The Shocking Truth Behind The Leakers Out To Destroy Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been besieged by leaks meant to destroy him.

And the media pegged one leak as the kill shot.

Now the truth is revealed as to who was behind one of the biggest leaks in the campaign to take down Donald Trump.

Just before the second presidential debate, a decade-old Access Hollywood tape of Trump making lewd remarks was leaked to the Washington Post.

The media immediately pronounced Trump’s campaign over.

But he shocked everyone by winning the November election.

Now, the New York Post is reporting that the tape was leaked by NBC News with the intention of hurting Donald Trump.

The Post reports:

The infamous “Access Hollywood” tape — in which President Donald Trump bragged about grabbing women by the hoo-ha — was an inside job, leaked by an NBC News staffer on Billy Bush’s own “Today” show, multiple sources tell Page Six.


“The tape was leaked by the NBC News division, by somebody at the ‘Today’ show,” says one source. “NBC News knew for a while about the existence of the tape. Billy himself had told them about it. People in the news division became frustrated that ‘Access Hollywood’ was taking too long to air it and decided it had to come out.”


“Access” had been working on airing a sanitized version of the tape, which revealed Trump’s comments but protected Bush by editing out his. But the full tape, which was leaked to the Washington Post, featured Bush goading the president. The leak got Bush fired from “Today,” which was, according to the source, part of the plan.


“The leaked tape served a dual purpose: It helped get Bush out of the way — Matt Lauer didn’t like him and felt he was a liability — and NBC thought it would derail Trump,” says the source. “But all it did was crush Billy, and, ironically, his own network was behind it.”

The Post also reports that there was no investigation into the leak and that the leaker is still with NBC:

“The leaker is still at NBC and has not been disciplined,” says the source, who adds, “There was no investigation, no internal witch hunt by NBC into who leaked the tape. It served their purposes.”

The media recently went into hyper drive when Trump’s chief strategist referred to the press as the “opposition party.”

But that was nothing compared to the handwringing and whining when Trump tweeted that certain “fake news” outlets were the enemy of the American people.

Many members of the media denied that they are in opposition to Trump.

But news staffers leaking video with the express purpose of hurting his candidacy reveals that to be a lie.

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