The Media’s Biggest Lie About Donald Trump Just Got Exposed

The so-called “mainstream” media spent the majority of the presidential campaign smearing and lying about Donald Trump.

But there was one lie in particular that represented the nastiest personal attack of all.

And it just got exposed once-and-for-all.

The media constantly harped on Donald Trump for supposedly mocking a disabled reporter.

New York Times reporter Serge Koveleski was at the center of controversy when he was defending himself against attacks that he had fabricated seeing thousands of Muslims celebrating in Jersey City on 9/11.

Trump referenced an article written by Kovaleski – who was a reporter with the Washington Post at the time – that had reported on law enforcement detaining people who were allegedly celebrating and having a tailgate style party.

Trump accused Kovaleski of backtracking on the story and waved his arms around in a flailing manner.

The media jumped on the move and accused Trump of mocking Kovaleski who suffers from arthrogryposis which affects the joints in his right arm.

Trump immediately denied making fun of a disabled reporter.

Meryl Streep reignited the firestorm when she used her Golden Globe’s acceptance speech to lecture Americans about how awful Donald Trump is.

She used the Kovaleski incident as a prime example of why Trump was beyond the pale and how it was inconceivable that anyone could have supported him.

But did Trump actually mock Kovaleski?

The answer is no.

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Eddie Scarry debunked the media myth:

“As everyone has seen by now, Trump in late 2015 referred to Kovaleski’s backtracking at one of his rallies, saying, “[The report was] written by a nice guy; now, the poor guy, you got to see this guy…”

Trump then started jerking his arms around and, in a mocking tone, said, “Ah, I don’t know what I said! Ah, I don’t remember!”

If Trump’s purpose was to mock-imitate Kovaleski, anyone watching would have never known it; and not just because no one would know who Kovaleski is, if the media hadn’t manufactured a controversy.

The media would have everyone believe Kovaleski has Parkinson’s disease or at least Restless Leg Syndrome.

Anyone can search “Serge Kovaleski” on YouTube and see videos of the reporter. He doesn’t jerk his arms around, in fact, because his mobility is limited. He’s still.

A corpse would be doing a more accurate imitation.

By the way, Trump has mocked bank executives, Ted Cruz and the response President Obama’s generals give to questions about fighting the Islamic State and he used the exact same affect as he did for Kovaleski.”

Last September, Fox News also published an article where they cited other instances where Trump flailed his arms about in an impression of a nervous opponent, including one instance where he made the gesture to mock himself.

They reported:

“But a pro-Trump, Catholic website has compiled footage appearing to show Trump has a very limited repertoire of impressions — which the site points to as “evidence” he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability.

Catholics 4 Trump posted four videos – one of which dates back to 2005 – in which Trump impersonates everyone from Sen. Ted Cruz to The Donald himself with the same, flailing mannerisms and goofy speech.

At a February rally in South Carolina, Trump deployed the impression style to mock Cruz’s answer to a question about waterboarding that was posed during an earlier debate. With a panicked look on his face and his hands flapping about, Trump stammered “Oh, I don’t wanna talk about it!”

Trump also used the arm-thrashing act when making fun of himself during an interview with Larry King in 2005; when imitating a bank president in October; and when mocking an Army general at the same November speech in which he made the original Kovaleski comments.”

You can watch the video from Fox News below.

  • johnwatson

    You are correct I,ve seen them all. Just another grasp for something as the Dems and left wing still cannot get over the fact,,,,YOU LOST!

  • Lelandjames

    Yep and stop saying not my President, because if you live in the USA and are an American citizen, guess what he is your President and not a damn thing you can do about , so knock it off cupcake, “YOU LOST.”

    • Richard

      Since many democrats are NOT citizens they can truly say he is not their president particularly in California.

      • drbhelthi

        – add a few million more, scattered between California and NYC. Also, add to them, persons living in the US, parasiting on Americans, who pledge 1st allegiance to the 1948 land-grant, fraudulently named “Israel”. All of whom should be deported.

        • notrig

          drbhelthi……A few million here and a few million more there sounds to me like President Trump could be right again…… he just may have also won the national vote as well!

          • drbhelthi

            – if a genuine investigation of the vote is conducted, we will see additional, accurate information.

  • drbhelthi

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