The NFL Made a Significant Mistake that May Cripple their Business

After a disastrous last season, one would think the NFL would rethink their business strategies this time around.

Last fall, the NFL lost thousands of fans by allowing their multi-millionaire players to kneel during the national anthem.

This season, it seems the sports empire is making the same mistake once more—and it may ruin their business for good.

This past Thanksgiving week, more than a dozen NFL players disrespectfully protested during the National Anthem.

Not surprisingly, thousands of fans left their seats empty during later games.

Players from at least 10 teams knelt during the Anthem, angering long-time fans.

Breitbart News reports:

With players from at least ten teams once again speaking out against the U.S.A. in a variety of ways during the national anthem, photos of empty seats filled the Internet once again.

With the San Francisco 49ers playing at home and players once again mounting a protest during the anthem, fans stayed away in droves for the 49ers loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

The Indianapolis Colts were no better at filling seats during their 20-16 loss to the Tennessee Titans:

In New Jersey, as the Carolina Panthers beat the New York Jets 35-27, fans avoided MetLife stadium and only checked from home to see the outcome:

The scene was even worse at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta as the Falcons toppled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-20. Instead of a sea of fans, the cameras caught a sea of empty red seats:

Another sea of empty red stadium seats could be seen as the Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs at home 16-10.

The NFL is clearly taking a hit in terms of revenue and fans lost from the protests.

The Blaze reports:

TickPick, a seat ticket reseller, says that they’re seeing a drop in ticket sales of 17.9 percent. While there is a normal seasonal drop from week to week, last year it was only 10.8 percent. The drop this year is their steepest since 2014.

Another ticket reseller, TicketCity, says sales have plummeted by 31 percent.

Do you still watch NFL games, despite players kneeling during the National Anthem?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



32 thoughts on “The NFL Made a Significant Mistake that May Cripple their Business

  1. jmorse

    no collage ball is better, These people who have been paid huge amounts of money need to go to an other county they respect. If they do not like it here they have the freedom to leave.

    1. johnny

      Or Mexico!!! where ever they want to stand to their flag…. leave our Country, we certainly don’t need the likes of you representing our Country on the football field…

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat

      The word you are contemplating is offensive even to me. If they don’t censor that word, then I always complain about it to Facebook. I have black friends that are NOTHING like these thugs, & they are GOOD hardworking people. Not a welfare rat amongst any of them.

  2. l penn

    NO MORE DEmORAT nfl, while they let these SPOILED BRATS play!!!!!! Have been BOYCOTTING their sponsors too!!! nfl is GONE and DEAD to me!!

  3. Dana

    …Boxed in NFL brought this to themselves….too late now, letting this continue is shameful and disrespects our military…R.I.P. NFL

  4. mbnick

    BLM now wants Blacks to boycott White owned businesses! Guess they won’t be attending Football or basketball games since they are white owned. And bye bye to their Apple cell phones and Wal-Mart, also White owned.

  5. Bill

    First the facts:

    “Blacks killed by whites — 2%”

    “Blacks killed by police — 1%”

    “Whites killed by police — 3%”

    “Whites killed by whites — 16%”

    “Whites killed by blacks — 81%”

    “Blacks killed by blacks — 97%’

    The image cites the “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco”

    So one should ask these Cop hating Black Millionaires why are they taking a knee against the so called Police brutality against Blacks when 97% of Blacks are murdered by other Blacks?

  6. dude

    as far ass I’m concerned they can shut down now i’ll never watch another n-f-l game or any other sport that disrespects my flag my anthem, vets or my country and I never will and I hope they go belly up …then the next bunch will think twice before they let these un-American prix’s start their stupid crap…so America and anyother country that get the channel boycott till they pass some new rules respect our country anthem vets and flag or you’re fired

  7. Concerned great grandmother

    I haven’t read anything about about the employees of the vendors who are loosing money. Why are the franchises complaining about lose of income? Are they guaranteed a certain amount of revenue even though their sales are down?

  8. Judith E Johnson

    Yes, I am, also, watching the collage games. They respect the flag and don’t geet paid the big bucks. They play from the heart. They are biting the hand that feeds them. Too bad.

  9. Bobby Crockett

    I am a long-time (since 1968) Dallas Cowboy fan. In the past I watched games every time there was one on TV. I’m also a retired military officer and former NCO. The kneeling before the games is a direct affront to me and all other veterans, both living and dead.

    Now I watch only the Cowboys and have much more time during the week for other activities. I’m also an avid college football fan, so I watch far more college ball than in the past.

    The owners need to understand that when the patients take charge of the asylum things are about to go belly up. The players handbook describes the posture for players during the presentation of colors and the national anthem. The gutless, castrated “leadership” provided by Commissioner Goodell, his minions, and the similarly challenged owners have lead to the current sorry state of affairs in the NFL (No Fans Left).

    Why is there an NFLPLA? Almost all players in the league have agents that they pay very well to represent them. They also pay dues to the NFLPLA. The union does not negotiate contracts for the players, that’s done by their agents and lawyers. The players are not being forced to work for a pittance nor in truly dangerous conditions. The franchise owners provide a product – entertainment. They have every right to set the terms and conditions for the employees who are basically entertainer-athletes. By allowing this behavior to continue, they have alienated their fan base. These are the folks who are not in the stadiums on game day. They are the ones who have burned, refused to buy, and/or returned team merchandise. Fans were the goose who laid the golden eggs for the NFL. If the whole damned thing becomes irrelevant, the who gives a flying fig? This is a suicide in the form of death by a thousand cuts.

  10. mellissner

    I don’t get the “cut off the nose to spite the face” of the Kaepernick kneel! The players are spiting themselves. This gives opportunity for a new league to start with more teams, more players, more creativity. Kaepernick, or “tattoo man”, has no class to pull off his protest. Just look at Aaron Judge who like Kaepernick is bi-racial and adopted. You see a kid with class in Judge. People would listen and respond to him. Kaepernick has turned me off ….. I love rooting for the Jets but this may be the end of that frustration too thanks to Colin Kaepernick and Roger Goodell.

  11. Sharon Jeanguenat

    Absolutely not! These thugs make millions of dollars, JUST to play a game, & they have the nerve to diss our country, anthem, flag, AND our military. They need to pack up, & leave. Oh, & leave the money you’ve made from the fans.

  12. Mike Jones

    I do not watch any part of them, I do not patronize anyone that has it
    on the TV’S in the business. If they wont change channels I go somewhere else. If it is a college game I will sit thru it but if they
    start kneeling I will disavow them too. Anyone making the amount
    of money they are making is crazy to pull a stunt like that. This is
    a great country, If you don’t like how things work go back where
    you came from

  13. shetland pony1

    I don’t really care one way or the other. This country has a reputation of expressing how they feel about people of color protesting. We are suppose to respect the rights of others based on the US Constitution. The document didn’t specify who, what, when, where, how and why you should protest. The fans have a right to there opinions and a right to protest the Players. This isn’t about the US Flag 🇺🇸, National Anthem or Military being disrespected. It’s about racial injustice to people of color. This Country has a long history of racial hatred directed against people of color. Let’s stop being hypocrites about why some of us are against the NFL protest. Most of the individuals are pissed 😡 off because the majority of the players kneeling are of a dark skin color. The POTUS made one statement about the protest an look what happened. It’s within the President’s rights to call those players kneeling “sons of bitches” right? I don’t watch much of any sports because of the politics involved. What happened to freedom of speech in this country? I guess it only applies to a certain group of individuals and not every citizen. We should try to practice what we preach. I hope the NFL protect the players right to freedom of speech regardless of our opinions.

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