The Shocking Reason The NFL’s Ratings Are Plummeting

Pro football is America’s most popular sport.

It’s routinely the highest rated program every week, and the Super Bowl draws an audience of over 100 million Americans every year.

But this year, left-wing protests have consumed the sport and Americans are turning off their TV’s.

Ever since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick announced he was protesting the national anthem and American flag, conversation surrounding the NFL has been overtaken by other players joining in the protests of supposed economic, social, and racial inequality liberals claim exists in America.

But football fans are not embracing these social justice warriors who are sticking their left-wing politics into their Sunday afternoons.

Ratings for this season are down across the board.

Forbes reported on the plummeting NFL opening weekend ratings:

“Last week’s Thursday night (Sept. 8) NFL opener and Super Bowl rematch between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers drew in 25.2 million viewers, the fourth consecutive year the NFL has surpassed 25 million viewers on opening day (for comparison, The Walking Dead averages around 14 million live viewers as TV’s most-watched show). However, that total marks an 8% ratings decline compared to 2015 and a 6% drop from 2014. The lower numbers are a bit of a surprise given that Denver’s 21-20 victory over the Panthers was actually more entertaining than their lopsided Super Bowl matchup. However, the retirement of Peyton Manning this offseason may have lost some of the league’s more casual fans.


On Sunday afternoon, CBS scored a 10.2 overnight rating for its NFL offerings, a 13% drop from FOX’s numbers (11.7) last year and a 9% drop from 2014 on CBS (11.2). This also marked the lowest overnight season-opening rating in seven years.”

The ‘Week Two’ Jets-Bills game was down more than 25% from last year’s comparable telecast.

And the drop continued with the Monday Night Football broadcast between the big market Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles which saw an 11% decline in viewership from last year’s game.

Many former NFL fans are rallying around the #boycottnfl hash tag on Twitter and tuning the league out.

Many are frustrated with what they see as left-wing political correctness overtaking the league.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, was widely criticized for praising the players who disrespected the national anthem and spat on the sacrifice of the men and women who fought for our freedoms when he said the players went from “protest to progress”.

While Goodell lauded the anti-American protests, he refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a helmet decal honoring the five Dallas police officers murdered by a black power activist.

He also threatened to fine Tennessee Titans players who wanted to wear special 9/11 cleats for the first game of the season – which was scheduled on the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Yet, that same day, four Miami Dolphins players kneeled during the national anthem – which many felt was demeaning to America since it was on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on our nation’s soil.

While fans and players stood to honor America and the lives that were lost that day, those four players knelt in what many critics saw as an act of pure selfishness.

It’s clear the NFL has embraced the social justice warrior radicalism that is taking hold in liberal America.

But fans of the NFL are not turning out – and in increasing numbers.

A recent Yahoo survey found 44% of Americans will no longer watch NFL games if the anthem protests continued.

Would you join the boycott of NFL games if players continue to disrespect the national anthem?

Let us know in the comment section.

  • Michael Davis

    Wanna know why the NFL is losing it’s audience?
    The American people love their flag and national anthem a LOT more than some spoiled muslim PUNK who gets millions for doing what we all did as kids FOR FUN!

  • Kenneth Schoonover

    Colin Kaepernick and his fellow NFL players who aren’t standing for the national anthem might be a bit more convincing if they were actually doing something to help their communities–for instance, going into crime ridden areas of their cities and organizing citizen patrols, donating books and school supplies, refurbishing houses. Instead, the protesting players are drawing attention to themselves. The TV viewers have been treated to the spectacle of players kneeling and raising their fists in black power salutes. Given that, it’s no surprise that the NFL’s TV ratings are down–and Commissioner Goodell is making things worse by actually congratulating the protesters! The commissioner should be taking a stand against this behavior, not tolerating it.

    • billdeserthills

      You don’t think that Colin putting up a million dollars of his own money is satisfactory? How much did you contribute??

      • Gerald Sparacino

        Now you going to defend this loser, sure he put up the money, only after he caught flack for doing nothing but dishonoring our flag. You’re no better then him!

        • billdeserthills

          I don’t care why he put up the money, only that he did–How much did you put up?

      • Cheryl Olson

        NO ONE has the right to be disrespectful to the people who fought and many gave their lives.. to keep this nation free. If you want to be a jerk and disrespect the flag that represents all that America represents, go live in a middle eastern country, or Venezuela, or some other hell hole and see how much you appreciate America THEN. Political issues have NO place on the game field.

        • billdeserthills

          Right, because the entire time the police spent killing un-armed people they were totally respectful, huh?

          Perhaps you forgot what this was all about??

