These American Heroes Are Shutting Up Obama And Clinton With This Four Letter Word And Whistles

Bill Clinton’s past coming back to haunt him, and Trump’s top prankster is about to make it even worse

The courts may have let Bill Clinton off the hook for his most horrific crime, but Americans are holding him responsible.

And there’s nowhere he, or even Barack Obama, can hide from it.

The American Mirror reports:

Clinton was speaking in Fort Myers, Florida Tuesday afternoon when a man wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt began shouting “rapist” as Clinton was talking.


As Clinton stopped talking, the camera panned to show the protester being shoved by a Hillary supporter. He could be seen struggling to maintain his footing.


A similar incident took place hours later in Safety Harbor when a man and woman held up handmade signs reading “BILL = RAPIST.”…


… On Monday, a man wearing a Bill Clinton “RAPE” t-shirt was positioned behind Hillary during a rally in Detroit, Michigan. Video showed him tumbling down the stairs as

campaign personnel attempted to force him out of the venue.


These incidents are happening virtually on a daily basis now and they have to be affecting the campaign’s psyche.

Not even Barack Obama – who was smoking pot with his high school friends as part of the “Choom Gang” when Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick – is safe.

While Bill gave a speech at a North Carolina Clinton rally on Tuesday, two protesters in the crowd were shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

The crowd turned on the two protesters, who had to be aided by security to escape the violent mob.

The fact that citizens have started calling out Bill Clinton has Democrats shaken, panicking, and responding with violence.

When a protester in Las Vegas held up a sign which read “Rape”, a rabid mob of Clinton supporters swarmed him and began beating him – directly in front of TV cameras.

But it’s about to get worse for Bill.

Roger Stone, long-time Trump friend and former Richard Nixon dirty trickster, is ready to make life a whistling hell for the Clinton campaign – literally.

He’s offering Trump supporters “Bill Clinton Rape Whistles”.

There’s no way security will be able to scan and search every attendee for the tiny plastic whistles.

This means the last four weeks of the Clinton campaign would be marked by the sound of non-stop whistle-blowing directed at Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

And even if security kicks out one whistler, there will be another one just minutes later.

Bill Clinton may have escaped arrest for rape, but he can’t escape the Americans who are blowing the whistle on him.



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