These Establishment Media Outlets Have a Shocking Connection To Russia

For over a year, the media has been creating a narrative blaming the President for Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While establishment media outlets have been quick to point the finger, it seems their motives to blame Trump have arisen from a more personal goal.

A shocking connection to Russia was just found between 12 major media outlets.

A dozen major media outlets including the Washington Post and Time magazine hired a Russian-based IT company to gain intel for their Russia Connection stories.

The Daily Caller reported:

A dozen major American media and Internet outlets hired a Russian company called EastBanc Technologies to help with IT and web services, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation. The companies include The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Slate, Facebook, AOL, Comcast and U.S. News & World Report.


Former U.S. intelligence officers slammed the media companies for hypocrisy in retaining a Russian firm while criticizing others who have even tangential ties to Russians. They also considered their decision to trust their web back-end to a foreign-based company naive.


“This clearly is a hypocrisy issue,” retired Col. James Waurishuk, a former deputy director for intelligence at the U.S. Central Command and a senior national security analyst with the National Security Council under President George H.W. Bush, told TheDCNF. “All of the media companies have reported Trump and the Russian collusion story that all things Russians are bad. So why are they doing business with a Russian company?”


EastBanc is based and incorporated in Washington, D.C. On the surface, it appears to be a successful stand-alone American IT company. The company provides many traditional tech services including data analytics, cloud services and business intelligence, according to the company’s U.S. website.

Media outlets such as Politico used information gained from EastBanc to fluff their stories.

Politico used a specific graphic to support a suspected “spider web conspiracy”  in their story entitled, “ What is the Real Story of Donald Trump and Russia?”—and the influence didn’t stop there.

American internet companies proved to be EastBancs single largest clientele.

The Daily Caller continued:

Politico Magazine’s April/May 2018 issue, for example, produced a graphic depicting the alleged web of ties between Trump and Russia, asking “What is the real story of Donald Trump and Russia?” The news magazine said, “there’s no doubt that a spider web of connections—some public, some private, some clear, some murky—exists between Trump, his associates and Russian President Vladimir Putin.”


American media and Internet companies constitute EastBanc’s single largest client sector, comprising 12 out of 54 listed customers. About a quarter of its clients listed on its American website are media and Internet companies.

Russia’s connection to the United States is more complicated than originally thought—and the perpetrators behind the Trump allegations have their own connections to answer for.

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    Everyone that all media outlets are ran by librals that in its self makes them corrupted and not worth wasting electricity on.