          • Millie Tyler

            No one here is forgetting what Colon is protesting. We are protesting his protest. What he is doing has caused more damage than what he is protesting. Whenever you cause more hatred and division than you are protesting then you are the problem. There are much better ways for Colon to actually help the situation. He is only showing his profound ignorance of the bigger picture.

          • Jola

            Read Cheryl’s last line — and then read the comments by Millie Tyler below. — A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE.

          • billdeserthills

            I suppose, if I actually cared to watch a bunch of over-paid people play at sports, instead of just getting up off my fat ass and having some fun myself, and this crap came along then I might just become so additionally depressed I might just shoot myself–Unfortunately for all you nuts, that isn’t the case.

            Why not just quit showing the part where these people who annoy you get the chance to annoy you? The other option would be to quit letting a little nothing item cause you to be annoyed….

      • Millie Tyler

        If Colin gave every penny he had it wouldn’t be enough to equal the damage he has already done to this country when you consider the effects on the kids alone. This is what happens when a person who is looked up to lacks gratitude, is unaware of the gifts he has been given, thinks to highly of himself and is profoundly ignorant of the whole set of facts.


      The guy is jewish,what do you ecpect?

  • John Smith

    i am glad the attendance is going down it should the no class so called professionals don’t know what there doing by ignoring the national; anthem there other ways to do this

    • Hillyard Hellraiser

      It won’t matter to them unless they see a drop in their paychecks.

      • Cheryl Olson

        Sadly, you are probably right..

  • David Stewart

    Now have my t.v. programmed for NFL; I call it the power button control! NFL equals OFF!

  • arnapuck

    Have not watched one single game this year. Ya know what? I do not miss it one bit. They can just go ahead with their silly, nay, stupid stuff. Just go for it, show us what is right, I’ll catch what happened next day in the news.

    • JOL

      Yep the highlights at 11 is a great summary, live life outdoors and among friends and family – who needs a Krappernick anyway!! Even his own mother told him to knock it off

  • arnapuck

    To Hades with the present day NFL. Just let all those wonderful human beings watch theimselves on reruns. Then they can really pat their own back.

  • Kevin Burns

    If the NFL does not reign in the “ANIMALS” then they can take their product and shove it……

    • avspatti

      rein in – like with horses.

    • NHamigo


      • Kevin Burns

        Thanks… I stand corrected…. After 65 years….. Still Stupid….. My Wife is right.

  • dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    I blame Roger Goodell more than the protesting players. As long as he continues to occupy that $40 million per year position, I will continue to boycott the NFL broadcasts and their sponsors. If they don’t respect our Republic, they should leave.

  • Oldsilver

    Think it through, Mr. Goodell. The millions of fans who have supported the NFL over the years are not typically the kind who would look favorably on the disrespect you and the team owners are allowing your employees to show on a national stage. Do you really want your brand to be characterized by petulant protests that are dividing the country? I thought “football was family.”

  • David Stewart

    Goodell can keep his select posse of primadonas; I am thru with NFL!

  • Gerald

    yes indeed, I’d join the boycott BUT am happy to say the team I own stock in (so you know which one as I;m NOT a billionaire) has in its contract policies that such behavior by any staff or players results in severe repercussions – period!
    A proud Viet vet and and ever prouder parent of an Afghan vet!

  • Rich Olmsted

    Yes, also not watching and I was previously a long time fan. I admit, the fact that my team sucks helps me stay away, but I don’t miss it. I’m guessing all teams have the “behavior” clause but that doesn’t mean they all enforce it.

  • Kris Kohler

    Yup!!! I’m in and agree that the NFL is committing financial suicide in allowing the finger-in-the-eye of America’s warriors and even the fans who pay the hefty salaries of the coaching staff and players.

  • hdrydr

    NFL now means, Not For Long. Goodell and the leftists are reaping their rewards. The price of advertising will drop as viewership ebbs. First the rule changes, and now their un-American attitudes are spelling trouble for a once great sport. Plenty of other things to do…

  • Tom Gallen

    I have been a Philadelphia Eagles fan since the early 60’s. It would take a HUGE apology and a total change of attitude, by the NFL, to get me to watch another one of their games. These people are at best entertainers and I am not finding them entertaining anymore. TV money has spoiled baseball, hockey, Winston Cup and now NFL football.These people actually believe in their own hype. I think it’s time to let the hot air out of their balloons and bring them back to earth. I am boycotting american professional sports. With all of the rule changes, in recent years, they’ve become a joke anyhow. Let them all get real jobs and work for a living!


      Yep,,all of them are spoiled.

  • Sandra M Pennoyer

    Sure – I quit watching any sport that calls out and fines players for a small out of uniform infraction, but doesn’t control the actions of those same players while they are in said uniform. If they don’t want to stand – they don’t have to be on the field. Let them sulk in the locker room or out of sight from the public. Stand up for the U.S. National Anthem. Foreigners stand up for the anthem out of courtesy, Americans stand up out of respect and thanksgiving.

