary is doing for women in politics what Obama has done for the blacks.

  • Dionysus

    Hillary Clinton has a “tell” (an unconscious action that is thought to betray an attempted deception.): she nods her head whenever she lies, or is about to lie.
    Bill Clinton also has a “tell.” He wags a crooked first finger whenever he lies, or is about to lie. Do you remember his wagging crooked finger when he claimed: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski.” I hope Donald Trump and conservatives will use these “tells” to combat the Clinton machine.

    • Jake319

      Your delirious

      • Dionysus

        Your reply is about as accurate as your grammar.

        • Jake319

          I see nothing in my grammar that supports your reply. Seeing your the one who is profiling some one you only know through the lense of corporate media. You are truly a bore. Congratulations.

      • Judith

        Read the headlines “The FBI Just Unearthed Devastating Evidence Against HILLARY”…that speaks VOLUMNS!

  • USDefender

    Stop and put down this Hillary for all her absurd lies to the American people and a history of exposing our people to danger and lying about it! Hillary has proven throughout her government positional activities she lies and confiscates money to enrich herself, yet expects to continue to get away with it… She believes she is above the law!
    Bilking the American public and the act of selling special influence to foreign officials with our government is wrong, and beyond belief for any sworn government official. She has thereby endangered every American by the things she’s done. Some disgusting history, very shameful…

    • Jake319

      It’s shameful that your handle is usdefender.

  • send her to prison……

  • al003

    Hillary is exactly who she is… She has been a crook, liar and thief all of her life, go back and read her thesis as she finished college… Go back and see what she did immediately after college.. Take a long look and Red Bone and her investment and then see how much she reaped by his manipulating of stocks.
    Now consider the clown she married and the long line of sleaze that has followed her and Bill the rapist…
    They have some 70 close friends who have died under strange circumstances after entering into business or even associations with the Clintons…
    Wake up people, these two people are the scum of the earth and hopefully they will rot in hell forever.
    The Wall Street Journal wrote a complete set of books on Bill and Hillary as they were living their lives in Arkansas and later in the White House… I had themall at one time, but loaning them out to others was not a good idea and they slowly disappeared.
    Benghazi — was not what is portrayed by the media… Benghazi was a scam to swap the Ambassador for the Blind Sheik… Follow the actions of Morsi after Obama got him in office in Egypt…. Morsi was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Obama put him in Office, and anyone with an ounce of sense can follow the bread crumbs…. Check out who Hillary sent a email to on the night of Benghazi = MORSI!! Why would she send an email to Morsi — to let him know that the ‘chicken was ready to be picked up’… the Ambassador was the chicken…This was supposed to be a simple deal. A sham kidnapping, a swap of the Ambassador for the Blind Sheik and everyone is alive and Obama is the Hero and the Blind Sheik is back home in Egypt with Morsi…
    Hillary was to remove all security from Benghazi – and she did.
    Morsi was supposed to create the sham demonstration, and blow a hole in the wall. And AAS did that.
    The Ambassador was supposed to go up on the roof of the building and hide in the storage room – and he did.
    The ‘Standing Order’ of the night was ‘STAND DOWN’ And Obama did that.
    But no one told the ex-Seals who worked for the Brits and they were at the CIA Annex along with 22 CIA Operatives and one OINC who were part of the game.
    When the ex-Seals heard the explosion at the Compound they decided to go and save the Compound and all hell broke loose. STAND DOWN MEANT ZERO TO THESE GUYS….

  • Dr. J

    I think That the Clinton’s still believe that they can any and everything because they feel that they are above the law. Look at Bill, impeached but stayed in office, What’s up with that? and Crooked H. Stay tuned. But don’t hold your breath.

    • Judith

      I believe, based on the fact that the FBI IS investigating Hillary, per Newsmax, and other reports, that she should be ineligible to run for ANY office. She is already, seemingly, circumventing the FBI from doing it’s job, since the FBI…it is said… has evidence that she was remiss in her duties as Secretary of State due to her sending government emails using her private server, which she is not supposed to do…plus her Bengazi scandal in which several of our military soldiers died while she was there…doing NOTHING! Is this really the kind of person we want as President!?? The “militant” MUSLIMS must be LOL…especially the way they see women as subserviant and weak! They probably will feel that Americans are weak to elect a WOMAN president…because of their cultural beliefs, and may, if she wins the presidential election… look at Americans as weaklings and feel this is a SIGN that this is the perfect time to start an ALL OUT jihad against the U.S.! I am not labeling ALL MUSLIMS as radicals…the problem is we don’t know how many RADICAL MUSLIMS may already be in the U.S., especially since OBAMA is so willing to admit “undocumented” Muslims! And HILLARY seems to want to follow in his shoes!
      It is my personal belief, since the FBI is investigating her already, that she should NOT be eligible to run for ANY political office, PERIOD,
      until she is cleared of ALL wrong doing! Before voting for her ask yourself these questions. u believe she should be fully cleared by the FBI BEFORE being eligible to run?!
      2..If she becomes President…do u think we Americans will ever find out the truth from the FBI, or, will her scandals be covered up!?
      3..Do u feel she is running for President out of concern for America…in light of all her scandals, which put American lives at risk!
      4. Do u think…just maybe… becoming President is one way to prevent being charged with her flawed Secretary of State issues…thus invoking ” Diplomatic Immunity!? Seemed to have worked well for OBAMA!
      All I know…though I am not crazy about Donald Trump, either, anyone would be much better than HILLARY.

