“The Forgotten Have Risen Up” With Trump Victory

Steve Bannon, Chief Executive of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, recently spoke about the path to victory, and the future of the nation with an unexpected change in the status quo.

In a recent Breitbart radio show, Bannon casually remarked on the reasons for Trump’s election as our next President of the United States, a result that came as no surprise to Bannon.

“Don’t think people aren’t listening to you,” Bannon said on the program, referring to the fact that despite what the media reported, and the naysayers who would never accept that Hillary would be defeated, the American people are intelligent and have a mind of their own.

The American people were listening to Trump’s promises to “Make America Great Again,” — and they were also listening to the lies and deceitful remarks of Hillary Clinton.

They were fed up, beaten down, and were not going to stand for more of the same from another Clinton presidency.

Bannon explained that Trump’s victory was the inevitable result of the American people demanding change, after being shackled by the failed policies of the Obama Administration.

“You know, you and I said, ‘Watch the money markets start to implode,’” he reminisced. “I think it was the early exit – we got early exit polls – which had demographics and what you just talked about, where the American people were. And also, I had some early exits, actually, how the candidates had done, and I will tell you that if you looked at those early exit polls, you were probably not thinking that we were going to be celebrating over at the Hilton Hotel last night, because the early exit polls looked quite grim. I spent some time and tried to collect myself and just looked at the demographics, and also at the questions that cut to the heart of what you just said about the change and wanting change. So people just said, ‘Okay, we’re going to go about our normal work because obviously the exit polls can’t be correct.’


Bannon said he “never doubted for a second” that Trump would win.

After a long and grueling presidential campaign between Trump and Clinton, the nation was more divided than it has been in decades.

Clinton’s supporters seemed to be completely unfazed by all of the evidence of her wrongdoings in public life — her lies, her cover-ups, and her arrogance that the American people weren’t smart enough to see who she really was.

The liberal mainstream media repeatedly attacked Donald Trump and used every opportunity to pounce on his character — all while protecting that of Clinton by whitewashing anything negative to come out against her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to see the media meltdown,” stated Bannon, as he was too busy watching Trump’s numbers on election night to pay attention to the cries of defeat from liberal “journalists.”

It appears Hillary Clinton had the whole country under the impression that her power could never be controlled.

The nation appeared to be in shock during the early morning hours following Election Day, as Trump was declared the President-elect.

Democrats on Capitol Hill and students on college campuses were offered time with “therapy dogs, ” “grief counseling” and “safe spaces” to accept the shocking truth that  Hillary’s rise to the highest office in the land was cut short by hardworking, everyday Americans who demanded that our country change direction — before it was too late.

“This victory is your victory,” Bannon stressed to the Breitbart News Daily audience. “The people that ought to be taking the victory lap this morning are the listeners to the show, and people that don’t listen to the show but are kindred spirits because it was a great victory for us, as Mr. Trump said in his speech last night – ‘the forgotten men and women of this country’ that have really been the backbone of this country.”