There Is A Secret Video Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You To See

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is still haunting her.

She’s tried to keep all the details hidden from the American people.

And there are videos sealed by the court that her team’s lawyers are fighting to keep from the public.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch was able to depose former Clinton State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and recorded it.

According to a Judge’s order, the recording was kept under seal.

That was due in large part to the fact the deposition was taken during the Presidential campaign.

But now since it’s over, Judicial Watch has filed a motion to have the video made public.

Politico reported:

“Lawyers for the State Department and former Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills are opposing a conservative group’s move to unseal videos of depositions taken in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit relating to Clinton’s use of a private email account.


Attorneys for Mills and attorneys for the diplomatic agency where she formerly worked as chief of staff under Clinton are urging U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan not to disturb a prior order barring publication of videos of the depositions taken in the case brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. Transcripts of the depositions were made public shortly after they took place.


Judicial Watch argued in a motion filed earlier this month that the ban on distribution of the videos should be lifted since the presidential election has passed, diminishing the chances the videos will become fodder for election-related ads.


However, lawyers for Mills and State said the judge’s brief order in May that put the videos under wraps made no mention of the election.


“The Court’s order did not reference the presidential election, but instead held that the availability of the deposition transcripts obviated the need for public disclosure of the audiovisual recordings,” Justice Department lawyers wrote on behalf of State. “Those reasons remain entirely valid today, and indeed Plaintiff does not even address the reasons actually adopted by the Court.”


The government lawyers said release of the transcripts “fully accommodates any remaining public interest in the depositions, and there is accordingly no basis for disturbing the Court’s May 26, 2016 sealing order.”

In addition to Mills, several other depositions involving Clinton aides are being kept under court seal.

Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit uncovered secret emails where top Clinton aides such as Huma Abedin provided special access and treatment at the State Department to Clinton Foundation donors.

The unseemly pay-for-play schemes that helped sink Clinton’s Presidential campaign were brought to light because of Judicial Watch’s work.

While transcripts of the depositions have been released, Judicial Watch argues that the American people should be able to watch them as well.

A similar situation occurred during the Presidential campaign when a judge ordered the release of Donald Trump’s deposition of a lawsuit he filed over a chef at one his hotels who reacted to comments he made during his announcement speech.

Will the videos of Clinton aide’s depositions be made public?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • Hillyard Hellraiser

    “The unseemly pay-for-play schemes that helped sink Clinton’s
    Presidential campaign were brought to light because of Judicial Watch’s

    Judicial Watch must be working for the Russians!

    • David Stewart

      No, unlike Clinton, Judicial Watch is working for this country, unlike you, too!

      • Hillyard Hellraiser

        Apparently you don’t understand sarcasm.

        • David Stewart

          Apparently not, my abject apologies!

          • Hillyard Hellraiser

            No worries:}

  • Eldjr

    Words recorded in transcript cannot convey the atmosphere within which they were spoken. Most people know when someone is outright lying or obfuscating the truth, and even a conscience ‘pragmatically anaesthetized’ by Progressivism will ‘blink’ when the truth is touched upon. There’s no doubt – in my own mind – that Ms. Mills, et. al. exhibited extreme discomfort when questioned, even with the unprecedented ‘immunity’ guarantees proffered by “Justice”.

    Prying these videos loose may have to wait until the new Sheriff pins on his badge.

  • FSHNT21

    No question the recorded testimony should be released. Mills and Hillary’s legal team know full well that a liar’s testimony is easy to determine and thereby why they don’t want it to see the light of day.


    Clinton fighting hard to keep the information private because she has much to hide. Incredible that such a criminal should be nominated by her party for president ! Too many involved would be exposed. Nothing will happen except the corruption will continue throughout the Trump presidency.