  • Judith

    Hillary, in my opinion, is a greedy, corrupt TRAITOR, who, perhaps is running for President since it may give her “diplomatic immunity” until the “Statutes of Limitation” run out for her to be able to be prosecuted on her Bengazi and cell phone scandals!! I read that she couldn’t be touched by those scandals because OBAMA protected her! Now that OBAMA can soon no longer do that; perhaps she is running for president so she can get “diplomatic immunity” I could be wrong; but, why else would she not answer certain reporters questions, as reported by, I believe, Newsmax!? Perhaps she wanted to avoid the FOIA (freedom of information act) by BLARING a loud “foghorn” every time a reporter tried to ask her about her “Bengazi” and email scandals at one of her rally’s! Obviously, to me, the foghorn was set up (anticipating this question)! If she had nothing to hide…why would she do this!? This leads me to believe…she DEFINITELY has something to hide!! If u want to vote for her…that is, of course, your right! It would mean, in my opinion, more years of “OBAMA” ideology…
    with his trillion dollar giveaways to the Middle..East; and, the trillion dollars (I may be wrong about the exact amount) to Cuba…all while fully knowing that the U.S.A. economy is already struggling!! BTW…the fiasco of giving Cuba money, again…for nothing more than their “promise” to give freedom to their people…turned out to be another of his BRILLIANT ideas! The news media reported that before he left Cuba, and was STILL at its airport a few miles away, a group of Cuban women were
    PEACEABLY demonstrating for freedom…and were immediately arrested by Cuban police…so much for Cuba’s agreement to give its people freedom!! Now THEY can get a nuclear bomb if THEY want and aim it at Florida or beyond! Using our hard earned tax money! I remember as a young woman when Cuba’s Fidel Castro had a bomb aimed @ Florida and beyond, and were threatening to use it…now, they probably can build a bigger and better Bomb with the money OBAMA so easily gave them and threaten the U.S. with a much more dangerous bomb.
    We the people better wake up and look at what has been happening in our own country! According to what I have heard through our news media…both TV and computer…America was already in deep financial debt BEFORE Obama’s generous give-a-ways to (not our allies…but our adversaries) thus making them stronger while “TANKING” our economy (with full knowledge of our own economic problems)! WE THE PEOPLE needed that money to save our OWN economy…yet WE let him get away with exceeding his executive powers, instead of having him impeached and removed from office! He should have been impeached long ago! While he was giving all our tax dollars to former ( or existing) enemies…he had to know this would bring us into a possible depression. WELL…it looks like he has reached his goals!! A vote for HILLARY, in spite of all HER proven scandals, greed, etc. will be an end to our security, in my opinion! OBAMA did a great job of bringing our already weak economy down to possibly a worse depression than we have EVER HAD. That is where we are headed as those of you who have been paying attention to the news, well knows!! We Americans can only blame ourselves for voting him in for a second term after the lousy first term he had. I was stupid enough to vote for him the first time…and now regret it; but, after I paid attention to his first term, I absolutely DID NOT vote for him the second time! Now, it is reported we are on the verge of another DEPRESSION, which is predicted to be worse than all previous depressions. If u want more of the same…since HILLARY seems to have gone along with all his spending w/o questioning anything, go ahead and vote for her. This will give u liberals, maybe, the distinguished achievement of helping to bring the U.S.A.
    to her knees! Perhaps, Hillary will want to also follow OBAMA’s example and bring more undocumented Muslims into the U.S….give more of our “hard earned tax money away to hostile countries, so we can experience more mass murders, etc. We Americans better wake up and get serious and more knowledgeable about who we elect into office! We need to scrutinize and challenge candidates as to their intentions once they get in office and do research on candidates, where possible, when what they say seems to not coincide with their history. Definitely…we should NOT vote for a candidate who came out of nowhere and we know absolutely nothing about!! I hope before anyone votes for HILLARY…that they will think hard about her BENGAZI and cell-phone scandals…and the fact she was perhaps protected by OBAMA about her scandals…thus she would likely OWE OBAMA, for protecting HER and would most likely be beholden to HIM more than the U.S. Can’t say this is fact…just a good possibility, in my opinion!

  • Judith

    I would like to suggest that everyone reading this message write a petition DEMANDING that The Department of Justice holds HILLARY responsible for her actions in Bengazi, while Secretary of State, in which several of our soldiers died. If each person takes his/ her petition to all their neighbors and friends…and send them to the DOJ, perhaps the Department of Justice will take action against her!

  • Ed Martin

    from Judith below…lets do as she suggets.


    I suggest everyone who wants HILLARY to be held responsible for her Bengazi scandal and/ or using her personal cell phone to send government information, should write up a PETITION stating that she should be tried for her actions, or at least not allowed to run for ANY office.

    If we

    get enough signatures on the petitions, we may be able to stop her from being allowed to even run for office! I for one…will be happy to do this with my friends and neighbors! Say yes…if u are willing to do so…I know I am…will u join me!? After doing this…I believe we can send it to,the Department of Justice and/or Judicial Watch

  • Judith

    I believe HILLARY Clinton should not be allowed to run for ANY political office…much less PRESIDENT, until a COMPLETE investigation is done with the results revealed. If found totally innocent, then O.K. If found guilty of what is being investigated…she should be tried! PERIOD! If she runs for office and wins; then, is found guilty afterward…could she then claim diplomatic immunity? If found guilty…she should be tried as any other ordinary citizen!