    • avspatti

      Let them sit on the bench for the entire game.

  • Edward Diviney Jr.

    Question I have for the class less athletes doing this is simple. Why now in 2016 did you all decide to worry about these so called issues you claim to be having? Obama has been in office for 8 yrs and he’s on his way out. So why now all of a sudden are you folks interested in this? The timing seems fishy and the fact we are in an election year also doesn’t seem like a coincidence. But I’m not watching any games since they decided to pull this disrespectful crap.

    • Jola

      WHY? — Good question. The likely answer!! GEORGE SOROS. Follow the paper (as in $$$) trail.

      • DEB52CARTER

        Another jew—SOROS,,GET THE picture now?

        • Jola

          Being jewish has little to do with the pure evil in George “Sore-ass”. He is evil because he worships evil and practices evil NOT because he is a Jew

  • John Romer

    I do not watch the NFL NBA or MLB anymore because of the low life bastards that play and run those leagues and I never will GOD BLESS NASCAR.

    • avspatti

      Hockey starts next week and is far more exciting.

  • Natalie

    Screw the NFL, let’s see them make millions while disrespecting the country that gives it to them with no fans. No one should watch. ‘Social justice warriors’ are a bunch of spoiled, self absorbed, self righteous, anti-American, anti everything decent idiots.

    • Herbert Dunwash


  • JOL

    I have no interest in supporting teams or their owners for allowing the players to disrespect our National Anthem. The fact that NFL kowtowed to them is enough to make me tune out indefinitely! There is more to life then watching grown men play games for millions of dollars yet criticize the very nation that provided then unequaled opportunity.

  • dboutin

    Banning the NFL is great but lets boycott the sponsors also..hit them were it really hurts..their pockets.. Ban these singers also, like the bitch Beyonce, for what she did at half time..honoring the black panthers, disrespecting the police….We need to stick together and stand up to these friggin fools..These idiots who are paid Millions to beat their wives/girlfriends, commit crimes and disrespect our flag and national anthem and get away with it..Goodell should be fired,,I read that NFL will ban the anthem starting 2017..Have fun paying these greedy brainless morons their millions..if all fans and others stop watching NFL and all boycott the sponsors, profits will go way down and then they will pull out from NFL..quicker then lighting..

  • ToniStimmel

    The NFL is no longer about sports it’s all about business. No matter how quickly they correct this, the damage is done and the NFL TV contracts are headed back to the 50’s along with player salaries.

  • patriot1

    You know what I am really sick of? The Networks continuing to show these so call oppressed black millionaires on TV with their fist in the air or kneeling down whille 99.99% of American stands up and respects the flag. Stop showing them. Who the hell cares? If the networks continue to keep showing this at every game I will boycott myself. And you know what Goodell? I have the Right to boycott and not watch the NFL.

  • Melvin Bennett

    I stopped watching the thug ridden NFL several seasons ago and will continue not to watch this politically correct anti-American garbage. Remember was it last season or the season before when Bob Costas did his anti-gun rhetoric at halftime of NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

    The MSM and the NFL are BLM supporters.

  • patriot1

    Having a football air pressure under PSI is more Flagrant than Players in uniform, being paid millions disrespecting the Flag. Isn’t that right Mr Goodell?

    • BiggDuckk

      You have to be kidding! They invite a color guard and then charge them. That can’t be, I must look that up.

  • muckfexico2

    I NOW do not turn on NFL. Life goes on without it.

  • Vic Mullet

    I have been an NFL football fan since 1964. But, I am an even bigger fan of the USA. I will not watch another NFL game that involves any player disrespecting our country. Clean up your act NFL.

  • Chuck

    Goodell and the muscle-bound idiots dedicated to insulting their own country may well find out that their freedom of speech is trumped by the freedom to ignore pro football. Why would any football fan who loves this country stand for this unAmerican response to the flag and the anthem. Many, many people have died to protect the flag and the nation it symbolizes. The arrogance and contempt and self-centeredness of these players may very well bring them down to the point that all of them can personally experience what they are protesting and find out if it was really worth it.

  • NHamigo

    The NFL=Negro Felons League. Boycott these thug millionaires who never were in the military themselves. Eff them and their gangbanger tattoos!

  • Larry Clayton

    Just think Major League Baseball has a large number of players that are from other countries, and guess what I haven’t heard them protesting by kneeling during the National anthem of the USA or CANADA, grant they may not have their hand over their heart, but they are standing ( or I haven’t seen anything on social media saying as much). And to think they don’t make near as much as those guys with the pigskins, as a whole! Bring on MLB Playoffs, bring on the NHL, and NBA. In my case Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks! Love My Dallas Cowboys, but I only look at the scores, because of the NFL, and thank you Colin you anti-American woosy! Run for office in the political arena, get off the football field, and until NFL puts it’s foot down like Jerry Jones did to his players, I AM NOT WATCHING FOOTBALL!

