The Russia Probe May Bring Down This Major Legal Force

The Russia collusion witch hunt continues to be drawn out by leftists, despite the lack of evidence compiled over the course of a year.

Prominent liberals have continued to push for the continuation of the investigation in the hopes of implicating President Trump.

As the investigation continues to grow more complicated, one of the world’s most prestigious law firms has caught the attention of special counsel Robert Mueller who spearheads the case.

Two sources with intel on the probe reported to the New York Times that the Department of Justice has asked the law firm to release documents related to its work for a Ukrainian official.

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, & Flom is a major legal firm that deals internationally and is currently of interest to investigative officials.

Skadden employs over 1700 attorneys across 22 offices and generates about $2 billion in revenue annually. The office is based in New York City.

The request is likely related to the investigation of Paul Manafort, who is Mueller’s current focus.

The Daily Caller reports:

Manafort commissioned the firm to prepare a report defending Yanukovych’s prosecution of his chief political antagonist, Yulia Tymoshenko, for corruption. Other lobbyists retained by the Yanukovych regime burnished the report as part of a strategy to assuage concerns about Ukraine’s human rights record in western capitals.

The firm’s lead attorney on the project was Gregory Craig, who served as White House Counsel during the Obama administration.

DOJ investigators appear to be working in tandem with Ukrainian officials, who have expressed concerns that Skadden’s work was illegally financed by Yanukovych’s government.

The report was completed just weeks before Manafort daughter was retained as an associate at Skadden, according to The NYT.

The firm refunded the Ukrainian government in June for nearly $600,000, apparently returned because the regime paid up front for work which was never completed.

Robert Mueller has aggressively pursued Manafort and his associates recently.

He has issued subpoenas for testimonial accounts from Manafort’s former personal counsel and has even staged a raid of the Manafort home in Alexandria, VA.

Mueller’s staff has reportedly informed Manafort that they plan to indict him.

The Daily Caller wrote:

The New York Times reports that prosecutors and investigators under Mueller’s command warned Manafort that they plan to bring an indictment against him to a grand jury. The report is sourced to two individuals close to the investigation. Though The Times is not specific as to the nature of the charges, Manafort is under investigation for possible violations of tax laws and failure to abide by disclosure requirements relating to his lobbying work for Kremlin-aligned governments in eastern Europe.

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  • Dea Whyte-Mansburten

    STOP THE WITCH HUNT! Burn Mueller, Comey, Podesta, Lynch, Rice, McMasters, McCain, Flake, Brennan, HILLARY & OBAMA at the stake instead, I’ll bring the marshmallows!

  • Stanley

    So they are finally going after Hillary for her uranium deals with Russia? She’s not president, so how can the impeach her?

    • Doris Will

      Maybe they meant “impound” her.

  • barbarakelly

    All this collusion and crap came from inside the dem part;y and you can bet Hillary was in on it for sure——that is her way. She had her finger in everything and look what it got her. Just reat Dea Whyte—–way to go girl ———right on point, With all of us watching them. We can only hope that they don’t get away with anything any more. We are going to put the brakes on anything that we don’t want. We will help them stop their spending and get control of the budget.!!!

  • Kirk Kahler

    what’s funny is how the Russia crap started 24 hours after Clintons loss ! they say there computer was hacked by the Russians but would not let the FBI look at there computer ! comey leaked shit to a friend in hopes of getting his BFF on the hunt ! so over a year and nothing has come of the democrats witch hunt as they all look the other way to all the crimes and corruption that has come to light after trump won !!

  • rowleya

    Witch Hunt by A Warlock

  • And if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is implicated in these prosedines will Muller bring charges on them as well and indict them for treason.

    • Doris Will

      Have you ever heard of John Gotti, the Teflon Don? What concerns me is the set up: Sessions recused himself because of the so called Russian Connection. So Rosenstein takes over, Hires Mueller to handle the Investigation NOT MATTER! So far Rosenstein’s Letter and Memo are on the internet. If Comey was wrong in releasing his memos to a friend who gave them to The New York Times. Why is Rosenstein still sitting behind a desk in the DOJ? The DOJ serves at the at the pleasure if the President. If POTUS wants to fire someone and seeks input from the DOJ I would consider that lawyer-client privilege. From where I sit our honorable public servants, are a pack of wolves. So RCQ157 I don’t see any Democrat being charged, indited or punished for any crime. And rowleya It is a Witch Hunt by a Pack of Wolves, If, by any miracle charges are made for collusion Mueller, Rosenstein and Lynch should be near the top of the list..

  • Hey Doris I agree with you 100% but we are not the crooked corrupt lying politicians and no matter what we say about this the lying corrupt crooks are going to ignore our pleas as they think they are above the laws of being locked up for their crimes. I already know that they don’t like what I have to say about them, but what I have to say about them is the truth and I don’t favor one politician over another except the lying democreeeps that’s the word I use to describe the lying democrats and they don’t like it but I do, maybe they will put my new word in the dictionary, what do ya think.