The New York Times Just Crossed A Line with This University

Time and time again the New York Times finds itself in trouble with the populace.

The newspaper has recently been under fire for printing and publishing fake news stories, primarily involving the election or politics.

This time, however, the news organization is in trouble with a university for something they published.

The New York Times previously ran a story about immigrant students at the University of Mercer, and published unauthorized private information about them as well.

The school is outraged over the invasion of privacy and the fact that the news organization feels they are somehow above the law and standards.

The Daily Caller reports:

The story titled “Creating a Safe Space for California Dreamers,” painted a picture of the rural campus and described in detail the hardships that many of the undocumented students faced on their journey to pursue higher education. The students who are in the country illegally agreed to have their name and picture used in the story, but they didn’t know that their dorm room number would be included

The school’s paper wrote a reaction piece to the article published by the NYT.

The Daily Caller reports:

Patricia Leigh Brown of The New York Times has been criticized for mentioning the name of the building that 22 illegal immigrants reside in and for including the dorm room number of four students. The Merced Sun-Star published a story on Monday that focuses on the campus community’s reaction to the story, with many believing that the inclusion of the room numbers has put the students at risk.

While many are concerned with the invasion of privacy on the student’s part, the bigger issue here is that these individuals are in the United States illegally and still attending a publicly funded university.

The school quickly jumped on the political bandwagon and blamed the political climate in the United States for the “fear” their students experienced for sharing public information.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The results of the November election created a more ominous context for undocumented students, and the article — produced and published by the New York Times earlier this month — focused almost exclusively on their stories.” Leland said in the statement. “Unfortunately, personal details were also revealed in the story that were not appropriate, particularly in the current political environment.”


The chancellor also mentioned that “safe space” housing has been offered to the students for their protection.

The author of the original piece by the NYT issued a statement saying she regretted including the students private information, but when asked to remove the dorm room’s address from the story, the New York Times refused the request by the school.

Overall, the biggest problem in this case is not that the students’ information was shared, but that a public institution is harboring illegal aliens and offering them accommodations provided via public funding.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think including the private students’ information was crossing the line?

How do you feel about illegal immigrants openly attending a public university?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



One thought on “The New York Times Just Crossed A Line with This University

  1. Myopinion

    Their private info such as Bldg. # and Dorm Room # should have not been published on the other issue they should not be getting free education on our tax dollars. We have enough American Citizens that a grant could be given to for the same amount of monies.

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