  • hiphop

    I think and hope that all fans of the NFL should boycott this anti-American group. We taxpayers should demand that no taxpayer monies go tingo support the NFL. These players are a joke they make millions, but I don’t see them stepping into these areas to actually do something to help these people. They just want to bring attention to themselves. Every One Please Boycott the NFL and any other groups that become anti-American.

  • Hillyard Hellraiser

    It could also be because of the teams that they chose to show. Jets/Bills, and Chicago/Dallas aren’t worthy of even turning the TV on for, unless you live in one of those cities. That being said, I know a lot of avid football fans that simply quit watching because of the whole idiot SF quarterback’s antics.

  • Sailblazer

    There is a reason that Goodell and the NFL will not act to quell this disrespectful political theater. Have you noticed that the players foisting their ignorance and disrespect on us are … black?

    No more NFL at my house. College football is much more exciting and unpredictable.

  • David Lofton

    Goodell, Kaepernick and followers should be drafted and sent where our men/women are fighting to preserve the flag, the anthem and the way of life they currently live for without them and that patriotism, willingness to fight and protect all we hold dear our way of life is gone! There is no justification for their so-called protest as the Black Lives Matter platform is based on lies and lawlessness, if that were not the case the outcome of the police misconduct investigations would have been in their favor. The majority of the investigation outcomes proved the BLM movement is based on lies and they are nothing more than domestic terrorists and should be indicted on that charge with conspiracy to overthrow law and order in this country.. I served 9 years active duty and 2 years Reserves from 1969 until 1978 for my country, how about you Kaepernick.

  • Charles

    NFL-NOT FOR LAW is being see now as very RACIST TOWARD Police officers who protect those gutless cowards

  • Doni609

    The NFL is truly the ‘Not For Long’ league. Dipstick Goodell has ruined the sport and his former audience is sick and tired of his PC bullcrap and ‘flag’ rules. Let the guys play, call a spade a spade and banish any player that disrespects the flag of the US and our National Anthem, immediately suspend any player that commits a felony, and stop being such a pussy. The players, fans, owners, and sponsors are tired of your b/s rhetoric and want you gone. What the heck are you still doing here?

  • Millie Tyler

    Right about now would be a good time for another football league to emerge. A patriotic one.

  • Felipe827

    Interesting that so many are voting with their wallets considering Roger ‘Big Head’ Goodell is condoning this behavior. I am glad so many joined me in saying that the players are not entitled to hijack the National Anthem ceremony with their poorly thought out social justice warrior(SJW) issue(s).

    What I do not see here is that advertisers are not telling the NFL to correct this. Also it appears that some NFL team management aren’t in favor of this SJW demonstration, yet are unwilling to handle it. I do understand the 49ers would be in more trouble than they are already in, if they told players to stop the demonstrations.
    After watching different teams, it seems like most teams are afflicted by the sjw behavior so #boycottnfl.

  • government watchdog

    The NFL should only sell tickets to the games to people who dislike the flag. Hope they fall apart.

  • Micky Franklin Sr.

    Already done, been a NFL fan since I was in diapers, NOT anymore, I’ve boycotted since Kaepernick did his little stink. Truth be know, I really don’t miss it! My favorite team the Miami Dolphins are playing tonight (TNF) but they be playing w/o me watching. Since the owner of the Fins, Steven Ross said “I stand with Kaepernick” well then I’m DONE with supporting the Fins and will not buy ANY merchandise or watch ANY games until the owner dies or sells the team. I’ll always be a Fins Fan, but not with this owner at the helm. Hope this backlash from American Patriots continues to SINK the ratings of the NFL and Goodell is a lot of the problem for not handling it from the get go. I LOVE my Country and its FLAG. It sickens me to see what’s happening ~ if you have an issue, take it up on YOUR time, not your employers time! If you’ve ever heard Kaepernick speak about his reasons ~ he can’t get a clear sentence out about his concerns or issues. He’s lost ! No surprises here tho . . . .

  • James Johnson

    It was very hard for me to tune out NFL games, I’m a huge fan. However, I haven’t watched a game in two weeks and don’t plan to tune in again, ever. Even if the league stopped this deplorable behavior, I won’t forget the players disrespect, directed at our anthem/flag and patriotic fans.


    Baseball is still playing,give it time.

  • Jola

    We need a FULL list of players — showing the teams they play for — AND — the sponsors of those players AND teams. A “buyer’s” boycott of the sponsors would VERY QUICKLY put a stop to this disrespectfull nonsense