The Media’s Behavior Proves The Election Is Rigged

Donald Trump has made campaigning against a rigged system one of the central appeals of his candidacy.

While liberals – led by Barack Obama – laugh off his suggestions that the process is rigged against him, disturbing evidence has emerged that proves Trump may have a point.

And it all starts with the media.

In recent weeks, Trump has pointed out extreme examples of media bias.

But one of the most glaring was the so-called “objective” journalists’ response to an appearance by Hillary Clinton.

Clinton spoke at the joint convention for the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Her remarks were greeted by applause from the journalists in the audience.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“A journalism convention this week featuring Hillary Clinton included nearly a dozen instances of attendees clapping and cheering on the Democratic presidential candidate.

Clinton spoke Friday afternoon at the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention, which was held in the nation’s capital.


Her prepared remarks, and her answers during a Q&A session that followed, received a warm welcome from an audience comprised mostly of African-American and Hispanic journalists.


Though not all of the clapping and cheering was directed at Clinton, as convention-goers also directed their appreciation towards guests in the audience and at mentions of others in media, the former secretary of state was nevertheless the chief recipient of the audience’s approval.”

You can watch the display below.


One member of the media, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler tweeted his disapproval.

The Examiner pointed out how Hillary took questions from the event’s moderators and members of the audience – which the campaign claimed constituted as a press conference – so this means the same media members who cheered her wildly were also who Hillary took questions from:

“Two journalists who asked Clinton questions, NBC News’ Kristen Welker and Telemundo’s Lori Montenegro, also doubled as moderators for the Q&A session. Additional questions came from three journalists in the audience.


The event’s organizers and Clinton’s campaign team maintain that the Q&A portion of the candidate’s appearance at the journalism convention constituted a “press conference.”


That means, then, that the Democratic presidential candidate held a “press conference” in a room filled with people who just moments earlier were cheering and applauding her vision for the White House.”

The press has long acted as Hillary Clinton’s unsanctioned cheering section.

With this display, they made it official.



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