The Media Destroyed Their Own Russia Narrative

For over a year, liberal media has been creating their own narrative involving Russia and the Trump campaign.

But that oversaturated narrative became their downfall, as misprint-after-misprint led to their own ratings being crushed drastically.

The media not only destroyed their own Russia narrative—but destroyed their reputation in the process.

The latest in a slew of misprints come from NBC last week.

The Daily Caller reported:

NBC initially claimed that federal investigators were listening in on Cohen’s phone calls, but it turns out they had what’s called a “pen register warrant,” which means they could see who Cohen spoke to on the phone but could not hear what was said. (RELATED: MSNBC Issues HUGE Correction To Michael Cohen ‘Wiretap’ Story)

Unfortunately for the press, the obsession to prove collusion has dampened their journalistic abilities, leading to a seemingly endless list of corrections, retraction, and apologies.

Liberal media has made wild accusations and blown their own Russia narrative out of proportion more than once.

One of the worst media screw-ups was the accusation that Don Jr. attributed to the WikiLeaks scandal.

The Daily Caller continued:

Last December, CNN’s Manu Raju reported that Wikileaks emailed Donald Trump Jr. to give him access to stolen documents a full ten days before they were released to the public.

Unfortunately for CNN, it turns out their sources gave them the wrong date. Don Jr. actually received an email with access to the stolen docs on Sept. 14, 2016, after they had already been released publicly.

CNN also falsely claimed that Sessions was exonerated.

The Daily Caller continued:

Last May, CNN was sure that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had botched protocol when he didn’t list meetings he had with the Russian ambassador on his security clearance forms. To CNN and other establishment media outlets, this was proof that Sessions was hiding something related to Russia.

A little over six months later, CNN quietly walked back the scandal, explaining the FBI sent emails informing Sessions’ aide that he did not need to disclose the meetings on his forms because they were carried out in the course of his duties as a senator.

But one of the biggest scandals could be found in many different liberal news sources—the accusation that the Republican Party funded the dossier.

The Daily Caller wrote:

A number of news outlets have consistently claimed that Republicans initially paid for the anti-Trump Steele dossier, failing to note that Steele wasn’t even contracted by Fusion GPS until after the GOP donors pulled funding. The Republican donors say they paid Fusion for standard opposition research and that they have zero connection to the controversial dossier.

The media has perpetuated this falsehood so consistently that even former FBI director James Comey was confused, repeating the lie in an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier.

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4 thoughts on “The Media Destroyed Their Own Russia Narrative

  1. SouthernPatriot

    CNN and the rest of the Democrat sycophant MSM are like the Democrats: liars, hypocrites, and sore losers.

  2. Ginette Z Cohen

    The truth will prevail. Democrats are digging the big hole for their funerals. They have been fabricating for too long a big spider’ web which will choke them very soon.

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