The New York Times Posted More Fake News — And They Were Caught

Reporters from the New York Times recently issued public apologies for once again reporting fake news targeting conservatives.

This time, new facts came to light that completely invalidated their story soon after it was posted.

The story reported concerned Rick Perry and his qualifications for his position as nominated by Donald Trump.

According to the New York Times reporters, Rick Perry supposedly did not know that nuclear matters fell under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Energy.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Reporters apologized for spreading a bogus New York Times hit piece on Rick Perry Thursday, after new facts came to light that completely undermined the central assertion of the story.

“I’m about to delete this tweet, which spread the rumor about Perry not knowing what Energy Sec does,” New York Magazine writer Jesse Singal tweeted, referring to an earlier tweet sharing the story. “I think it’s false.”

The New York Times reports Perry had no clue the Energy Secretary is in charge of safeguarding the nuclear arsenal when he accepted the nomination for the position in Donald Trump’s administration. Massive flaws in the reporting quickly became clear, however, as the sole source for the story told The Daily Caller his words were taken out of context, and journalists quickly dug up a statement from Perry on his nomination that explicitly mentions the nuclear arsenal.

Many liberal media sites re-tweeted the story initially, and were embarrassed with the lies about Perry as well.

Many either redacted their tweets about the story, or instead turned on the liberal reporters themselves and criticized their lies to cover their own tracks.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

“I officially retract my snarky Rick Perry tweet c/o the NYT,” writer Andrew Heaton tweeted. “I stand by my snarky Dancing with the Stars tweets.” Asked why he was retracting in a reply to his tweet, he added: “It appears the NYT had a pre-existing opinion and then slopped some dubious reporting on top to confirm.”

Im retracting last 2 tweets,” Vanity Fair editor and Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald tweeted. “Someone pointed out there are now questions if NYT allegations on Rick Perry are true.”

“Since I tweeted the NYTimes story, I’ll tweet this repudiation from their source,” Huffington Post reporter Natalie Jackson tweeted. “Deleting my initial tweet.”

In the past few months, fake news postings by liberal media sites have been a recurring problem, but are typically debunked before they can cause problems.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think the reporters should be held responsible for their lies?

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