The Former Attorney General Is Taking A Stab At Trump

Obama’s former administration still have their relevance within the community, it seems.

While James Comey, former FBI Director under Obama, has been a topic of controversy in the news lately, Obama’s former attorney general is taking the spotlight this week.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder just took a stab at Trump—but his accusations may have backfired.

Eric Holder claimed in an interview with MSNBC’s “All In” that President Trump makes his own rules as president.

He claimed Trump puts his followers above all others, and treats Americans unfairly.

Holder also alluded that the President, ironically, does not follow Constitutional law.

Compared to former president Barack Obama, Trump is an avid protector of Constitutional freedoms, and has been working to ensure a safe America for all citizens.

Breitbart reported:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” former Attorney General Eric Holder stated President Trump doesn’t believe in the rule of law and takes a “situational” approach where he wants to treat his supporters better than everyone else.

Holder said the president “believes in situational law and order. And there is no way that I think you can resolve the tension that you have you just described [Trump’s comments on former White House staffer Rob Porter and the Cohen raid, compared with his stances on executing drug dealers and immigration]. He is not a believer in, at base, in the rule of law. He wants to make sure that those people who he likes, the people who support him are treated in one way, and those other people, whoever those other people are, are treated in a different way.”

Regardless of Holder’s accusations, President Trump has been working to ensure his administration follows the letter of the law.

When speaking about the Mike Cohen raid, Holder mentioned Trump is demanding justice for the violation of privacy, but used his approach to immigration control as a comparative force.

The way Mike Cohen has been treated in Robert Mueller’s witch hunt has been a direct violation of Constitutional law—something Trump wants to ensure will not be broken again.

On the contrary, immigration violence is a pandemic that is ravaging the country currently.

Though Trump’s methods of immigration control are more enforced than the previous administration, the job is getting done—and criminals are finally being held accountable.

Do you believe Eric Holder has any right to accuse Trump of mistreatment of American citizens?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



17 thoughts on “The Former Attorney General Is Taking A Stab At Trump

  1. Angelika G

    COMING from the HORSE’S mouth who should be in PRISON, holding hands in THERE with Lynch, Obama, Hillary, Soros and the whole rest of this bunch of CRIMINALS…….!!!! THEY were the ones TRAMPLING the CONSTITUTION and the LAWS of the land….!!!!!

    1. Mountain_Dew_518

      Obama administration including Eric Holder, Loretta Lynchmob, Hellary Clinton’s group, Waters, Peelosi and every dang one of them committed more crimes than against the American citizens than any other president of the USA. Every one of them should be in prison for the rest of their lives. They have committed so many crimes against America and if they don’t like America and the constitution and our laws, they can just get the heck out of AMERICA. Let them go to another country and try their crap and take over and see where that will land them.
      Obama administration is the scum of the earth and Soroas’s as well. Lock everyone of them up and have 1 trial with all the crimes against America they have committed in that one trial. No dragging out from 1 trial to the next. Get it over with. They broke so many laws and they are not above the law. Watergate is nothing compared to what this bunch of crooks have done. Hope they all go to prison forever with no special privileges. They will keep getting by and keep committing crimes & blame others unless they are stopped. So now it is past time to stop them so Sessions get off your lazy rear & get it done.

      1. Craig Vandertie

        Actual with Europe being ran over by millions of Moonie Muslimes than the U.S. even I am sure that their treasonous politicians would appreciate the help in them ruining the culture of their nations.

        For instance those idiots Macron and Merkel would welcome the advice in Moonie Musliming their nations.

  2. Doug Steltenpohl

    so the idiot eric the red holder,, he of the corrupt Hussein Obama administration,, he of the contempt of Congress for Fast and Furious.. eric the dope

  3. Mac147

    Holder was a racist stating that there can be no hate crime against white people, he is anti law-enforcement, he on numerous times violated the law & the Constitution for Obama & Hillary, it was obvious he hated middle class America, & on immigration he was a joke. Which seems fit because he is a very sad & bad joke that was played on the American people by President Obama.

  4. polmutant

    holder and atf selling guns to Mexican cartels. yep real credible, but then again if America was a constitutional republic non of these would be walking free. shame to see the country of my birth full of walking shame/sham.

  5. Harvey

    All of the scandals he created or helped create; Fast and Furious is number one. The only AG to be held in contempt of Congress. The man is half a quart low on his liquid shit level.

  6. Bruce

    I would never support Eric Holder. He and Obama ruined the US with their un-american policies, skirting the law to make laws they couldn’t get through congress. Giving our jobs away or making policy so any business that wasn’t with in their green norms and trying to turn us into a socialistic society with only two classes the do’s and don’ts or the rich and privilege and the working poor. He was held in contempt in the house and why would I want someone that holds Comey in high regards? Or made that bad Iranian nuclear agreement and paying them 1.5 billion dollars in cash? I wouldn’t! We would be right back to where we were when Obama held the office. You may not like pres. Trump but he’s done a better job then the last three presidents and he’s having to deal with the liberal Dem.’s trying to block everything he doe’s. They even slow walk his picks for office so it will hinder him in anyway they can. Just look at the frivolous law suet there filing against Russia, white house and wickileaks? They can’t find anything so they make up anything to slow down President Trump. There hurting the American people because they absolutely hate the president and seem not to care about the people because they don’t want to see him succeed!

  7. dprato

    If you haven’t noticed most of these Obama people are clearly delusional. Eric Holder has forgotten that he has the distinction of being the only AG in History to be held in contempt of Congress. Obama was overturned more times by Federal and the Supreme Courts than any other President in History for exceeding his authority and violated the laws of the land 78 times. Eric Holder and Obama did exactly the things he blames Trump for doing. The psychological term for it is “projection”, that is ascribing to others that which you have done yourself. Most of these folks need serious mental health therapy.

  8. Craig Vandertie

    Why oh why is anyone listening to that idiot, the only law “Bathhouse Barry Osama” followed was sharia law, what does Holder know about Constitutional law?, tying it in knots trying to get it to fit the Socialist/NWO/OWO agenda is all anyone on Osama’s former staff knows.

  9. Random Citizen

    Of course Eric Holder has the right to accuse the president of mistreatment! To the extent this is still a free country, no thanks to him, Eric Holder has the right to speak up and prove his idiocy at any time.

  10. Wmichaelmic

    This idiot needs to just disappear! He is not going to be relevant in any Presidential election and he will not receive the nomination. I kind of wish he would and could, Trump would wax the floor with him. It would be great drama or comedy, not sure which. If we’re lucky, he’ll get caught up in an upcoming investigation.

  11. Susan Smith

    Is this the same moron Eric Holder who was held in contempt?! This idoit has committed so many crimes and has not been held accountable for any as of yet!! They lie as much as Comey!! And that is saying something!! They are like a bunch of termites just eating away at our country! And have ruined so much of this country and are the reason for this horrible division going on it’s not Trump it’s the Obama crime organization!! Just shut up and jo away you have done enough damage all of you!!!! MAGA

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